Friday, January 1, 2010

Hy-Vee 1 DAY SALE!

Thank you Sheri for all this info!!!! Here is a complete list, I hope you score some good deals and it is not a mad house...

* Dole bananas, $0.29 per lb.
* Hyvee vegetables (corn, peas, cut of French style green beans), $0.44
* Spring River Farms boneless skinless chicken breast, 3 lb, $3.99(limit 2)
* 7-up product 6-pack bottles, $2.00
* Hyvee ice cream, 56-oz, $1.48
* Right Guard Sport solid deodorant, $0.88
* Hyvee peroxide, $0.88
* Barbasol shaving cream, $0.88
* Bakery fresh muffins 4-count, $1.99
* Willowbrook deluxe thin sliced turkey breast, $1.88
* Hormel Always Tender pork shoulder roast, $0.99 per lb
* Hyvee shredded cheese, 6 or 8 oz, $1.00
* Dole iceberg lettuce, $0.79
* Rotisserie chicken, $3.99
* Hyvee milk, half gallon, .88/1!!!
* Carmex, $0.88
* Promax energy bars, $0.88
* Mars and M&M's candy, $0.40
* Farmland roll sausage, $0.99
Use $1.00 off 2 coupon from the 12/13 SS to get these for only .49/1!
* Tony's Crispy Crust pizza, $0.88
Use the $0.50 coupon from the 10/4 SS to get these for only .38/1!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hy-Vee: Kraft DEAL

Take note this starts TOMORROW!!! Thank you Elissa for the info!

Buy 5 Kraft Cheese Products during 1/1/10 through 1/24/10 you will get a coupon for $5 off a future shopping order.

Note: ALL items must be purchased in ONE shopping order.

Choose from the following cheese items (6 oz or larger only unless otherwise specified):

Kraft Singles
Kraft Parmesan Cheese
Kraft Natural Cheese (chunks, shredded, crumbles (5oz), sticks and cubes)
Kraft String-ums cheese
Kraft Cracker cuts cheese
Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese slices
Philadelphia Ready-to-eat cheesecake filling
Philadelphia cream cheese
Velveeta cheese product
Cracker barrel cheese
cheese Whiz process cheese
Breakstone's sour cream
Breakstone's Cottage cheese
Knudsen sour cream
Knudsen cottage cheese.

This is an extra good deal in Lawrence because there is a three day sale (ending 1/1) that includes

Kraft cheese chunks and shredded for $1 limit 5P
Philadelphia cream cheese for .88 limit 2
Velveeta cheese is 3.49 for a 2 lb loaf

You can print .55/1 Velveeta coupon HERE! For other Kraft coupons visit this site HERE


Need FREE prints?

Now that the holidays are over you probably have a ton of pictures to get printed! Below are some offers you might take advantage of!

FREE 50 Prints upon sign up and FREE shipping on orders over $30 or more at Snapfish! Just click the image above to find out how!

50 FREE Prints at Kodak Gallery - New Customers

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Dillons: Nature Valley and Coke

Thanks to a few readers for this info!

Nature Valley has a catalina running 12/28-1/24
  • Buy 3, get $1.50 back
  • Buy 4, get $2.50 back
  • Buy 5 or more, get $3.50 back

Coke is .88/1 at the 21st and Fairlawn store this week. I am told that on an end cap at the front of the store there are $1/4 peelie coupons! Use these to get Coke 2 liters for only .63/bottle!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hy-Vee 12/30-1/5

Below are the best items I see for the week. My goal here is to get you the best price possible! I compare prices to Aldi because I believe if you can beat or come close to the Aldi price you are getting a GREAT DEAL!
  • Doritos=$1.99/bag (great price for this brand)
  • Jack's original pizza=$1.99/1
  • Sunkist 4lb. bag of oranges=$1.99/1
  • Hy-Vee boneless skinless chicken breasts=$1.99/lb.
  • 8 oz monterey whole mushrooms=.88/1 with in ad coupon
  • Roma tomatoes=.99/lb.
  • Dole classic salad=$1.25/1 (Aldi price is .99/1 for their brand)
  • Kiwi=4/$1
  • Golden Sweet Corn=3/$1
  • 85% lean ground beef=$2.49/lb. (buy 2 lbs. and use $2/ 2lb. in ad Hy-Vee coupon to get this for only $1.49/lb.!!!!)
  • Boneless pork sirloin roast=$1.49/lb.
  • Hy-Vee salad dressing=$1.28/1 (Aldi price is $1.19/1)
  • Midwest Country Fair frozen veggies=.88/1 (beats Aldi price of .95/1)
  • Hy-Vee margarine quarters=.59/1 (Aldi price is close this price)
  • Keebler or Sunshine snack crackers=$1.67/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for $1.17/1
  • Green bell peppers=.58/1
  • Honeysuckel ground turkey (breakfast or italian) 1lb. roll=$1.67/1
  • Hy-Vee 16 oz. frozen blueberries=$2.50/1
  • 32 oz Coffeemate coffee creamer=$2.68/1 (use .50/1 coupon to get this for $2.18/1)
Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue printing your coupons here! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

