Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coupon Preview

Yesterday I told you about all my coupon organizing I have been doing in preparation for all the new coupons we will be getting this weekend. Here is a list of the coupons we can expect to see. Remember some vary by market but we should get most of them!

$3/1 Ben and Jerry's!

If you love Ben and Jerry's ice cream then you better read this post here about how to get a $3/1 coupon!

Hy-Vee 12/31-1/6

I will say I have been impressed with the Hy-Vee deals these past few weeks. There are TONS of items on sale that beat the Aldi price this week! My goal is to always find deals in the Hy-vee weekly circular that beat the Aldi price or that come close. To the side of the item I let you know if it beats the Aldi price by posting it in blue. The items in red are an especially good deal and the items in green represent using a coupon to get a better price. If you see anything else be sure to let me know!
  • Hy-Vee individual yogurt cups are .29/1!!! (This blows the .43/1 Aldi price out of the water!)
  • 1lb. 85% lean ground beef rolls are 1.79/lb.! ( I always say stock up when the price is 1.99/lb. or lower!)
  • Disney Garden naval oranges are .69/lb. (Any fruit .99/lb. and under is ALWAYS a good deal!)
  • Hy-Vee 16 oz. bags of garden salad are .69/1 (Beats the Aldi price of .99/1)
  • Hy-Vee 12 oz bag of extra wide egg noodles is .79/1 (this is close to the Aldi price)
  • Midwest county fair canned veggies are .44/1 (beats the Aldi price of .49/1)
  • 15 oz. cans of Hy-Vee tomato sauce are .39/1
  • Hy-Vee brand cereal is 1.58/1 (Most Aldi cereal is 1.60 and higher per box)
  • Hy-Vee 42 oz. canisters of oats are 1.48/1 (this is close to the Aldi price or beats it!)
  • Dole heads of iceberg lettuce are .99/1 (Aldi price)
  • Hy-Vee 16 oz. box of margarine (4 sticks) is .58/1 (Aldi price)
  • Hy-Vee 6 ct. bag of english muffins=.68/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • Hy-Vee thin sliced deli Ham=2.49/lb. (good deal for fresh deli meat!)
  • 8 oz. bar of Hy-vee cheese=1.88/1 (beats Aldi price of 1.99/1)
  • Farmland 1lb. package of bacon=2/5 or 2.50/1. (Use 1/1 coupon from Farmland mailer and get this for 1.50/1!)
In-Ad coupons
  • 5 oz. cans of Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna=.59/1
  • Hy-Vee cottage white or wheat bread=.88/1 (beats the Aldi wheat bread price of 1.19/1)
  • Hy-Vee 24 oz. cottage cheese=1.19/1 (beats the Aldi price of 2.12/1!!!)
  • Hy-Vee cans of chicken noodle or tomatoe soup are .38/1 (around the Aldi price)

If you think something is a good deal and I failed to mention it please let us know about it in the comment section.

Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue using the widget on this site for your coupon printing needs. If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the Grocery Gathering here!

The Dillons ad for this week will not be up until Friday because that is when their new ad comes out. Be sure to see the deals that continue through tomorrow here. If you are an Apple Market shopper check out those great deals here!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since my husband has 2 weeks off we have been organizing different aspects of our home. One part that has been my job is to get my coupon binder under control! The picture above is my dining room floor covered with WAY TO MANY expired coupons. Yesterday I spent 3 or so hours purging expired coupons (some from 07 even!) and reorganizing to make room for all the new coupons that will be coming out this weekend. That is right this weekend there will be 2 Red Plum inserts and 2 Smartsource coupon inserts in the paper! As always get the KC star if you want the BEST coupons!

Walgreens: FREE Glade Wisp Candle!

About a month ago I received a coupon booklet from Glade with tons of coupons for their products in it. Chances are you might have too. If you did then you will be able to get a FREE Glade Wisp candle at Walgreens this week. Here is how:
  • Buy 1 Wisp candle=5.99
  • Use 4/1 coupon from Glade coupon book
  • Total=1.99
Keep your receipt and turn it in for a $2 ES rebate on glade products and you just got this item FREE!

There are other great Walgreens deals this week that you can see here!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Chick-fil-a FREE chicken biscuit!

On January 1st Chick-Fil-A is giving away coupons good for 1 FREE chicken biscuit when you make a purchase.  You can see all the details here!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

CVS 12/28-1/3

There is not much FREE this week, but some other good deals...

Nature's Bounty Vitamins or Supplements=B1G1 with prices starting at (PSA) $4.49
Buy 2 Get 3 ECB Limit 1
$1 Natures Bounty Product, Any - 9/7, 9/21, 10/12 RP
$1 Nature's Bounty printable and printable

$2 Nature's Bounty printable register.
  • Deal Idea
  • Buy 2 Nature's Bounty at 4.49
  • =4.49 after BIGI
  • Use 2 2/1 coupons
  • Total=.49 and get back $3 in EB= $2.50 MONEY MAKER!

Pantene Pro-v Shampoo, Conditioner, or styler=2/$7.00
get 2 ECB wyb 2, Limit 5
Use $3/2 Pantene mf coupon to get both bottles for 2/$2!

Nova Max =9.99
get 9.99 ECB back=FREE, Limit 1

Playskool Diapers=10.99 (these are mega packs!)
Use $2/1 MF coupon and $3/1 CRT if you got one to get this pack of diapers for only 5.99!

Aveeno Baby Lotion 8oz. or Cream 5 oz.= $3.99 (1.99 after $2 MF below!)
Aveeno, $2 off Any, Printable
Aveeno Product, any $1.50/2 (12-31-08) V 9/28/08
Aveeno, Baby, $1 off, Printable

Olay Wet Cloths 30 ct. (pictured is Regenerist), Cleanser, Scrub, or Makeup Remover 4.2 - 6 oz.= BIGI 50% with prices possibly starting at 7.99
Use $5/1 or two Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansers
$15 Gift Card wyb (2) Olay Regenertist Moisturizers or Cleansers link for printable MIR and info
  • Deal Idea
  • Buy 2 Wet clothes 30 ct. at possible 7.99=11.98
  • Use $5/2 coupon
  • Total=6.98 and then mail in for $15 giftcard= OVERAGE of $8!
My plan:
2 Nature's Bounty at 4.49/1 and BIGI=4.49
1 Nova Max=9.99
1 Playskool Mega pack=10.99
2 Olay wet clothes=possible 11.98?
-2 2/1 Nature's Bounty coupons=-$4
- 3/1 Playskool CRT
-2/1 Playskool MF coupon
-5/2 Olay coupon
New Total=23.45, and I will get back $13 in EB and $15 for the Olay rebate! That is actually an overage of almost $5!!!

Note: don't forget to get your rain checks for any December monthly items you were not able to get! I will have all the details for the Janauary deals up early in the week!

Walgreens Preview!

Note: I was wrong on my last post about this. Here is the update/corrected sneak peek.

The new Easy Saver (ES) starts this coming Sunday for the month of January. There are 3 FREE items this month after rebate and I thought I would give you a sneak peek:) Below are the items with the possible prices listed next to them. Remember that some prices vary by region and our stores could have different ones.

Choice of 1 Revlon Matte Collection Blush, Eyeliner, lipstick, or eye shadow= up $10 in Rebate
Use 1/1 or 2/1 coupons for OVERAGE!

Orajel Cold Sore Medicine =$8.49
Use 1/1 coupon for OVERAGE!

