Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible Target Deal for Week of 2/28

If you are a member of Vocal Point then chances are you have gotten or will be getting coupons for the new Kashi heart to heart cereal or crackers! 1 of these coupons is for a FREE BOX and the others are $1.50/1. With these coupons you might be able to do an awesome deal at Target this next week:

Target will have a sale on Kashi Snack products next week (starts 2/28): Buy any 4 Kashi snacks get one free. Items will be on sale $2.59 (includes Kashi snacks 8.5oz oatmeal dark chocolate cookies, 6ct 7.4 oz trail mix bars, and selected others...hopefully the crackers so you can do this deal). The below deal will only work if the Crackers are apart of the deal!
  • Buy 5 Kashi Crackers=$12.95
  • - GET ONE FREE store offer=-$2.59
  • -GET ONE FREE coupon from Vocal Point=-$2.59
  • -3 $1.50/1 coupns=-$4.50
Total OOP=$3.27 for 5 boxes of Kashi crackers!

Let's hope the crackers are included!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hy-Vee 1 DAY SALE!

These prices are good Friday Feb. 26th ONLY!
  • Banquet meat or fruit pot pies=.39/1
  • Sunkist Cara Cara naval oranges=.77/lb.
  • New York Strip steaks=4.99/lb.
  • 64 oz. Midwest country fair apple juice or cider=.99/1
  • Roses=2/$1 (somebody want to drop the hint to my husband:)
  • Hy-Vee alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, 100 ct asprin and 100 ct. cotton balls=.77/1
  • Country Pride 10lb. bag of chicken leg quarters=3.99/1
  • Deli Shaved Jennie O turkey breast=$1.47/lb. (awesome DEAL!)
  • Single Rolls of Midwest Country fair paper towels=.50/1
  • 5lb. California clementines=4.88/1
  • 54 oz. Hy-Vee sherbet=.99/1
  • 12 oz. Hy-Vee cottage cheese=.69/1 (usual price for 24 oz at Aldi is 1.99 and higher)
See the rest of the deals going on at Hy-Vee this week HERE!

Happy Birthday Swagbucks!

**Update... check out the swagbucks blog today for "swag codes" these are codes that you enter on your my account page and hit gimmie. Anyway 1 code has been revealed and the guy tells you about it in the blog!**

Today is swagbucks birthday which means exciting things for all of us "swaggers" Be sure to check out your home page for the details. I am excited to say on my first search today I won 20 swagbucks!

So if you are a member then get searching using swagbucks to earn more than usual bucks! If you aren't a member then sign up here or by clicking sign up on the widget above and start earning your own bucks plus get 30 just for singing up!

Also be on the look out for extra special deals today you can redeem your bucks for! I have been saving all my bucks for today!

Hy-Vee: A few more deals

I missed a few coupons/ deals so I thought I would highlight them real quick:

Kellogs Fruit Snacks=$1.67/1 (use $1/1 coupon here to get these for only .67/box!)

Cheeze its=$1.67/1 (use .75/1 coupon here to get these for only .92/box!)

Kool-aid packets are 10/$1 with online coupon found in the online ad.... but if you forget it the cashier should have the coupon on hand.

I am also hearing that Hy-vee is having a one day sale tomorrow! As soon as I know the info I will post it!

Need to spend RRs?

Well I haven't been to Walgreens this week but I was told by a friend that their milk is only $2.50/gallon!

That is cheaper than Aldi even! So if you need to spend some RR's milk might be a great option!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple Market 2/24-3/2

