Saturday, October 25, 2008

My CVS Plan: Oct. 26

Here are the deals and my plan!

Nova Max Blood Glucose System=9.99
limit 1
Get back 9.99 in EB=FREE!

Soy Joy Bars=4/$4 limit 1
Get 4 EB back wyb 4= FREE
Use $3/5 coupon here to make $2 in overage!
There are also other MF coupons out there to use as well: B2GI free, B1G1 free.

Bic Comfort 3 advanced shavers=4.99 limit 4
Get 4 EB wyb 1
Use 2/1 MF coupon to make $1 in overage! (note some coupons expire tomorrow!)

Advil PM liquid gels 8 ct.=.99!
Use 1/1 coupon here to get this item FREE!

Two Day Sale only for Sunday and Monday!
All Hershey/Mars & Nestle fun size 9.5-13.3oz fun size or twizzlers snack size 22 oz =2/$3
Use 2/1 Mars/M&M's coupon to get these 2/$2!

My Plan:
  • 1 Nova Max Blood glucose system=9.99
  • 5 Soy Joy Bars=5.00
  • 4 Bic razors=19.96
  • 1 Advil PM=.99
- $3/5 Soy Joy
-4 2/1 Bic coupons=-8
-1/1 Advil coupon
=23.94, and I will get back 29.99 in EB= $6.05 in overage!

You can stop here with your overage or get FREE Halloween candy!
  • Buy 6 bags of Mars/M&M candy=$9.00
  • Use 3 1/2 coupons
Total=$6 for 6 bags! Since you got $6 in overage from your last transaction you can count these FREE!

If you don't have the 1/2 coupons you can use the 1/3 Nestle coupons instead:
  • Buy 6 bags of Nestle candy=$9
  • Use 2 $1/3 coupons
Total=$7 for 6 bags. So you would spend $1 on 6 bags after applying the overage!

Have a great day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dillons: Johnson's Baby Oil money maker!

I noticed at Dillons last night under the small bottles of Johnson's baby oil that they are producing a $1 off your next purchase catalina wyb 1. These are priced at 1.87. Use a 1/1 coupon here or a 1/1 peelie on some of the bottles and make .13 overage after coupon and catalina! This runs through 11/2.

Walgreens: $5/$20 COUPON!

Today and Saturday you can use this 5/20 coupon at Walgreens! Here is 1 deal idea!
  • Buy 4 Ritz toasted chips=$10
  • Buy 2 bottles of Maalox=9.98
  • Buy 1 bottle of Thera Flu warming liquid=4.99
  • Buy 4 bags of M&M's holiday candy ($5 wyb 4 bags November ES rebate)=$12
Use 4 1/1 Ritz coupons
Use 2 2/1 Maalox coupons
Use 1 2/1 Theraflu coupons
Use Oct ES 1/2 bags of M&M's coupon (taken off twice)=-2
Use 2 1/2 MF M&M's coupons
New total=22.97
-5/20 coupon
=17.97, and you get back $3 RRs for Ritz, 8 RRs for the Maalox/Theraflu, a $5 rebate for the November ES and 2.99 back by mail in rebate for the Theraflu!

All together you get back 18.99 and you make $1 overage!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dillons 10/22-10/28

There are 7 FREEBIES to be had this week!
note: I found a coupon for Celestial Seasonings making that a total of 7 freebies instead of the 6 I originally posted!

Dillons 10/10 sale: I posted the best buys below.
  • 6.75-12 oz, * Kroger Vegetables Frozen veggies, 9-16 oz, * Kroger Fish Sticks 8 ct, * Fast Fixin' Chicken 8-10 oz or * Green Giant Vegetables Frozen, 7-10 oz Selected Varieties. Use .50/2 Green giant coupons to get 2 for $1!. Also if you sign up here you will get $1/1 coupons for Fast Fixin chicken making it FREE!
  • California Grapes
  • Kroger 16 oz. sour cream and cottage cheese or 8oz cream cheese (Beats Aldi price on cream cheese and cottage cheese, the sour cream is the same)
  • Kroger brand pop tarts and fruit snacks (beats the Aldi price)
  • 16 oz. Parkay margarine
  • Kroger jumbo Biscuits (beats the Aldi price)
  • Sunny D
  • 32 oz. Gatorade bottles
  • Puffs. Use .25/1 coupon doubled to get these boxes for .50/1!
  • Regular bottles of Clorox bleach
  • Boxes of Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper and Tuna Helper. Use .75/3 coupon and get all 3 boxes for $2!
  • Kroger canned fruit or jars of apple sauce (beats Aldi price)
  • Goldfish crackers (these usually go for 1.50 and up, so this a great price!)
  • Nesquick Milk. Use .50/1 coupon doubled to get this FREE!
  • Kroger Microwave pop corn
  • Kroger tortilla chips (Aldi price)
  • 20 ct. varieties of celestial seasons tea bags. Use 1/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • Aquafresh toothpaste. Use 1/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • Brut Deodorant. Use 1/1 copuon to get this FREE!
  • Reach dental floss. Use 1/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • Tennessee pride sausage gravy. Use .55/1 coupon doubled to get this for FREE!
The rest of this week's sales:
  • Dillons 1 gal. milk=2.99 (Aldi price has been below this but it varies from week to week)
  • Kroger cheese is 33% off. (I am not sure what the price will be but don't more than a $1 for a cup of cheese and 1.99 for a bar- these are the Aldi prices)
  • Dillons large 1 dozen eggs are 4/5 or 1.25/1. (Aldi price has been around .88/1 for these past weeks)
  • International Delight coffee creamer=1.99. Use .50/1 coupon doulbed to get this for a $1! (beats any price)
  • Folders coffee (big tubs)=5.99. Use .25/1 copuon doubled along with the on-line P&G saver .25/1 coupon and save .75 to get this for 5.24 (Great price!)
  • Fresh Pie pumpkins are .78/lb.
  • Fall squash is .99/lb.
  • Pantene shampoo and conditioner is 3/8 or 2.66 for 1. Buy 2 and Use P&G online BIGI coupon combined with 2 1/1 coupons from Oct P&G and get both for .66!
Remember also this ad is good for the following cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington. If you know family or friends in these cities please pass this blog post along so they can know the best deals too!