Auto Expressions Vent Fresh Elite Auto Air Freshner=4.99

You could make up to $3 in overage!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dillon's 12/26-1/1

Well the Dillon's ad is only 2 pages this week and is good through next Thursday January 1st. There are a few deals worth mentioning:
  • Fresh Ground Beef=2.19/lb. (I prefer to buy this at 1.99/lb but if you are in need this is not a bad deal.)
  • Doritos and Keebler townhouse crackers are 2.18/1. (not a bad price for Doritos and you can use a 1/2 Keebler coupon to get these crackers for 1.68/box.)
  • Hamburger buns are 10/10
  • Avocados are 10/10
  • Bar-S hot dogs are 10/10
  • Farmland roll or link sausage is 1.59/1 (Use any coupon from the Farmland mailer and get these for .59/1!)
  • Hillshire Farm or Kroger little smokies are 4/10 or 2.50/1 (This is the same as the Aldi price. Use 1/2 Hillshire coupon to get that brand for 2/1!!!- it may also give you a .75/off your next purchase catalina back (wyb 2)which would sweeten the deal!)
  • Hormel boneless pork lions are BIGI free with prices starting at 8.99
That is all I see for this week. Let me know of anything I missed. Also be sure to check out the Hy-Vee deals for the week! The Apple Market also has a few great deals of their own so be sure to head over to Cara's blog for those!

Remember one great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget I have on this site. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in these great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hy-Vee for 12/24-12/30

Below are the best deals I see for this week.  My goal is to always find things that beat or are close to the Aldi price since Aldi is considered "the cheapest" grocery store.  From the looks of it Hy-Vee has quite a few items this week that may keep you shopping there instead of Aldi!
  • 2.5 lb. bags of Country Pride frozen chicken breasts=4.99 (Aldi price for a 3 lb. bag is 6.29 I think)
  • Hy-Vee selected varieties of shredded cheese are 1.68/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • Kraft Velveeta shells and cheese or Kraft deluxe mac and cheese dinner=3/$5 or 1.66/1 (Aldi price is 1.29/1 for the off brand)
  • Post Cereal is 5/$10 or $2/1 (The Aldi price ranges from 1.68/1-1.89/1 for their off brand)
  • Betty Crocker pizza crust or corn  muffin mix=3/$1 or .33/1 (This is about the Aldi price)
  • Hy-Vee 8 oz. blocks of cream cheese are .89/1 (beats the Aldi price of 1.09/1!)
  • Hy-Vee 15 oz. kidney or chili style beans are 2/$1 (Aldi price is .45/1)
  • Hy-Vee sloppy joe sauce is .78/1
  • 24 oz. tub of Hy-Vee cottage cheese=1.49/1 (beats the Aldi price of 2.12/1)
  • Cara Cara Navel oranges are .99/lb. (.99/lb. for any fruit is a GREAT buy!)
  • Fresh green beans are .99/lb.
  • Tangelos are .99/lb.
  • Limes or Lemons are 4/$1 (GREAT DEAL!)
  • Grimway 3 lb. bag of baby carrots=2.88/1 (1 lb. bags at Aldi are .99/1 so this beats the Aldi price!)
  • 10 bag of russet potatoes=2.99/1 (usually this would beat the Aldi price of 3.79 but this week Aldi's 10 pound bags are only 1.99!)
  • Select varities of pears are 1.18/lb.
  • Country Fair frozen veggies are .98/1 (Aldi price is .99/1)
In-ad coupons
  • Dole bunches of celery=.59/1
  • BIGI fresh packages of 8 ct. hamburger buns
  • Hy-Vee brand 32 oz. ketchup=.99 (beats Aldi price of 1.19)
  • Hunts 26 oz. cans of spaghetti sauce=.78 (these are usually $1 or more!)
  • Betty crocker muffin brownie or biscuit mix=2/$1
  • Hy-Vee refried beans=2/$1 (Aldi price is .45/1)
If you think something is a good deal and I failed to mention it please let us know about it in the comment section.  

The best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue using the widget on this site for your coupon printing needs.  Thanks!

Note: The Dillons ad will be up Friday so see you back here then!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

21st and Fairlawn Markdowns!

A friend was at the Dillons at 21st and Fairlawn today and noticed they had a lot of markdowns on yogurt. Brands included were FiberOne, Yo-Plus and Danimals. They were marked to 1.49/1. Use 1/1 coupons on any of these to get them for .49/1!!!

Inexpensive Sticky Buns Recipe!

As a child my husband's grandmother always made her version of sticky buns on Christmas morning. In honor of her and my husband's tradition I have decided to carry it into our family. I got the recipe yesterday and just had to share this way to easy inexpensive recipe with you!

Sticky Buns: Serves 3-4
  • 1/3 C. brown sugar (1 bag costs .99 at Aldi so I will guess on the high side that 1/3c. costs roughly .15 cents)
  • 3 tbsp. butter (use margarine to make this cheaper, 1 stick costs maybe .15 cents so 3 tbsp. is roughly .05 cents)
  • 1/3 c. chopped pecans (1 1/2 c. bag=2.50 at Aldi so 1/3 c. costs around .65 cents)
  • 1tbsp. water (maybe a pennie?:)
  • 1 can of SMALL refrigerated buttermilk biscuits (.33 cents at Aldi)
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon (pennies)
In a microwaveable bunt pan (or round pan with something in the middle to create a bunt pan) combine brown sugar, water and butter. Microwave uncovered for 1 minute or until melted. Stir in nuts and cinnamon. Cut each biscuit into quarters and add to mixture- try to coat them all evenly. Microwave uncovered for 2 1/2 minutes or until biscuits are no longer doughy. Let it stand 2 minutes and then turn over onto a round plate and serve.

All together this delicious Christmas morning breakfast will cost about $1.15 to make or .28 cents to .38 cents a serving!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I wanted to let you know I am back and will resume regular posting. It may be a little sporadic with the Christmas holiday but I will do my best to alert you to any great deals.

One thing I did want to suggest to you all is to get your coupons organized now while you might have some spare time. I say this because last year at the start of the new year the papers were overloaded with TONS of coupon inserts the 1st couple of weeks of January. Smartsource and Redplum both had many EXTRA coupons in them!

I also will not be doing Menu Plan Monday this week since there is not much to plan for on my end. I hope you all enjoy your week and don't forget the FREEBIE sale at CVS ends today! Make sure you get rain checks if they are out of items... I got 14!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

CVS 12/21

It is a BIG WEEK at CVS. You can get over 30 FREE items! See my plan below for how to get FREE COKE also!

Sunday and Monday ONLY!
Listerine antiseptic 16.9oz =$2.99
get $2.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 5
$1 off any one (1) Listerine 500mL or more (diabetes book CVS q) - exp 12/31/08
$1 OFF Any One Listerine RP/V 9/28- EXP 12/31

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail Color =$5.99
get $5.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 2
$.50 off Sally Hansen Nail Color, Any - 09-28-08 SS
$3/2 Sally Hansen Beauty Book CVS coupon (12/31/08)
$2/1 Sally Hansen CVS coupon in store

Arm & Hammer Essentials starter kit =$2.99
get $2.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 5
$1 printable here
try me free MIR found in store or download pdf form here
$1/1 Essentials Starter Kit 12-14-08 SS

L'Oreal HIP Metalic eye shadow duos= $6.99
get $6.99 back in EB= FREE,
Limit 2
LOreal Lipcolour, any $1 (1-25-09) V 11/2/08
LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any $1 (1-25-09) V 11/2/08
LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any $2 (12-28-08) V 10/5/0
$1 printable: L'oreal Paris website, Register and Click on "Can I help you" to get $1 off any L'oreal Paris product.