Here are the best prices I see. My goal is to find the BEST deals possible. I do that by comparing prices to the Aldi price because I believe that if you can beat the Aldi price or come close you know you are getting a GREAT DEAL!
  • Frozen split chicken breasts=.88/lb. (what a steal!)
  • Red Seedless grapes=$1.28/lb. (great price this time of season!)
  • 5lb. bag of Best Choice potatoes=$1.28/1 (great price!)
  • Tony's Frozen Pizzas=$2/1
  • Select Post cereal=$1.50/1 after in ad MF coupon (see front page of ad in store for details)... great price considering Aldi cereal is $1.69/1 and higher)
  • Pint of Blueberries=2.99/1 (okay price for the season)
  • 16 oz. Strawberries=2.99/1 (not the best, but this it what they usually are this time of the year)
  • 2lb. bag of Green Giant baby carrots=$2.50/1 (16 oz bags are only .99/1 at Aldi)
  • Delmonte Gold Pineapple=2.99/1
  • Kiwi=3/$1
  • Blue Bonnet Margarine=.50/1
10/$10 Sale
  • Hunts 26 oz. pasta sauce (26 oz Jars at Aldi are $1.09/1)
  • Martha Gooch pasta (same as Aldi price)
  • Best Choice saltines (same as Aldi price)
  • Powerade=15/$10 with in-ad MF coupon
  • Bar S smoked sausage or franks
  • Best choice biscuits
  • Best choice frozen veggies (Aldi price is .95/1)
  • Old Orchard frozen apple juice
  • Red Peppers
  • Avocados
  • Austin snack crackers 8 ct. pack
  • 10 ct 30gal BC trash bags
  • select varieties of apples=$1/lb.
If you see anything else that is a great deal be sure to let me know in the comment section! These deals are good for the Auburn apple Market and the Seabrook Apple Market. Other KS locations that this ad is good for are named here!

Be sure to check out the BeCentsAble Grocery Store by state list here if you are looking for another store!

Hy-Vee: 2/24-3/2

Below are the best items I see for the week. My goal here is to get you the best price possible! I compare prices to Aldi because I believe if you can beat or come close to the Aldi price you are getting a GREAT DEAL!
  • Oscar Mayer Wieners or Louis Rich Turkey Franks=$2/3 (get a $2 catalina back good on your next purchase making these only 2/$1 or .50/1)!
  • Dole Heads of lettuce=.59/1
  • Charmin Ultra 9 roll ct.=3.99/1 (use .25/1 coupon to get this for 3.74/1... needs to be 374 sq ft to be a good deal)
  • Dole Premium salad blends=b1g1 with prices at 2.48/1... so get these for only $1.24/1)
  • Kraft salad dressing=$1.99/1 (possible catalina with this... do at own risk and only goes until 2/28: Kraft Ranch and Italian Dressing: Buy any 2 and receive a $1 Catalina; Buy any 3 and receive a $2 Catalina; Buy any 4 and receive a $3 Catalina.
  • Hunts 26 oz. spagetti sauce=.97/1
  • select varieties of Hy-Vee cereal=$1.50/1 (Aldi price is $1.69 and higher)
  • Hy-Vee 3 ct. microwave popcorn=.67/1 with in ad coupon
  • Hormel always tender pork butt roast=.99/lb. (use $1/1 coupon to get a GREAT DEAL... I got a 6lb. one for $5 a few weeks back!)
  • Hy-Vee soy sauce=.89/1
  • Hy-Vee 1lb. bags of rice=.99/1 (same as Aldi price)
  • Hy-Vee 1lb. margarine quarters=$.59/1 (same as Aldi price)
  • Hy-Vee brand Kettle chips=$1.50/1
  • Midwest Country fair frozen veggies=.88/1 (beats Aldi price of .95/1)
  • Midwest Country Fair sugar=1.99/4lb. bag (Aldi price for 5lb. is $2.50 ish:)
  • Cheez its or kellogs fruit snacks=$1.67/1
  • Hy-Vee brand tortillas=.99/1 (same as Aldi price)
  • Hillshire Farm smoke sausage=$2/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get this for $1.50/1 a GREAT price!)
  • Suave body wash=$1.47/1 (use .75/2 coupon to get these for a little over $1)
  • Suave shampoo or conditioner=$1.47/1 (use $1/2 to get these for .97/1)
  • Barbosol shaving cream=.99/1 (this makes great bath fun for toddlers!)
  • Betty crocker fudge brownies=.99/1 (use .50/1 printable... can't remember where I got it to get these for only .49/box!)
Trix, Lucky Charms, Cocoa puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch=2.48/1 (use $1/3 coupons from recent inserts or
**GET FREE GALLON OF MILK when you buy 3 participating cereals**

  • Red ripe roma tomates=.88/1
  • Stemlit Pears=.88/lb.
  • Asparagus=$1.48/lb. ( this is the cheapest I have seen in a while)
  • 32 oz. baby carrots=1.88/1 (16 oz is .99/1 at Aldi)
  • Avacodos=$1/1
  • Sweet Read bell peppers=.88/1
Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue printing your coupons here! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

Dillons: 2/24-3/2

Here are the best deals I see for the week. My goal here is post the items that I think you can get for less than shopping at Aldi because if you can beat the Aldi price you know it is a GOOD DEAL! Some items don't beat the Aldi price, but still might be a great price if it is name brand.