Don't forget to check out Seabrook apple market here. Hy-Vee will be up later.

Walgreens: My deals

I went last night and here is what I did and the deals worked just the way I have posted them!

Transaction 1:
Buy 4 Ritz Toasted Chips=$10
Use 4 1/1 Ritz coupons=-4
Total=$6.75 including tax and you get back $3 in RR!

Transaction 2:
Buy 3 Benefiber Strawberry kiwi drink mix boxes=23.97
Use $3 RR (you must give this to the cashier first
Use 3 2/1 Benefiber coupons=-6
Use 5/1 ES coupon taken off 3 times=-15
Total=1.76 ( you are really just paying tax) and you get back $8 in RR!

So you spend 8.51 OOP and get $8 in RR back... that is .51 cents for all of that!

If you want you can roll your RRs on the TheraFlu deal. Just remember to always give RRs first, then MF coupons, and then Walgreens coupons.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CVS: Huggies rebate reminder!

Don't forget that if you buy Huggies this week at CVS (I got mine FREE!) to save your receipt! Once you buy 5 packages you can turn in your receipts for a rebate from Caregivers Marketplace! I just mailed in my receipts for 6 packages which means in a few weeks I will get $6 back in the mail ($1 per item)!

Hy-Vee for Oct. 22-28

  • Hy-Vee sliced bacon is 1.99 for 1lb. package (Corn king as been 1.33/package lately at Hy-vee)
  • Reusable shopping bags are 10/10
  • Sun Maid bags of 14 ct. boxes=1.77. Buy 2 and use 1/2 coupon to get the bags for 1.27/1!
  • 26 oz. cans of Midwest county fair spaghetti sauce are .88/1
  • Hy-Vee natural spring water, 15 ct. packs=2.77/1
  • Honey Bunches of Oats cereal=1.88/1. Use 2/1 coupon to get this FREE + .12 in overage!
  • Dole bagged salads are 1.88. Use .50/1 coupon to get these for 1.38!
  • Selected varieties of fresh pears are .88/lb.!
  • Kiwi are 3/$1
  • Dole Celery=1.18/1 (Aldi price)
  • Cucumbers are 2/$1. (beats normal Aldi price)
  • Blue Bunny or weight watchers yogurt are 20/$10
  • Hy-Vee jumbo biscuits are 10/10. (beats Aldi price, but is the same as Dillons this week)
  • Hy-Vee fresh boneless chicken breasts are 1.98/lb.
  • Cool Whip=.99
In-ad coup0ns (limit 1 )
  • Hy-Vee pizza crust mix=3/$1
  • Hy-Vee muffin mix=3/$1
  • 2.5 bags of Tyson individual frozen chicken breasts=4.99
  • Hy-Vee bags of soup crackers=.77
  • Hy-Vee toaster pastries=.88
  • 4 lb. bags of Midwest County fair sugar=1.18
As always please let me know what I might have missed. Please be sure all the freebies at Dillons this week and check out the Apple Market here!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walgreens: Ritz Crackers for cheap!

At Walgreens this week you can get $3 in RR when you purchase $10 worth of Kraft products. Ritz Crackers/Toasted chips are 2.50. Here is the deal:
  • Buy 4 Ritz crackers/toasted chips=$10
  • Use 4 1/1 coupons found here
  • Total=$6+ tax and you get $3 in RR back!
That is $3 for 4 boxes/bags of crackers or .75/1!!! That is a GREAT DEAL!

K-Mart: FREE Max Factor make up

In case you missed the post here, Max Factor make-up is BIGI at K-Mart this week. You can use your BIGI lip product or face product MF coupons in conjunction with this sale and only pay tax!

New Coupons!

Have you check out the widget on this site recently? I just noticed today a few great coupons!
Pert Plus 1/1 coupon.  Use at Walgreens this week with the 2.50/1 ES coupon to get free shampoo (Pert Plus is priced at 3.49 at Walgreens)

Glade Scented candle holders BIGI coupon.  Print to use in conjunction with future BIGI store sales at Walgreens.  They happen often!