ThermaCare neck to arm heatwrap 1ct =$2.49
get $2.49 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 3
ThermaCare HeatWraps, any except trial size $1 (1-31-09) P & G 11/30/08

Right Guard Professional solid 1.8oz or aerosol 6oz= $6.00
get $6.00
back in EB=FREE, Limit 5

Zipfizz energy 3ct= $5.99
get $5.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1

Excedrin Express Gels 20ct =$3.99
get $3.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1
$2.00/1 Excedrin Express Gels 20 ct or larger
2$ Printable off any Excedrin Express Gels 20ct or larger x12/31/08
$1 off CVS CRT

Alteril sleep aid 30ct =$9.99
get $9.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1

Halls Naturals 25ct= $2.59
get $2.59
back in EB=FREE, Limit 1
$0.50 Halls 20cts+ 12-07-08 SS exp. 2/6/09
$.50/1 HALLS, on any single bag 20ct.+ cough drops (Q with sample at pharmacies)
BOGO Halls (up to $2.29) found in Kmart exp. 4/30/09
B1G1 Halls (Up to 2.29) 11/9 SS (3/1/09)

EAS AdvantEdge bar 2.11oz= $1.69
get $1.69 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1

EAS AdvantEdge shake 4pk =$7.49
get $7.49 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1

Zantac 150 8ct $=4.99
get $4.99 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1
$1.00 of ANY Zantac product - 11-09-08 SS
Zantac Product, any $1 (1-31-09) (CVS) SS 10/26/08
$1 off printable: here

Benefiber drink mix 16ct =$7.29
get $7.29 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 1
$2.00/1 Benefiber, Any - 9-21-08 SS
$2.00/1 Benefiber Fiber Supplement Product, Any - 10-19-08 SS
$2.00/1 Benefiber, Any - 11-16-08 SS
$2.00/1 Benefiber Fiber Supplement Product, Any, Hangtags

Iceland Health joint relief 60ct =$29.99
get $29.99 back in EB=FREE.
Limit 1

Slimquick 2pk 4oz total =$4.99
get $4.99
back in EB=FREE, Limit 1

Sleepinal 32ct =$8.49
get $8.49 back in EB=FREE,
Limit 5

Other Weekly Deals:
Crest Pro Health toothpaste 4.2oz or rinse 8.45oz =$2.99
get $2 back in EB,
limit 2
Use 1/1 coupon to get this FREE!

My Plan:
I will buy all the limits of all the Sunday and Monday deals=$180.82
-1/1 Listerine coupon
-5 1/1 Arm and Hammer coupons=-$5
-3 1/1 Therma care coupons=-$3
-2/1 Benefiber coupon
-2/1 Excedrin coupon
New Total=167.82 and I will get back 180.82 in EB= OVERAGE OF $13!

Note: I will split these items up over SEVERAL transactions... probably 4 or 5 and continue to "roll" my EBs as I buy the items.

If you like Coke Products I suggest you take your $13 in overage and apply towards this deal to get FREE COKE!
  • Buy 4 12 packs=$14.60
  • Buy 1 2 Liter=$1.25
  • Total=$15.85 and you will get 5 EB back for buying $15 in coke products
You burn $10.85 in EB, but if you got $13 in overage on all the over stuff you still end up with FREE COKE and $2 in overage!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Oops. I wanted you to know that Walgreens is NOT offering $5 RR when you buy $25 worth of items in this weeks 4-day AD. Sorry for the mistake.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gone for a while

Hello All! I just wanted to let you know I will be out for a few days as we are celebrating Christmas with my husband's side of the family early. So the weekly grocery deals will not be up this week... SORRY!

Don't forget to enter your Coke rewards Wednesday because you get double points! These will come in handy for getting FREE COKE at CVS this weekend! I have that post ready and scheduled to come up late Saturday evening. You won't want to miss it!

Have a great rest of the week and I'll be back Saturday with my CVS post!

Walgreens Plan good 12/17-12/20

This Wednesday through Saturday Walgreens is offering $5 in RR when you spend $25 or more! Here is my MONEY MAKING plan where I will be getting FREE DIAPERS:
  • Buy 2 Skippy PB on sale 2/$3=$3
  • Buy 2 DeMont Turtles on sale for .99/1=$1.98
  • Buy 2 Zooth TB on sale 2/$4=$4
  • Buy 2 Russell Stovers Private Reserves on sale for 4.99/1=9.98
  • Buy 2 packs of Diapers (bigi 50% off )=13.48
-$5 RR from last week
-2 .40/1 skippy coupons=-.80 cents
- 2 1.50/1 turtles coupons=-$3
- 1/2 zooth coupon
-1 BIGI RS coupon=-$4.99
- walgreens 2/1 diaper coupon (from pharmacy pamphlet we got this summer=-$4
New Total=13.65

I will get back $10 in rebate for purchasing 2 Russell Stovers (ES#53), $5RR for spending $25 and $2 RR for the zooth=OVERAGE of $3.35

Note: It is possible you will not get overage on the turtle's coupon and then your overage would only be 2.33.

CVS Update!

It has been confirmed by 2 different readers that our Topeka CVS employees have communicated to them that they WILL NOT be accepting expired extra care bucks (EBs) any longer. So if you have some ready to expire make sure you use them ASAP!

Aldi: A few good deals!

I noticed in the Aldi flier there were definitely some good deals that are worth mentioning:
  • Spiral Sliced Honey Ham=$1.49/lb. (these are great b/c they are already sliced!)
  • 8 oz. blocks of cheese=1.99 (good price!)
  • 3 lb. bags of Sweet Potatoes=.99!
  • 1 large stalk of celery=.48 (these are usually 1.19!!!)
  • Red seedless grapes=.79/lb. or 1.58 for a 2 lb. clam shell!
Be sure to let us know if you come across anything else!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Dillons Deal

I didn't realize that Fiber One bars and Nature valley bars are apart of the Better Crocker deal at Dillons this week. Here is the deal I did:
I got back 3 .50/1 off your next purchase coupons that will double to $3 off so I used them on this deal:
  • Bought 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios=$6
  • Bought 1 box of Total=$3
  • Bought 1 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch=$3
  • Bought 2 boxes of Fiber One Bars=$5
  • Bought 1 box of Nature Valley Bars=$2.50
  • Bought 1 box of BC fruit snacks=$2.50
- 2 .55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios coupons (printables)
- $1/2 General Mills coupon
- .55/1 Fiber One coupon (FO mailer)
- $1/2 Nature Valley or Fiber one coupon (Dillons mailer)
- 1 Free box of Fruit snacks wyb 3 boxes of cereal (peelie I found a month ago)=-$2.50
- an automatic $4 off my order for buying 4 boxes of select GM cereal
-an automatic $4 off my order for buying 4 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks/granola bars

I then used my $3 .50/1 catalinas from the yeast deal for another $3 off!

New total=$3.50! So all together including the yeast I only spent around $4 for all of that!

Coke Rewards: double points!

This Wednesday you have the chance to earn DOUBLE POINTS when you enter your coke codes at! The codes can be found under bottle caps or inside of your 12 or 24 packs. Any code you enter will receive double the points Wednesday only! Remember 35 points get you a $1/1 coupon. These come in very handy when CVS and Walgreens run coke deals!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CVS 12/14

ECB Deals - Sunday and Monday Only
Nova Max Diabetic Monitor=$9.99
get $9.99 back in EB= FREE, Limit 1

EARinse Seawater rinse 1 Oz.= $9.99
get $9.99 back in EB=
FREE, Limit 1

Sleep MD 10 ct.= $7.99
get $7.99 back in EB =FREE, Limit 1

Weekly ECB Deals

Pepsi 12pk 4/$13 get $3 ECB wyb 4, Limit 1
Use Pepsi One 1/1 coupon printables- $1 Printable (IE) or Printable (FF)

Colgate Total Advance 4oz $2.99
get $2 back in EB Limit 2
Use this $1.50 Printable to get this FREE plus overage!