Please remember that that I get credit when you use the coupon links I provide for printing and loading. You can print coupons here! You can also now load cellfire coupons to your Dillons/Kroger card here

**All prices with coupons assume the coupon has doubled**
Coupons mentioned are from SS, RP, GM or P&G coupon inserts from our local paper unless specified with a coupon link. To see which insert the coupon I mention came out of I recommend you visit this site here.


10/$10 Sale (means all items are only a $1 and you don't have to buy 10 to get this price but you can ONLY buy 10 of 1 item in 1 transaction.)
  • Oscar Mayer basic lunchables (if the NEW sub kind is included use .75/1 here to get this FREE!)
  • Hunt's Manwhich
  • 16 oz. Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dips (same as Aldi price for sour cream and dips)
  • 2o oz. simply potatoes
  • 12 ct. individual Kroger cheese singles (Aldi price for 16 ct is .79/1)
  • Select varieties of apples and pears =$1/1lb.
  • Pepsi 2-liters
  • Kroger fruit snacks or toaster pastries (I am not sure on the exact Aldi price for these)
  • Rice a Roni or pasta (use $1/3 to get these for only .66/1)
  • Hunt's snack pack pudding or gelatin
  • 15 oz. Armour chili with beans
  • Kroger canned fruit (I think Aldi price is around .88/can)
  • Hunts 26 oz. pasta sauce
  • American Beauty pasta (select varieties)... (same price as Aldi)
  • Kroger saltines (same as Aldi price)
  • Sobe Life water or juice (B1G1 FREE (IE) or (FF)
  • Kraft Easy Mac
  • Kroger fish sticks
  • GE 4 ct light bulbs
  • Arrid deodorant
  • VO5 or white rain hair care
Regular Deals:
  • Kroger 3lb. ground beef roll=$4.98/1 (or only $1.66/lb.)
  • Tyson fresh chicken breast tenders=B1G1 with prices starting at 3.98/lb.
  • Kroger butter quarters=$1.88/1 (Aldi price is 1.99/1 and higher)
  • Kroger 16 oz. blocks or shreds of cheese=$2.50/1 (that is like paying only $1.25 per 8 oz... beats Aldi price)
  • Hillshire rope or link smoked sausage=$2.50/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for only $2... beats Aldi price of $2.50/1)
  • Reach tooth brush=$1 (use $1/1 to get this FREE!)
  • Reach dental floss=$1 (use $1/1 coupon to get this FREE!)
  • Red Ripe Roma tomatoes=.99/lb.
  • Cantaloupe=$1.99/1
  • 1lb. bag of Kroger mini peeled carrots=$1.50/1 (Aldi price is .99/1)
  • Jumbo Delmonte pineapples=$2.99/1
Kellogs Deal! **Other Kroger stores (in other regions) are offering 2 free gallons of Milk... take note ours is ONLY OFFERING 1!!!**
**FREE MILK With Card **Buy 4 Boxes of Kellogg's or Keebler Products Selected Varieties 9-25.5 oz, Mix or Match, Get 1 Gallon of Milk FREE. All items must be purchased in same transaction. Choose from items below. Price is $2.50/1 for each product when 4 are purchsed...

