Saturday, August 9, 2008

CVS for week of August 10th

Looks like a good week. Check out my plan below to see how I plan to include 2 packs of Huggies jumbo diapers and only "burn" 2.47 in EB!

Transaction 1:
2 Bags of Dove Chocolate=$6 (part of spend $10 get 5 EB)
2 packs of Wrigley's gum=$2 (part of spend $10 get 5EB)
1 Alavert=5.99 (get 3 EB)
-2/10 CVS coupon
-1.50/1 bag of Dove
-2/2 CVS coupon for Wrigley's I got in an email this week
-4/1 Alavert found here
Total=4.49+ tax, get back 3 EB (burn 1.49)

Transaction 2:
2 jumbo packs of Huggies Diapers=17.98 (part of spend $25 get 5EB)
1 Johnson's 1st touch gift set=7.99 (part of spend $25 get 5EB)
2 packs of Wrigley's gum=2.00 (part of spend $10 get 5 EB)
-2/10 CVS coupon
-FREE (8.99)jumbo pack Huggies coupon (I got this because I had a "bad pack" of diapers... a bunch of the tabs were missing! So they kindly reimbursed me with this great coupon and I have been waiting for a deal like this to use it!
-1/1 Huggies coupon
-3/1 Johnson's gift set coupon found here
-2/2 Wrigley's coupon
=10.98 + tax, and get back 10 EB! (burn .98 EB)

For both transactions I burn a total of 2.47 EBs... it's like paying only 2.47 for 2 jumbo packs of diapers!

Don't forget to check out my post here to see how you can "sweeten" the Dove chocolate deal and possibly make 4EB! Other CVS deals for this week can be found here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

In Need of Chocloate?

I know I am since I vowed to not eat any the whole month of August! I was just trying to have a little self-discipline, but I confess I have had a few bites here and there. My new practice of self-discipline in the area of chocolate eating is in trouble because you just might be able to get 4 bags of Dove chocolates for FREE this coming Sunday (10th) at CVS! Here is how:

Dove is on on sale 3/$6. You get $5 in EB back when you spend $10 on certain candy items and Dove chocolate bags are said to be apart of this deal. When you combine this deal with the right coupons it may turn out to be pretty "sweet"!

Buy 4 bags of Dove chocolate=$12
  • Use 2 BIGI you may have printed from a few weeks ago(-$6)
  • Use 2 1.50/1 coupons from the 5/11 Red Plum coupon inserts (-$3)
Your total is now $3 and you will get $5 EB back! Combine this deal with a 2/10 coupon you may have found on this blog, and you could potentially make $4 EB just for buying chocolate!!!

Be sure to check back here Sunday for more CVS "freebies"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Confessions of a Hair Snob

If you know me well you know that I have another "material passion" other than couponing: quality hair products! I confess that I am a true hair snob! By that I mean I am extremely picky about hair products and I will pay good money for the good stuff. I could give you a whole tutorial about the best and worst products and the effects they will have on your hair:) Whenever somebody asks what I would do if I had "extra" to spend I tell them I would spend it on my hair!

I confess that I don't even use the free shampoo and conditioner I get from couponing. Instead, I save up and wait every year for Beauty Brands to have their Liter Sale! 10.98 for a liter of quality shampoo and conditioner is soooo worth it to me! Unfortunately Beauty Brands doesn't sell my all time favorite line of products, Aquage, so I settle for Matrix. Beauty Brands is still having their sale, so if you are a hair snob like me make sure you get there soon before the sale ends!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My shopping trips- 2 weeks worth

We have some family coming in town for about 4 days and I will have 4 adult mouths to feed and 2 toddlers... double what I am used to! They will be with us tomorrow through Monday. I will miss my usual Friday shopping trip since their visit falls within that time and I want to be spending as much time with family as I can! So as I was preparing and doing my shopping I decided that I would just shop for 2 weeks (ish) this time and see how it goes. Here are my trips:

I made 2 trips, 1 on Saturday (for this week) and one today for this week and next. That is why some of the prices will not match up with this week's ad
  • Frozen Curly Fries (this is what you get when the husband goes shopping with you)=1.59
  • Cream Cheese-.99
  • Flour-1.70
  • 2 bags of baby carrots=1.98
  • 3 cucumbers=1.77
  • 1 tub of red grapes=2.68 (this was on saturday)
  • 1 tub of green grapes=1.98 (this was today!)
  • 1 tub of grape tomatoes=.99
  • 1 package of roma tomatoes=1.29
  • 1 package of regular tomatoes=.99
  • 2 cans of cream of mush soup=.98
  • 2 cans of cream of chick soup=.98
  • 1 bag of tortilla chips=.99
  • 1 lemon=.39
  • 1 bottle of canola oil=2.79
  • 1 pint of blueberries=1.99
  • 1 tub of strawberries=.99
  • 7 bananas=1.07
  • 1 10 lb. bag of russet potatoes=3.49
  • 3 cans of diced tomatoes=1.35
  • 1 can of Aldi brand rotel=.49
  • 1 bottle of Ketchup=1.15
=37.24 with tax

I also took 2 trips- One on Saturday and one today so some prices are from the sales last week
  • 2 coffee mate creamers at 2.23/1=4.46- 2 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1 =2.46 for both
  • 1 kroger half and half on MS for .50
  • 2 tubs of Carol budding lunch meat at 2/1=4.00 - 1/2 coupon =3.00 for both
  • 1 Dillons cracked wheat bread on MS=.69
  • 2 bags of Kroger shredded cheese at 1.68/1=3.36
  • 1 bar of Kroger cheese=1.68
  • 1 yoplait kids yogurt=2.50-.50/1 coupon doubled=1.50
  • 2 packages of sterling silver ground beef marked at 1.99/lb=5.42-1/$5 meat purchase at Dillons=4.42 (I made sure that both packs combined totaled around 3 lbs so I can freeze it individually
  • 2 Friskies cat treats at 1.69/1=3.38- 2 FREE coupons= FREE
  • 2 gallons of Dillon's milk=5.98
  • 2 4packs of Pillsbury crescent rolls =2.00- 2 .35/1 coupons doubled =.60 for both!
  • 2 5 ct rolls of Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls=2.00- .35/1 coupons doubled=.60 for both!
  • 2 Pillsbury breadsticks=2.00-.30/1 coupons doubled=.70 for both!
  • 1 Pillsbury pizza dough=1.00-.50/1 coupon doulbed=FREE!
  • 1 bag of oranges on MS for 2.49 (these are usually 5.99 a bag)
  • 1 bag of mixed fruit on MS for 2.49 (these are usually 4.99a bag I think) I was also able to use a 1/$3 fruit purchse coupon from Dillons for purchasing these 2 bags... so I got both bags for 3.98!
  • 2 Crest toothpastes=2.00- 2 .75/1 coupons doubled= FREE!
Total for both trips= 34.06 (including tax) I saved a total of about 52%! Don't forget to get your Pillsbury rolls too... make sure you use the widgets on this site to print off coupons- thanks!

1 trip but 2 transactions so I could use my 5/next purchase catalina I knew I would get for purchasing 10 General Mills items:
  • 2 packs of Farmland Bacon for 1.49/1=2.98 for both! (I guess they ran out of corn king which is advertised at this price so they substituted Farmland- what a steel!
  • 1 24 oz tub of cottage cheese=1.38
  • 1 bunch of green lettuce=1.00
  • 1 stalk of Dole celery=1.00
  • 1 bag of Dole salad mix=1.00-.50/1 coupon=.50
  • 10 microwavable cups of Hamburger Helper on sale 10/8. These were apart of the buy 10 get $5 catalina deal. They were $8 and I used 3 1.10/3 coupons from the coupon widgets on this site=4.70 and got back $5 catalina so FREE+ .30! Thanks to my friend H who told me about this great deal!
  • 2 Pillsbury brownie mixes =2.00- 1/2 coupon=1.00 for both!
  • 1 Pillsbury cake mix=.88
  • 2 cartons of dozen eggs=1.98
  • 14 ct. bag of boxed raisins=1.98
total after coupons and catalina= 16.27 including tax

So the total for all trips was 87.57. Remember I am shopping for 2 weeks on this (hopefully) and my weekly budget is $40/week... so only $7ish over and I am feeding double the amount of people for 4 days... pretty good I say!

I will be sure to post what my menu plan is for this week and next come Monday!

Hy-Vee- the same as last week

The Hy-Vee ad from last week runs until next Tuesday the 12th. The only thing I see that may not work will be the General Mills deal where you buy 10 items and get a $5/your next purchase catalina. Next to this it said it was only effective until Aug 5 (yesterday).