General Mills buy $20 get $10 ECB Limit 1
Folgers Coffee 33.9oz =10.00
General Mills Cereal, cereal bars 5-6 ct. or granola bars 6-12 ct.= 3/10.00
General Mills Cereal, $1 peelie found at various stores or use .55/1 coupons found on the coupon widget on this site AND here
  • Deal Idea
  • Buy 6 boxes of cereal=$20
  • use 6 .55/1 coupons=-3.3
  • Total=16.70 and you get $10 back in EB
That is 6.70 for 6 boxes of ceral or about 1.10/1!

My Plan:
  • 1 Monitor=9.99
  • 1 Earrinse=9.99
  • 1 Sleep MD=7.99
  • 2 Colgates=5.98
  • Total=33.95
  • - 2 1.50/1 coglate coupons=-$3
  • - $1 colgate CRT
Total=29.95 and I will get back 31.97 in EB= $2 MONEYMAKER!

If you would like to go for the Pepsi deal I suggest you take your $2 you just made and do this deal
  • Buy 4 Pepsi One 12 packs=$13
  • Use 4 1/1 coupon printables
  • Total=$9
After you apply your $2 in overage you just got + the $3 in EB you get back you only spend $4 for 4 12 packs, that is $1 per 12 pack!

A few more Hy-Vee deals

These Hy-Vee deals are good through today only. Sorry in my delay of getting these to you. Thank you to a reader to let me know about these!
  • Buy 1, Get 1 free on their take & bake Family Size Single Topping Pizza's. Great deal!! That's 2 pizza's for $9.99!
  • Smart Chicken brand Whole Chickens are .99 cents/lb
  • red seedless grapes are $1.48/lb,
  • Philly cream cheese is .99 cents (buy 2 and use .20/2 coupon to get both for .89/1!
  • Kraft Shredded cheeses 8 oz are $1.98
Also this week Hy-Vee Gold Medal flour is 1.58/1 through next Tuesday. Some of the bags of flour have $1/3 packages of Hershey's baking chips! The baking chips are on sale for 1.58/1. When you buy 3 bags and use the $1/3 coupon you get each bag for 1.25!!!! (Aldi price is about 1.19)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Walgreens: Another MONEY MAKING deal!

Earlier this week I posted a money making deal that is valid until tomorrow (Saturday) as apart of the buy $25 get $5 in RR back. Well I am glad to say there is another MONEY MAKING deal to be had!

You might have seen here that Walgreens is offering the Loreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium item that was FAR last month as a FAR again this month. Although it is not in the easy saver book and it might not show up when you enter your receipt it is valid that you will get a full rebate when this item is purchased and receipt entered for rebate. Here is the deal I did this morning and is only good until the end of the day Saturday!:
  • Buy 2 Arm and Hammer detergents=13.98
  • Buy 1 Loreal Age Perfect=14.99 (rebate is up to 19.99 but most stores in Topeka have these on sale for 14.99)
  • Total=28.97
  • Use 2 1/1 Arm and Hammer printables=$2
  • Use 1.99 Arm and Hammer in ad coupon=-$10
  • Total=16.97
You will get back $5 in RR and turn in for a 14.99 ES rebate for a total back of 19.99=$3 MONEY MAKER!

Note: I did this deal this morning and actually used $15 in RR to pay for it so I only spent 1.97 OOP. 1 of my RRs was the $5 RR I already got from this week and I was able to use it and still got my $5 RR back! Make sure you pay with RR first, then MF coupons and lastly the Walgreens Arm and Hammer in ad coupon!

P&G $120 Coupon Book!

P&G is offering a coupon book with $120 worth of coupons inside! You have to buy $50 worth of P&G products to obtain this book. Considering that we are able to pay very little each month at CVS and Walgreens for P&G items I bet getting this book will be easy! You can read more details here!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dillons: Fleishmans yeast MONEY MAKER!

I have been informed by a reader that the Fleishman's 3 ct. packs of yeast are still producing .50/your next purchase catalinas! The great thing about these is that they double making them actually worth $1!! Here are 2 deals you can do to ensure some FREE yeast:

Deal #1
  • Buy 1 3 ct. pack of Fleishman's yeast on sale this week for $1
  • Get a .50/your next purchase catalina back.
Since the coupon doubles to $1 you just got this for FREE!

Deal #2
  • Buy 1 3 ct. pack of Fleishman's yeast on sale for $1
  • Use a .45/1 coupon double to .90
  • Pay .10 OOP and get a .50/your next purchase catalina back
Since the coupon doubles you just made .90 on this deal!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hy-Vee for 12/10-12/16

Looks like some good deals. A few of them even beat out the Dillons price this week! My goal with this post is to find the best deals for the week from the flyer. Not all deals in the flyer are a great deal so I don't post everything. I always look to beat the Aldi price since they generally have the lowest prices. I try to post the Aldi price next to the Hy-Vee/other brand price so you can see the extra savings you are getting.
  • Hy-Vee whipped topping=.77/1 (I think this beats the Aldi price?)
  • Hy-Vee cream cheese=.88/1 (beats Dillons and Aldi this week!)
  • 5 lb. boxes of California Clementines=5.88 ( if this is the "cuties" brand then you can use a 1/1 coupon getting this for 4.88- beats Dillons price!)
  • Hy-Vee single cups of yogurt are 10/$4 or .40/1 (beats Aldi price of .43/cup)
  • Hy-Vee big cans of coffee=4.99 (beats Dillons and Aldi price)
  • 15 oz. cans of mandarin oranges=3/$2 or .67/1! (beats the Aldi price!)
  • 5 lb. bags of oranges=2.88/1 (beats Dillons price!)
  • Fresh kiwi=$3/1 (great price!)
  • Grimway farms baby carrots=.97/1lb. bag (Aldi price is .99/1)
  • 3lb. bags of select apples=2.98 (good price!)
  • 12 oz. bags of Hy-Vee shredded cheese are 2/$5 or 2.50/1 (beats the Aldi price of 2.99/1)
  • Hy-Vee bags of frozen veggies=.99/1 (Aldi price)
  • Hy-vee cans of evaporated milk=.77/1 (Aldi price)
  • Gold medal flour=1.58/1 5 lb. bag (Aldi price has been 1.77 or higher)
  • Hy-Vee 1lb. box of margarine (4 sticks)=.58/1
  • Healthy Choice simple selections=10/15. Use in-ad coupon and purchase 10 and get $5 off your total making each box only $1)
In-ad coupon deals:
  • 5 lb. bag of russet potatoes=1.48 (10 lb. bag at Aldi=3.88 so this is a great deal!)
  • 6 oz. package of Driscoll's raspberries=1.99
  • 24 oz. Midwest county Fair cottage cheese=1.48/1 (Aldi price is 2.12)
  • 1lb. 85 % ground beef rolls=1.99 ( I stock up at this price!)
Be sure to check out other great deals at Dillons and the Apple Market this week! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the Grocery Gathering here! Remember also that a great way to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget found in the top right hand corner of this blog- THANKS!