Delmonte Harvest Selection BIGI coupon and 1/1 coupon. Use these 2 coupons together to get both for cheap!  This is a new product so if anybody happens to have the price of these please let us know!

Potato Soup: Recipe and Price break down

Here is the recipe and price break down for Potato Soup. I got this recipe about a year and a half ago. I just googled "potato soup" and picked the one that looked the best and of course the least expensive to make! I would refer you to the site but I really have no idea where I got it. Below you will also find the price of the items I have paid in recent weeks.

Loaded Potato Soup: Serves 10
  • 5 lbs. russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes (5 lb. bag on MS for .99 at Dillons)
  • 1/2 c. butter (1 stick) (I use margarine. I got 1lb. on sale for .49/1 so 1 stick=.12)
  • 1 c. half/half (I got a pint on MS for .60/1 so I cup=.30)
  • 1/2 c. sour cream (Aldi 16 oz. sour cream is .99/1 so 1/2 cup=.24)
  • salt and pepper to taste (pennies)
  • 8 oz. (half package) of bacon cooked and crumbled (I got 1 lb. packages of Oscar Myer on sale for $1 so half package=.50!)
  • 6 green onions sliced (1 bunch at Dillons=.79)
  • shredded cheesse (considering this feeds 10 people I would say 2 cups should be plenty. I got a 2 cup bag on sale for 1.77 at Dillons)
What you do:
Put cut up potatoes into slow cooker (crock pot) and add just enough water to barely cover the potatoes. Cook on high for 5 hours. After 5 hours (sometimes it only takes 4.5 hours for potatoes to get done) turn slow cooker to low and add butter, half and half, sour cream and salt/pepper. Cook on low for 20 minutes. Stir in bacon and onion and serve or keep on low. After soup is served put enough cheese in for your liking.

Since this meal feeds so many we usually freeze half of this and eat it for another dinner or have company over to share with us. I also usually cut up the potatoes the night before, put the in the crock pot, cover with water and store in the fridge until the next day. This just helps my morning be less busy.


Price configuration: This whole meal cost me $4.72 and it feeds 10 people! That would be about .50 a serving! Serve this with a side salad and fresh homemade bread and this meal is sure to be under $10!

Bath and Body Works: Free Lotion

When you go here to sign up your email with Bath and Body Works you will receive a coupon for a free 2 oz. signature collection body lotion with your purchase. It makes a nice little extra stocking stuffer!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walgreens: $4 in overage!

Earlier this morning I posted here about Maalox being a part of a RR deal this week at Walgreens. A big thanks goes to Sarah (you must clip your coupons early!) for pointing out that Theraflu is apart of the same RR deal and there was a 2/1 coupon and FAR coupon in the K.C. Star SmartSource insert yesterday

Here is how to make the $!
  • Buy 2 bottles of Maalox (4.99/1)
  • Buy 1 bottle of Theraflu Warming liquid (4.99/1)
  • =14.97
  • Use 2 2/1 Maalox coupons
  • Use 1 2/1 Theraflu coupon
  • Total=8.97 and you get $8 in RR back. You can also send in for the Free rebate on the Theraflu (up to 4.99)
After RRs and the mail in rebate (MIR) you will make $4.02 in overage!!!

Walgreens for Oct. 19-25

There are a few good deals at Walgreen this week!

Alka-Seltzer plus cold=
4.99 and you get 4.99 in RR back making this item FREE!

Maalox, Gas-X and Ex-lax products
These are 4.99/1 this week. WYB 3 you get $8 in RR back
  • Buy 3 Maalox=14.97
  • Use 3 2/1 coupons=-6
  • Total=8.97 and you get back $8 in RR! That is .97 for 3!
Tylenol Allergy, Cold and Sinus relief
These products are 4.99 this week and you get $5 in RR back WYB 3
  • Buy 3 products=14.97
  • Use 3 1.50/1 coupons (on the package of these products at most Walgreens)=-4.50
  • Use ES 1.50/1 coupon taken off 3 times =-4.50
  • Total=5.97 and you get back $5 in RR... that is .97 for 3!
Gillette Fusion Razor=
8.99 and you get $4 in RR back. Use 4/1 coupon and pay only .99 for this item!

Do you see any other good deals? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday for Oct. 20

If this is your 1st time here I am so glad to have you! I am a huge bargain shopper and keep my grocery budget to $40/week or less. Below is my menu!

Pizza (we usually do this on Friday, but this past week it didn't work out that way, so we had it on Sunday instead...yum!)
Monday: Potato Soup and homemade bread
Tuesday: Salsa Chicken over rice/homemade bread/orange slices
Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets/rice/peas
Thursday: Chili and cinnamon rolls
Friday: Probably Pizza:)
Saturday: Dinner with my parents

I will post the price down for Potato Soup on Tuesday so be sure to come back and check it out! You can see some of my other favorite recipes with price breakdowns here. Also if you want to see how I got free diapers this weekend at CVS click here!