Kellogs Cereal 12-25.5 oz (use $1/1 Smart Start from March All You, use $1.50/2 here or $1/2 here or $1/3 from 2/7 inserts)
Nutri-Grain Bars 10.4 oz (use $1/2 coupon)
Keebler Chips Deluxe or Sandies Cookies 9.5-18 oz
Town House or Club Crackers 9-16 oz Select Varieties (use $1/1 club crackers coupon from Parade magazine like 3 or 4 weeks back)

**There is also a catalia promotion attached to the Kellogs cereal: Buy any 3 and receive a $1 Catalina; Buy any 4 and receive a $3 Catalina; Buy any 5 and receive a $4 Catalina.
Participating products include: Frosted Flakes 10+ oz, Apple Jacks 10+ oz, Froot Loops 10+ oz, Corn Pops 10+ oz, Cocoa Krispies 10+ oz and Honey Smacks 10+ oz

Deal idea:
Buy 4 Participating cereals=$10
Use 2 $1.50/2 printable
Total OOP= $7 and you get a $3 catalina back... making it $4 for 4 boxes of cereal and 1 Gallon of Milk!

See more details about this promotion HERE!

If I missed something or you want to share a deal email me or comment... I would greatly appreciate it!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. See Hy-Vee deals here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Velveeta Beef Enchilada bake

I found this recipe in Dillons attached to a Velveeta coupon and thought I would give it a try since I have plenty of Velveeta and Rotel on hand from the Mega Event a few weeks back!

Velveeta Beef Enchilada Bake: Serves 6

1 lb. lean ground beef= 1.99 (I never pay more than 1.99/lb.)
1 can (14.75 oz.) cream-style corn=.49 (regular price at Aldi
1/2 lb. (8 oz.) VELVEETA Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product, cut into 1/2-inch cubes=.75 for me since I got 32 oz for 2.99)
6 corn tortillas (6 inch), cut in half=.50 (pkg of 12 was .99 at Hy-Vee)
1 can (10 oz.) RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, undrained=.49 (price when combined with Mega Event... I even got a few FREE after coupons!)

BROWN meat in large skillet; drain. Stir in corn and VELVEETA.
SPOON 1/3 of the meat mixture into 8-inch square baking dish; cover with 6 tortilla halves and 1/4 cup tomatoes. Repeat layers. Top with remaining meat mixture and tomatoes; cover.
BAKE 25 min. or until heated through.

This was super GOOD! And all together it only cost me $4.25 or only .71/serving!

New Cellfire Coupons

TODAY is the day that Cellfire is rolling out a new 2-week cycle of loadable coupons! Be sure to go HERE to load them! I have provided a list below of all available.

Remember once you load them you have 2 weeks to use them before they expire. I load most of them since I never know when I might be at the store and find something that is marked down!

BC Cookie Mix Save $.40
Save $0.40 when you buy any flavor 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker(r)
Cookie Mix.

BC Frosting Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy ONE TUB any flavor/variety Betty Crocker(r)

BC Fruit Snacks Save $.50 ** THERE IS A CATALINA FOR THESE**
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BOXES Betty Crocker(r) Fruit by the Foot(r),
Fruit Gushers(r), Fruit Roll-Ups(r) OR Fruit Roll-Ups(r) Fruit
Stickerz(r) Fruit Flavored Snacks.

BC Muffin Mix Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy any flavor/variety Betty Crocker(r) Box Muffin
Mix or Fiber One Box Muffin Mix.

BC Supreme Brownie Save $.75
Save $0.75 when you buy TWO any flavor Betty Crocker(r) Box Supreme
Brownie Mixes.

BC Warm Delights Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy ONE any flavor Betty Crocker(r) Warm Delights(r)
Bowls OR Betty Crocker(r) Warm Delights(r) Minis Bowls.

Chex Mix(r) or Snacks Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix(r) OR
Chex(r) 100 Calorie Snack.

Fiber One Muffin Mix Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy any flavor/variety Fiber One Box Muffin Mix.

Fiber One(r) Chewy Bar Save $.40
Save $0.40 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One(r) Chewy Bars or
Fiber One(r) 90 Calorie Chewy Bars.

Green Giant(r) veggie's Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO any variety Green Giant(r) Frozen Boxed

Hamburger Helper(r) Save $.75
Save $0.75 when you buy THREE any flavor Hamburger Helper(r), Tuna
Helper(r) OR Chicken Helper(r) Home Cooked Skillet Meals.

Honey Nut Cheerios Save $.55
Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX Honey Nut Cheerios(r) cereal.