Dillons 12/10-12/16

There are some decent deals this week including 3 potential FREEBIES! My goal with this post is to show you the best price of an item. I am always comparing the price against the Aldi price to ensure that we are getting the most for our $! That being said I don't post everything from the flyer because not everything is a great deal. Below are this week's best deals:
  • Cook's whole Ham=.99/lb. (might be worth getting one now for Christmas dinner!)
  • Dillon's large eggs are 1.33/1
  • 8 oz. bags of Kraft shredded cheese=1.98/1 (this would be the same price per cup as the Aldi brand)
  • Selected Varieties of GM cereal are $2/1 wyb 4 this week. The sale is 4/$12 and wyb 4 boxes $4 is automatically deducted from your total. Use .55/1 coupons off of the widget and here to get select boxes for $1!)
  • Betty Crocker fruit snacks/granola/cereal bars are 1.50/1 wyb 4. The sale is 4/$10 and wyb 4 you get $4 automatically deducted from your total. (do we have coupons for any of this... I didn't see any)
  • Tennesse Pride sauasge gravey=10/10 Use .55/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • Kroger canned veggies=2/$1 (Aldi price is .49/can)
  • Kroger big cans of coffee=5.99 (Around the same as Aldi price)
  • Pillsbury cresent rolls and sweet rolls are 1.77/1 (Use .25/1 cresent coupon to get these for 1.27/1 or .35/1 coupon from the widget on this site to get it for 1.17, or a .35/1 sweet roll coupon to get those for 1.17/1 - I am pretty sure this beats the Aldi price)
  • Avacados are 10/10
  • 4lb. bags of oragnes=3.99
  • 5lb. bags of grapefruit=2.99
  • 3 lb. bags of Cuties Clementines=4.99 (use .55/1 coupon to get this for 3.99)
  • 5lb. bag=6.99 (use 1/1 coupon to get his for 5.99)
10/1o Sale:
  • Country Club icecream or Kroger ice cream sandwhiches
  • Hagen daaz (small one) or 1 pint Private Selection ice cream
  • Kroger frozen waffles (Aldi price)
  • Daisy 8 oz. sour cream (use .50/1 coupon to get this FREE!)
  • Kroger Cream Cheese (beats Aldi price of 1.09)
  • Flieshman's 3 ct packet of yeast (use .45/1 coupon to get this for .10!!)
  • Rice Roni (do we have coupons for this?)
  • Kroger Microwave popcorn
  • Kroger canned fruit
  • Sure deoderant (use 1/1 coupon to get this free!)
Please let me know what I missed. Remember one great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget I have on this site. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in these great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to also check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. Be sure to check out the Apple Market deals here!

Walgreens: 4-day MONEYMAKER DEAL!

Note: I did do this deal this morning and it worked out great! I even used last week's RRs to pay for it and had no problems!!! I did have to add in an extra item to make sure my total was over $5 before using the RR. Remember to use RRs first, then mf coupons and then Walgreen's coupons.

Walgreen's has a 4 day ad (Wed.-Sat.) out again this week! This works the same as last week where when you buy $25 worth of any product you get $5 RR in return! From what we know your total DOES NOT have to be $25 before coupons- YAY! Below is my MONEY MAKING scenario for this ad. Other scenarios along with a link to the ad can be found here.
  • Buy 2 Arm and Hammer detergents at 6.99/1=13.98
  • Buy 3 Robitussin at 3.99/1=11.97
  • Total=25.98
  • -2 1/1 Arm and Hammer coupons found here=-$2
  • - 3 3/1 Robitussin coupons found here=-$9
  • - 4 day sale In-ad coupon making Arm and hammer 1.99/1=-$10
Your new total will be $4.98 and you will get back $5 in RR for the $25 promotion AND $5 RR for buying 3 Robitussin!!! That is a $5 MONEYMAKER!

Note: The limit on the Arm and Hammer is 2 PER COUPON/TRANSACTION. Some blogs are promoting a deal plan where you buy 4, but I don't think that will work because of the limit!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ham Cheese Stuff and Puff: Price Breakdown

My apologizes for getting this up so late. We were tied up this morning and then I most definitely needed a nap this afternoon! The recipe for this can be found here!

Ham and Cheese Stuff and Puff: Serves 6
  • 5 eggs (I bought 1 dozen for 1.55 the other week)=.65
  • 1 cup milk= (1 gal.=2.99 and has about 16 1 cup servings)=.19
  • 1/2 cup Sour Cream(I got my sour cream for FREE the other week! However, for regular purposes Aldi 16 oz. sour cream is .99/1)=.24
  • 1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen chopped broccoli, thawed, drained (I got mine for .27 the other week, however on regular occasion you can get a bag of frozen veggies on sale most weeks at .99/1)=.99
  • 1 pkg. (6 oz.) Stuffing Mix for Chicken=.79 (I use Aldi brand)
  • 9 oz. (1-1/2 [6-oz.] pkg.) Smoked Ham, chopped (At Aldi I just buy what looks like half of of a ham roll that has been pre-cooked. I can usually get 2-3 meals out of this when I chop it up myself. These usually cost around $5)=2.50 or less
  • 1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese, divided (I never pay more than 1.77/2 cup bag)=.89
Total for this meal=$6.25 or $1.04 per serving!

For me this week this meal will only cost me $5.26 b/c of the deals I got on frozen veggies and sour cream!

I hope you enjoy this one!

Monday, December 8, 2008

For Chick-Fil-A Lovers!

The 2009 Chick-fil-A calender is available. It is $6 and is full of Chick-fil-A coupons!!! I have heard from many readers that this is a great deal and the coupons are totally worth getting the calender. You can see details here! This would probably make a GREAT stocking stuffer!

Menu Plan Monday for Dec. 8th

There are a few repeats from last week. Remember I am always striving to shop on a $40/week grocery budget. Here is what is on our menu for the week:

Monday: Burritos, corn, fruit
Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Stuff and Puff/fruit
Wednesday: Tortilla soup, fruit
Thursday: Pizza, veggies and dip, fruit
Friday: Applebess (gift cards are wonderful!
Saturday: Dinner with my parents for my Mom's birthday

I will post the price breakdown for the Ham and Cheese Stuff and Puff tomorrow. I hope to see you then!

Target: Keebler Products!

Select Keebler and Sunshine products are on sale for $2.50/1 this week at Target. When you buy 5 of the selected products you get a $5 gift card in return. If you can get 5 of these $1/1 coupons here you can score a pretty good deal:
  • Buy 5 Keebler fudge shoppe cookies=$12.50
  • Use 5 1/1 coupons=-5
  • Total=7.50
You will get a $5 gift card making your total $2.50 for all 5 packages or .50/1!!!! That is a GREAT DEAL!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Walgreens: Robitussn deal is BACK!