If you see any other great deals let us know, but be sure to go here for a refresher of the GREAT deals to be had!

Happy Shopping!

Dillons Aug 6- Aug 12

There are few good deals to be had this week:
  • 1 gal. Dillons Milk-2.99
  • Sterling Silver Fresh ground chuck 1.99/lb.
  • 1 dozen Dillons large eggs-.99/carton
  • Pillsbury Rolls, biscuits or crust are 10/10 - use coupon widgets (top and to the right)to print .35/1 coupons. Once doubled you would get these for .30/1!!! Or use a .50/2 biscuit coupon to get those for .50/1!
  • Dillons brand hot dog and hamburger buns are 10/10
  • Crest toothpaste is 10/10- use .75/1 coupon from this past weekend P&G insert to get these for FREE!
  • Turkey Hill tea is 3/3- if you have any 1/1 coupons left over you can get these for FREE!
  • Colorado Sweet corn is 5/2
  • Fresh peaches and pears are 2lbs./$3
  • Kroger Value corn flakes are .99/box
  • 4lb. bag of Kroger sugar is 1.69
That is what I see so far. As always please let us know of any other great deals you see or get! Also don't forget about the FREE diabetic monitor give-away going on today only!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diabetic Monitor Give-Away!

Tomorrow (Aug. 6) from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. the pharmacy in Dillons at 21st and Belle will be giving away free diabetic monitors! The pharmacist also told me that they plan to give away the strips too! If you or someone you know are in need of one be sure to go to Dillons tomorrow!

Produce at Aldi

I noticed in the Aldi ad they had quite a few good deals on produce this week. Here are the ones I see, feel free to add more!
  • Red or Green Seedless Grapes are .99/lb, sold in a 2lb. clamshell for 1.98!!!
  • Peaches are .29/1
  • Plums are .29/1
  • Nectarines are .29/1
  • Strawberries are .99/lb!
  • Large Cantaloupe is .99/1
  • Honeydew Melon is 1.69/1
  • I have also noticed their 6 pack of Roma tomatoes have been priced around 1.29... good deal!
Between these great deals and the produce deals at Hy-Vee(ending next Tuesday the 12th) you have many GREAT buys awaiting you!

Monday, August 4, 2008


This is the word I have used a lot today and yesterday and the day before. This word is the sole reason I did not get menu plan Monday up and going this morning. I also have family coming in town this weekend and that kind of throws my week off- in a good way! I expect next week to go back to normal but for now I apologize that things have been a little crazy around here. Thanks for sticking with me!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

4 boxes of Special K Bars for only $1!!!

At Walgreens this week they are running a RR deal where if you buy 10$ worth of Kellog's products you get 5 RR (register rewards, similar to CVS EB) back! Their Special K 6 ct boxes of bars are 4/10.

Buy 4 boxes=10
use 4 1/1 special K coupons from vocal point (if you received them in the mail)
=$6 and you get a 5 RR back, which means you just got 4 boxes for $1!! (if you have the BIGI coupon still you could sweeten this deal and get them FREE!, but I used mine during the mega event! (Note: Sorry for not clarifying that the coupons were mailed from Vocal Point a few months ago. You cannot get them from the website, but you can sign up at vocal point to receive future coupons... believe me this is a great service! So far I have gotten free Kashi, Welches grape juice and more!)

If you sign up at Vocal Point please use the email address as a reference if it asks for one- thanks!

I know there are some other good deals to be had so go here for more and feel free comment with yours!

FREE Cover Girl!

In this morning's P&G insert there was a coupon for BIGI free Cover Girl. Note: My apologies for the confusion, the coupon is in the Topeka paper.

The coupon says buy one Cover Girl foundation get 1 Cover Girl face product FREE! CVS is running a sale this week of their own: Buy 1 Cover Girl true-blend, clean, or aqua smoothers and get 1 free. So buy 2 of these products (it is easier if you find ones that are the same price) and between the CVS promotion coupon and your MF coupon the 2 items will be FREE!

I also got a 2.50/$10 pain reliever purchase CRT this morning. I used that in my deal scenario since I was buying 2 of the children's Advil items and was able to get an overage of 4.83! You can see other great deal plans here!