NV Granola Bars Save $.40
Save $0.40 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley(r)
Granola Bars.

NV Granola Nut Clustrs Save $1
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE BAG any flavor Nature Valley(r) Granola Nut

PB Italian Meal Bred Save $.40
Save $0.40 when you buy any TWO Pillsbury(r) Italian Meal Breads
(Includes any Loaves, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, and Pizza Crust).

PB Sweet Rolls Save $.40
Save $0.40 when you buy any TWO Pillsbury(r) Sweet Rolls OR Grands!(r)
Sweet Rolls.

PB Toaster Strudel(r) Save $.55
Save $0.55 when you buy any TWO Pillsbury(r) Toaster Strudel(r)

Pillsbury(r) Savorings(r) Save $1
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO any flavor/variety Pillsbury(r) Savorings(r)

Reeses(r) Puffs(r) Save $.55
Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX Reeses(r) Puffs(r) cereal.

Yoplait Kids Zone Save $.80
Save $0.80 when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait(r) products listed: -
Yoplait(r) Go-GURT(r) Yogurt - Yoplait(r) Trix(r) Multipack Yogurt.

Yoplait(r) Cups Save $.50
Save $0.50 when you buy SIX any variety Yoplait(r) Yogurt cups OR any
flavor Yoplait(r) Original OR Light Smoothies.

Yoplait(r) Delights(tm) Save $1
Save $1.00 when you buy any flavor Yoplait(r) Delights Yogurt Multipack.

Yoplait(r) Fiber One(r) Save $1
Save $1.00 when you buy any flavor Yoplait(r) Fiber One(r) Yogurt

Any Biore Save $1
Save $1.00 when purchasing Biore products.

Fur Fighter Refills Save $1
Save $1 off Scotch Fur Fighter Refills for Upholstery.

Scotch Fur Fighter Save $4
Save $4 on a Scotch(tm) Fur Fighter(tm) Hair Remover Starter Kit.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well my menu didn't go as planned last week since we were all sick. I think we ate toast for like 3 days straight around here so my menu plan will likely look the same. I didn't even have to go to the store this week except for bread!

Sunday: Potato soup with homemade bread
Monday: Ham and Cheese stuff and puff , left over homemade bread
Tuesday: Pulled pork sandwiches, green valley potato and green bean steamer
Wednesday: Red beans and rice with fruit and veggies of some sort (I had enough from when I made this a few weeks ago that I froze it)
Thursday: Left overs or breakfast
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: not sure yet:)

I will post the recipe I wanted to last week tomorrow... it is yummy!

Catalina Issues?

Have you had catalina issues with Dillons or other stores? I am hearing of a few issues with catalinas not printing so I thought I would tell you what I know to be true first:
  • You can roll catalinas. Meaning you can use a catalina to pay for products that are offering the same catalina back.
  • There is not a "limit per card" rule. You can do a catalina deal as many times as you want.
  • The catalina machines can often be out of paper and a cashier doesn't realize it. So if you are expecting a catalina back kindly ask the cashier to make sure the machine is working/loaded with paper.
  • The catalina company will pull an offer w/0 notice even though it wasn't due to end because they feel the catalina offer is "to good of a deal" if coupled with a good sale... for example the current catalina deal for Purex is no longer working because the sale and catalina made for to good of a deal.
  • Managers and store employees often do not know why the catalina didn't print nor do they know about current offers.
If you have issue with a catalina not printing you can always call 1-888-8coupon, option 3 and they will help you. Every now and then you might get a manger or customer service rep that fix an issue in the store, but don't get all heated if they cant... just call the number I just posted.

Also if you would like to keep up to date with current catalina offers you can ad this post here to your favorites!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Chance

This is your last chance to load the current cellfire coupons before they start a new cycle Tuesday. They will expire 2 weeks from the date you load them!

You can load them HERE!

A FREE Swagbuck!

Search & Win

I read on if I entered code TerribleTwos958WW0 I would win 1 buck. So I entered it and I actually won 2 swagbucks to my surprise!!!

Just go to your swagbucks search and win page or use your tool bar and enter this code. If you don't do swagbucks yet then sign up here and get an automatic 3 bucks just for signing up and then be sure to enter this code for more!