You can see other Walgreens deals for this week here. I did notice however that the Robitussin deal was not mentioned. This week when you buy 3 Robitussin you get $5 back in RRs. There are $3/1 coupons here. This is how the deal will play out:
  • Buy 3 Robitussin at 3.99/1=11.97
  • Use 3 3/1 coupons=-9
  • Total=2.97 and you get $5 in RR back
You make an overage of $2.03!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

CVS Dec. 7th

Well there isn't much this week, but if you are looking for a way to "burn" some of those extra bucks you "made" from black Friday there a few deals you might be interested in. Below are the best deals I see:

Powerade 32 oz. select varieties=1.59
Get $1.59 back in EB=FREE!!! Limit 1

Buy $20 in Energizer batteries, get $10 EB back, limit 1
Prices start at 5.99

Use 1.25/1 coupons from recent inserts or 1/1 coupon here
  • Deal Idea:
  • Buy 4 packs at 5.99=23.96
  • Use 4 1.25/1 coupons=-$5
  • Total=18.96 and get $10 EB back=8.96 for 4 packs of batteries! Might come in handy for Christmas gifts!
Spend $25.00 and get $5 in EB back on Huggies products, limit 1
Jumbo pk. diapers or pull ups (excludes overnights)= $10.00
Huggies wipes or wash= $3.00
Use 1/1 or 1.50/1 diaper coupons
  • Deal Idea:
  • Buy 2 packages of diapers=$20
  • Buy 2 wipes/wash=$6
  • Total=$26
  • -2 1.50/1 coupons
  • total=$23, and you get back $5 in EB=$18 for 2 jumbo packs and wipes/wash. Remember you can turn the diapers in to caregiver's marketplace for $1 each. So your total will actually be $16 after EB and rebates. Not a great deal but if you need to burn bucks this is the way to go.
I don't have a plan yet but if I buy anything it will be the Powerade and diapers. Please alert us to any other great deals you might see. Don't forget to check out the December EB deals here!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dillons: Gerber Catalina deal

Starting 12/5 and running through 12/28 you can get $/your next order catalinas from Dillons just for buying Gerber products. The items included in this are baby food, baby juice and Graduates items. Here is how this works:
  • Buy $10 in Gerber get $1.50/off your next order catalina
  • Buy $15 in Gerber get $2.00/off you next order catalina
  • Buy $20 in Gerber get $3.00/off your next order catalina
Make sure you go here to maximize this deal with printable coupons or use any MF coupons you have received form Gerber!

Any other Dillons catalina promotions going on?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walgreens: $5 RR plan

From now until the end of the day Saturday you have the chance to gain a $5 RR from Walgreens when you spend $25 on ANYTHING in the store. There are conflicting comments about this RR and how it works. Some say your subtotal has to be $25 after coupons and other reports deny this to be true. The ad says nothing about the use of coupons. So I have created a "safe" plan that should work regardless and you are only spending 1.99 OOP! Here it is:
  • Buy 1 Colgate total or Max Fresh toothpaste=2.99 (get $2 in RR back)
  • Buy 1 FAR bald guys item=5.99 (FAR, 5.99 back in monthly rebate)
  • Buy 2 Reach products=$6 (get $6 in RR back)
  • Buy $15 worth of coke products=$15 (get $5 in RR back) (I will be buying 3 12 packs and 4 2 liters)
-1/1 colgate coupon
- 3 1/1 Coke coupons (printed from coke rewards)
New total=25.98

I will get back $5 RR for purchasing $25 worth of stuff, $2 RR for Colgate, $6 RR for reach, $5 RR for Coke and a 5.99 rebate for the monthly product=23.99 back, which means I only spend 1.99 OOP for all that!

I like to look at this as getting 3 12 packs of Coke for only 1.99 or .66/1!

What is Walgreens up to?

Did you get the 4 day ad for this week? I just heard about it from a friend. I guess you will get a $5 RR when you purchase $25 of ANYTHING in the store. The great thing about this is that this works different than a $5/$25 coupon... your subtotal does not have to be $25 after coupons. You can actually spend less than $5 out of pocket and still get your $5 RR! You can see more details about this deal here. You can also see the Walgreens ad running this here. Be sure to check back later in the day for the deal I cook up- you won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hy-Vee for 12/3-12/9

Not much at Hy-vee this week but a few deals worthy of note!
  • Dole Iceberg lettuce=1.88/1
  • Butter Kearnal canned veggies=.48/1
  • 1lb. ground beef roll=1.89/1
  • Mrs. Grimes canned Chili/Kidney beans=.48/1 (Aldi price)
  • Pillsbury brownie mix=10/10 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for .50/1)
  • Hunt's tomato sauce=.33/1
  • Skippy peanut butter=1.88/1 (use .40/1 coupon to get this for 1.48/1)
  • 24 oz. cottage cheese=1.88/1 (beats Dillons and Aldi this week)
  • Keebler fudge shop or E.L Fudge cookies=2/$4 (use this 1/1 coupon to get these for $1)
  • Knorr Pasta sides are 10/10 (use .60/1 coupon from widget on this site to get this for .40/1)
  • Hy-Vee shredded cheese=1.88/1 (this is for a 2 cup bag and beats the Aldi price!)
  • 3 pack of Red Star Yeast=.99
Be sure to check out other great deals at Dillons and the Apple Market this week! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the Grocery Gathering here!

Dillons 12/3-12/9

Dillons is having some great sales this week! Remember I am always looking for the BEST deals and try to note what the Aldi price is if I know it. My goal is to always buy lower than the Aldi price since they are the "cheapest" grocery store. Dillons also doubles coupon up to $1! If you would like to read more abou that do so here.

Regular Sale items
  • Kroger 24 oz. cottage cheese, deluxe ice cream or 4 ct. cones are all 1.98/1 (the Aldi price for these items is 1.99 and up)
  • Big Bag Fruit Sale: Washington Red Delicious or Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, 5 lb or 4 lb California Navel Oranges=2.99! (GREAT PRICE!)
  • Sara Lee classic wheat or white bread=BIGI (last time these were priced at 2.12/1 so BIGI at that price is actually a GREAT deal!)
  • 1 liters of BK soda=2/$1
  • Kroger canned veggies=.50/1 (Aldi price is .49/1)
  • Keebler crackers=2.18/1-use $1/2 coupon to get these for 1.68/1 (doesn't beat the Aldi price but this is a great price for name brand crackers!)
  • Kroger single cups of yogurt are 10/$4 or .40/1 (beats Aldi price of .43/1)
  • Farmland rolls/links of sausage=2/$3 or 1.50/1 (use any coupon from Farmland mailer to get these for .50/1!!!)
  • Farmland hot dogs are 3/$4 or 1.33/1 (use any coupon from Farmland mailer to get these for .33/1!!!)
10/10 SALE!
  • 2 liters of Coke products
  • Kroger Saltines
  • Healthy choice soups (use .75/1 coupon to get these for .50/1!!!)
  • Kroger frozen veggies
  • Kroger frozen fish sticks
  • Kroger 6 ct package of bagels
  • Kroger bars of cream cheese (beats the Aldi price of 1.09/1)
  • Kroger cans of jumbo biscuits (beats Aldi price)
  • Kroger canned fruit
  • 1 pint selections of Hagen Daaz or Private selection ice cream
  • Bounty Paper Towels (use .25/1 coupon to get these for .50/1!!!)
  • Kroger bags of pretzels or tortilla chips (Aldi price is .99/1)
8 HOUR SALE- Dec. 4 from 4p.m.-11p.m.
  • Tostitos=1.88/1
  • Selected bags of candy=1.68/1 (nestle and M&M's)
  • 12 oz. cans of Kroger peanuts=$1! (beats Aldi price!)
  • Kroger deluxe ice cream=1.58/1
  • Oscar Meyer deli shaved lunch meat=2/$4 (Great price for this!) (use 1/1 coupons found in scanners around meat section to get these for $1!)
  • single cookies=.10/1
  • 50% Christmas decor and selected stuffed animals
That is all for this week. Please let me know what I missed. Remember one great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget I have on this site. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in these great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to also check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. Be sure to check out the Apple Market deals here!

Later Today

Hi all! I will have the weekly Dillons and Hy-vee posts up later today. See you back here then!

Have a great morning!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cheeseburger Pie: Price break down

You can access this wonderful recipe here! I love this recipe because it is so easy and so cheap! Most of all my family really enjoys it so we eat it often.