Dillons 12/30-1/5

Here are the best deals I see for the week. My goal here is post the items that I think you can get for less than shopping at Aldi because if you can beat the Aldi price you know it is a GOOD DEAL! Some items don't beat the Aldi price, but still might be a great price if it is name brand.

Please remember that that I get credit when you use the coupon links I provide for printing and loading. You can print coupons here! You can also now load cellfire coupons to your Dillons/Kroger card here

**All prices with coupons assume the coupon has doubled**
Coupons mentioned are from SS, RP, GM or P&G coupon inserts from our local paper unless specified with a coupon link. To see which insert the coupon I mention came out of I recommend you visit this site here.

  • Dillons milk=2.99/gallon (this has slowly gone up over the past 4 or so weeks from 2.50/gallon... same thing everywhere else too. I think Aldi price is some where around) 2.85/gallon
  • Hillshire farm or kroger beef smokies=$2.50/1 (same as Aldi off brand price)
  • Doritos or Lays potato chips=$2.27/1 when you buy 2. (Buy 2 and save a $1 off your total)
  • Red Barron, Kroger or Private Selection frozen pizzas=2.99/1
  • Quaker cereal=$1.88/1 (about the same as most Aldi cereal prices)
  • Yoplait Yogurt=20/$10 or only .50/1 (use .40/6 coupon to get these for .37/1... beats Aldi price of .43/1)
  • Farmland roll or link sausage=$1.10/1 (use $1/2 (or it might be .50/2...eiter way it is still $1) and get these for only .60/1... GREAT PRICE!
  • Farmland Bacon=$3/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for $2.50/1... same as off brand price!)
  • 24ct. bottles of Aleve=$1.99/1 (use $1/1 peelie to get these for only .99/1)
  • Cantaloupe=$2/1
  • Select varieties of apples=.99/lb.
  • 1lb. bags of Kroger baby carrots=$1.25/1 (Aldi price is only .99/1)
  • California Cutie Clementines=$5.99/5lb. box (use $1/1 coupon to get these for $4.99/1)
3 DAY SALE... good until 1/1/2010
  • Avocados=.77/1
  • Kroger sour cream or dips=.99/1 (same as Aldi price)
  • Nabisco snack crackers or Keebler crackers=$2.28/1 (use $1/2 Townhouse flip side crackers HERE to get these for $1.78 or use $1/1 Wheat thins coupon found HERE to get these for only $1.28/1)
  • Pepsi 2-liters are only .84/1 when you buy 6!
P&G Saver Event: Save $5 when you buy $25 of participating stuff.
**I personally don't think anything is that great of a deal. You can check prices and coupon match ups HERE! If there is something you think is a great deal feel free to post in the comment section.

  • Coke 2 liters=.88/1
  • Fresh asparagus=$1.77/lb.
If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. See Hy-Vee deals here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Cellfire Coupons!

Hi! I am taking a quick sec to share a few things with you!

NEW Cellfire coupons can be loaded HERE starting TODAY! You have until 1/11 to load them and they are redeemable for 2 weeks after you load them. Be sure to go HERE to check out all the great new coupons! I am excited to say they have added back Fiber One and Nature Valley coupons!

Also if you have leftover Christmas ham you need ideas for Blaire shared a great recipe with me! You can see it below:)


3-4 med.-sized potatoes
1 onion
1 lb. leftover ham
White sauce
1/2 c. Cheddar cheese
1 tsp. parsley
Salt and pepper

Butter ovenproof casserole and line bottom with layer of peeled and thinly sliced potatoes. Top that with layer of onions. On top of onions put a layer of ham, thinly sliced. Repeat layers. Place last layer of ham around edge of casserole, leaving space in the middle.

Next, pour on white sauce shaking dish gently from time to time so that sauce mixes thoroughly through layers. Put grated cheese in center of casserole and sprinkle with parsley. Cover with tent of aluminum foil. Bake 350 degrees 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake 30 minutes more.


3 tbsp. butter
3 tbsp. flour
1 1/2 c. milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt butter; blend in flour. Stir constantly as you pour milk slowly into mixture. Cook until thickened. Then add salt and pepper.