Cheeseburger Pie: Serves 6
  • 1 lb. of ground beef (I never pay more than 1.99/lb.)=1.99
  • 1 large onion (1 cup) of chopped onion (bag of 5=1.20 ish at Aldi)=.24
  • 1/2 c. Bisquick mix (I use Aldi brand and the box=1.70 I think and there are about 20 1/2 cup servings in a box)=.10 cents
  • 1 cup of milk=.20 cents
  • 1 cup of shredded chedder cheese (This week I payed 1.67 for a 2 cup bag)=.84 cents
  • 2 eggs (I payed 1.55/dozen this week)=.25 cents
  • 1/2 tsp. salt=pennies
All together this meal totals 3.62 or .60 cents a serving! I combined this with a bag of frozen veggies I got for .27 cents and we had a meal under $4!!!

I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Huggies: $2/1 Coupon!

If you love Huggies you will love this coupon! This coupon is good for $2 off any 2 jumbo packs or 1 big pack of Huggies! If you hit your back button during printing you can get 2 coupons!

K-Mart: Super double coupons!

Our local K-mart stores are participating in the Super Double coupon days this week! The way this works at OUR STORE is that any coupon manufacturer coupon will be doubled up to $2!

This site here as put together some coupon match ups that might make a good deal for you!

Let us know if you score any great deals yourself!

Menu Plan Monday

I am still not quite back on track after Thanksgiving but I managed to throw together a quick plan in my head. We will see if this is what really happens this week or not:) Remember all my meals are based on a grocery budget of $40/week or less.

Sunday: left overs (still!)
Monday: Chicken and bacon quesadilla, chips and salsa and orange slices
Tuesday: Beef and been burritos, corn, and fruit
Wednesday: Cheeseburger pie, steamed broccoli, apple slices
Thursday: Chicken Tortilla soup, bread
Friday: Pizza as always!
Saturday: ????

I will post the price break down for cheeseburger pie tomorrow. See you then!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

CVS 11/30

Well I am actually surprised after the HUGE black Friday sale that we are able to get anything for free this week! There isn't much but free is free!

Extreme Energy Drink=4.99
Get 4.99 back in EB=FREE!

Dove Cream Body Lotion is BIGI=7.62/2
Use $6/2 CRT
Use 2 1.50/1 coupon
After coupons you make $1.38 OVERAGE!

Duracell packs of batteries=5.99
Get $2 back in EB
Buy 2 packs=11.98
Use 5/2 CVS coupon (if you still have any)
Use 2 .75/1 coupons
Total=5.48, get back $4 in E= 1.50 for 2 packs of batteries!

My Plan:
1 Extreme Energy Drink=4.99
2 Dove Lotions=7.62
- $6/2 Dove CRT
-2 1/50/1 Dove MF coupons
=3.61 and I will get back 4.99 in EB=overage of $1.38!

Please be sure to update us if you see any other great deals!

Friday, November 28, 2008

FREE Veggie Tales DVD!

Remember a few backs how I told you that if you signed up for LifeWay emails they would send you a $5/$20 purchase coupon? Well I received my coupon within 24 hours of my sign up and quickly formulated a plan to use it. You see my husband wanted a wallet for Christmas and my son LOVES Veggie Tales. This was my deal:
  • Bought 1 wallet on sale=15.99
  • Bought 1 Veggie Tale DVD=$5 (black Friday deal!!!)
-5/20 coupon
=15.99 for both items. (the original cost of the wallet)

Since the coupon was worth $5 I technically got the Veggie Tales DVD FREE! I was super excited! Be sure to see what other great deals people are sharing here!

Dillons 11/28-12/2

This weeks ad is only for 5 days and there are a few good deals worth mentioning! Remember this blog is dedicated to helping you find the BEST deal on a product. I am always looking for prices that beat the Aldi price since Aldi usually has the lowest price.
  • Fresh Ground beef is 1.99/lb. ( I always stock up at this price. See my tips about saving money on meat here!)
  • Kroger Cheese- 80z shreds or bars=3/$5 or 1.67/1 (I stock up at this price- It beats the Aldi price!)
  • Folders big cans of coffee=5.98/1 (use .25/1 coupon to get this for 5.48- GREAT DEAL!)
  • 2 liters of Pepsi=10/10
  • Pride of the Farm ground Turkey 1 lb. rolls=10/10 ( this is a new item!)
  • Bar-S hot dogs are 10/10 (use coupon here to sweeten the deal!)
  • California oranges or grapefruit are .39/1 (great price!)
  • Golden or Red apples are .99/lb. (great price!)
That is all for this week. Please let me know what I missed. Remember one great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget I have on this site. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in these great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to also check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here.


Hi there! Did you brave the Black Friday Shopping? I did and found some great deals! I wanted to let you know I will have current grocery deals up later today or tomorrow at some point. As always I will be back for sure Sunday with the CVS deals for the week!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So how was your trip? Mine was great! Make sure you get rain checks for items they may be out of! Below is what I know about a few limit updates for Black Friday deals.
  • The limit on the Schick Quattro razors is actually 2!
  • The limit on the remote/headphones is also 2!
  • I don't know what the limit on the tampons is but my receipt didn't say I hit my total when just buying 1!
Happy Thanksgiving and Shopping!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deal Plan for your CVS $10/$50 coupon!

I realized I should have given you all a plan for a CVS $10/$50 coupon. I only have $25 EB right now so here is what I plan to do in order to spend hardly anything out of pocket! Be sure to see the $95 worth of FREE stuff you can get here!

  • Buy 2 Colgate Total advanced=5.98
  • Buy 2 Aussie hair products=5.98
  • Buy 2 Bic Soleil razors=11.98
  • Buy 2 Loreal Lip glosses=13.98
  • Buy 1 Johnson's Lotion=5.69
  • Buy 1 Garnier Face wipes=5.99
  • Buy 1 Hershey's Candy Bar=$1
-10/50 CVS coupon
-1.50/1 colgate coupon
-1/1 colgate coupon
- 2 1/1 Aussie coupons
- 2 3/1 Bic coupons
- 2 1/1 Loreal coupons
-1/1 Johnson's coupon
-1/1 Garnier coupon

Total=26.10, I will only spend 1.10 OOP since I only have $25 EB and get back 50.60 in EB!!!

I will then use my new EB to buy all of the other goods! Happy Shoppping!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CVS Black Friday: Major Profit!

I am not going to reinvent the wheel for Black Friday so you can see CVS deals here and Walgreens deals here. I am however going to tell you how I plan to make $30 in overage at CVS! Below are 21 items you can get for FREE at CVS on black Friday!

Here is my plan:
  • 2 Colgate Total Toothpastes=5.98 (FREE after EB) I will use a 1/1 coupon and a 1.50/1 coupon and a 1/1 CRT for overage of $3.50 on this
  • 2 Aussie Hair Care products at =5.98 (FREE after EB) I will use 2 1/1 coupons for overage of $2 on this
  • 1 Cover Girl Smoother's pressed powder=5.99 (FREE after EB) I will use a 1/1 coupon on this for $1 overage!
  • 1 Cover Girl Smoothers liquid foundation=7.99 (FREE after EB) I will use a 1/1 coupon on this for $1 overage!
  • 2 L'Oreal lip gloss=13.98 (FREE after EB) I will use 2 1/1 coupons on this for $2 overage!
  • 1 Sally Hanson nail color=3.79 (FREE after EB) I will use a 1/1 coupon on this for $1 overage!
  • 1 Johnson's soft lotion=5.69 (FREE after EB) I will use 1/1 copuon on this for $1 overage!
  • 2 Bic Soleil Razor systems=11.98 (FREE after EB) I will use 2 3/1 coupons on this for $6 overage!
  • 1 Garnier cleaning towelletes=5.99 (FREE after EB) I will use a 1/1 coupon on this for $1 overage!
  • 1 Shick quattro razor or trimmer=7.99 (get $6 EB back) I will use a 4/1 coupon from December all you for $2 overage!
  • 1 Playtex Gentel glides=3.99 ( get $3 EB back) I will use a 1/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • 1 Magnavox Univeral remote or Phillips headphones=6.99 (FREE after EB)
  • 3 20 oz. Gatorades=4.47 (FREE after EB)
  • 1 5 hour energy=3.99 ( FREE after EB)
  • 1 Hershey's King Size Milk Chocolate Bar=$1 (FREE after EB)
Total for all of this=95.80
- 10/50 CVS coupon
- 23.50 in MF/other CVS crt coupons
=$62.3 and I will get back 92.80 in EB= PROFIT OF $30.50!!!

Remember you can break these up into smaller transactions if you only have a small amount of EB to spend. I plan to split mine into 2 transactions.

Take note that I am not buying the Maybelline Foundation b/c this is actually a WEEKLY deal and I already hit my limit on this earlier in the week.

Target: Games for only $4!

Did you see the Target ad this week? They have a pretty sweet deal on select games ranging from 3-6 years. Games such as Memory, Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are all only $4!!!! This promo ends Wednesday so make sure you get in to Target before then. Remember if they are out of a certain game you want just go to customer service and ask for a reign check!

Also this week they have an okay deal on diapers. When you buy 3 jumbo packs of Huggies or Pampers you get a $5 gift card. Here is the price break down:
  • 3 Jumbo packs at 9.99=29.97
  • - 3 1.50/1 coupons=25.47 (or print $2/1 coupons from the widget on this site... thanks Libbi!)
  • -$5 gift card
Total=20.47 or 6.83/jumbo pack. Not a bad deal!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coupon Update: Walgreens and Dillons

  • You may be aware of the Sure deal going on at Walgrees this week. Sure Deodorant is on sale for 1.99 and you can use the 1.50/1 ES coupon making this item .49/1. If you do not have the the 1/1 MF coupons from paper inserts allowing your to make overage on this product you can print a 1/1 coupon here!
  • Daisy Sour Cream is on sale 10/10 at Dillons this week. There were .50/1 coupons in the recent inserts allowing you to get this item for FREE! Thanks to Emily for alerting me to this great .50/1 printalbe allowing you to get more FREE sour cream! (whoops I guess this printable is for 16 oz. and the sale one is only 8 oz... it won't work after all, sorry!)
You also may be aware of the Walgreen's Werther's Deal that was mentioned on other blogs. The printable coupons and the ES coupon to not correspond with the Werther's candy that is BIGI. So be prepared that this deal will NOT work.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

CVS: Limit Update!

There are a few items that possibly have a higher limit than the ad communicates.

Maybelline Mineral Foundation: On sale this week for 8.99 and get 8.99 in EB back. The ad says limit 1, but I was able to buy 2 before my receipt communicated my limit was reached!

Complete Solution: On sale this week for 8.99 and get 8.99 in EB back. The ad says limit 1, but after only buying 1 my receipt does not say my total was reached. It has been been confirmed by a reader that the limit is 5!

Crest Pro-Health 4.2 oz Whitening toothpaste: Monthly deal that is on sale for 3.49 and get 3.49 in EB back. I was able to buy 4 before my receipt communicated my total was reached!

Remember when buying above the limit the ad communicates you are doing so at your own risk!

Menu Plan Monday

I will not be doing Menu Plan Monday this week because there is not much of a week to plan with Thanksgiving and all. My brother will be home which means a lot of meals over at my parents. I also plan on using my FREE Papa John's pizza this week! If you need some ideas for great meals under $5 make sure you visit my recipes here!

Be sure to check back this week as I will be periodically posting about up coming deals for Black Friday! If you know of great deals be sure to email them to me!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS for Nov. 23

Well this week doesn't have great deals but The Black Friday sale will be awesome! Below are the deals I see. Be sure to check back Thursday for all the Black Friday info... you won't want to miss it! And for you seasoned CVSer's who never get any $/$$ coupons any more, I had a $10/$50 print out the other day and it expires at the end of the week. It will come in might handy for the Black Friday sale!
Maybelline Mineral Foundation=$8.99 limit 1
Get back 8.99 in EB=FREE!
There are supposedly 3/1 coupons and 2/1 coupons out but I don't have them? I am wondering if our Market just didn't get them. If you are in a different market and have these coupons this is a MONEY MAKER!

Complete Multi Purpose Solution=8.99 limit 1
Get back 8.99 in EB=FREE!
Use 1/1 coupon to make $1 in OVERAGE!
Or Use this (click link at bottom) 2/1 coupon for $2 in OVERAGE!

Right Guard Professional=$7.99 Limit 5
Get back $7 in EB= $1 for 1!

My Plan:
1 Maybelline=8.99
1 Complete Solution=8.99
-2/1 Complete coupon
New Total= 15.98 and I will get back 17.98 in EB=


Starting (tomorrow) Sunday at 12:01 A.M. you can go to Dr. Pepper's website and print a coupon for a FREE 20 oz. Dr. Pepper! These coupons will be honored until Feb. 28th. Read more about this here!

(Note: This coupon is only available for 24 hours!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Week in Review (Nov. 21st)

There were quite a few posts this week so I will highlight just a few:
  1. See how to get Starbucks for only 4.50/bag here
  2. Make sure you check out this post here to see how you can get Topeka specific coupons!
  3. See how to get Free Sauve at Walgreens here
  4. And be sure to see how I earned a FREE $25 gift card to Motherhood Maternity here!
As always make sure you stock up on your groceries with the great sales going on at Dillons and Hy-Vee!

Have a great weekend!

Attention Coffee Lovers!

You have until the end of the day tomorrow (22nd) to do this deal. Starbucks coffee is on sale at Target for $7 a bag this week. When you buy 2 bags you get a $5 gift card back! So here is the break down
  • Buy 2 bags of Starbucks at $7/1=$14.00
  • Get a $5 gift card back=$9
That is only $4.50/bag for STARBUCKS coffee!!! That is a steal if you ask me! Remember gourmet coffee makes a great Christmas gift!

Walgreens: Double Dipping

Well I guess being pregnant caused me to totally forget about one of my favorite days of month... double dipping at Walgreens! You can see a few FREEBIES here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lowes: Sale!

A reader wrote in to say she was in our Topeka Lowe's and they had a bunch of boarder and wall paper marked down to $3-$5! She said they could be found in carts. Might be worth checking out if you are need!

Coupon Update:

See all other Dillons deals here. Below is an update to a few deals:

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese sale: When you buy 5 bars at 1.25/1 you get back a $2 off your next order catalina. This makes it 5 bars for 4.25 or .85/1. If you have any of the .50/2 coupons this will make the deal even better! Use 2 along with this deal to get all 5 bars for only 2.25 (after coupons double). That is .45/bar!!!!

Betty Crocker pouch potatoes: These are 10/10 this week. Use a .35/1 coupon doubled along with the .30/1 coupon to get these FREE!

See other Hy-Vee deals here:

Hy-Vee condensed soups: These are on an end cap and are marked at 3/$1! Pretty good deal! Thanks for the heads up Cheri!

Evenflo coupon!

If you are planning to be buying any Evenflo products in the near future this coming Saturday (the 22nd) just might be the day to do it. Babies R Us is having a one day sale. This flier here contains a coupon for a FREE $25 gas gift card when you purchase $99 or more of Evenflo products! Considering this about what a car seat costs that shouldn't be hard.

The average price around Topeka lately for a tank of gas is $1.69/gallon so $25 just might fill up your tank!