Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Was A GOOD Morning!

Here are some of the items I found this morning... a few were in use by the time I was able to snap a picture:)

I have had a list of wants and needs for children that has been waiting for garage sale season. It was as follows:

Tricycle for Seth (not a need but a want)
3T summer pjs

4t winter pjs

3t/4t casual shirts for summer (5-6 would be good)

size 8-9 sandals for Seth

size 8-9 tennis shoes for Seth

I woke up this morning at 6:30, grabbed my coffee, did a quick check of my email, and out the door I went to meet my friend. We were hitting up the Sherwood garage sales early! Before I met her, I do what I usually do, that is to pray that God would supply what I needed. He knows my needs, He can see my list, and He definitely knows that I rely heavily on garage sales to meet a lot of our clothing/toy needs and wants.

It was kind of slow going at 1st. It seemed that every sale we came to had nothing but girls' clothes. Thankfully, that is what my friend was on the hunt for! At the last few sales we came to I hit the jack pot, finally!

All for $25 dollars this is what I found:
1 Men's K-state t-shirt=$1 (my hubby can always use these!)
1 Women's Old Navy Puffy Vest for $1 ( not a need, but for a $1 you can't pass that up when you are on a tight clothing budget:)
5 pairs of summer sandals ranging in size 8-9 for only $2
1 pair of regular shoes for Levi=$1
6 casual 3t-4t t-shirts in great condition (church wearing even) =$4
1 pair of jeans for Seth (good for playing outside)=$1
2 pairs of 4t winter jammies=$2
3 pairs of 3t summer jammies=$3
1 tot spot chair=$1 (now we have 2 so there will be no fighting when Levi is old enough:)

And my best find of the day: A Roadmaster tricycle in awesome condition for ONLY $10!

I love it when God provides what I need and throws in a want like the tricycle, also! It was a GREAT MORNING and it was so fun to share with a friend!

If you made it out this morning to any garage sale, I hope you found some great stuff too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hy-Vee: Oscar Mayer Bacon is a GOOD DEAL!

**BUMMER! I guess I was a little late on this... they are all gone!**

I totally missed this coupon for Oscar Mayer Bacon! Here is how to get Oscar Mayer Bacon for only $1 at Hy-Vee!

Oscar Mayer Bacon=$2.50/1
Use $1.50 printable coupon HERE

Final Price=$1!

You can't find this much cheaper!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sherwood Garage Sales

I guess the Sherwood Garage Sales are going on this weekend! Some start tomorrow, but I hear the best time to go is Saturday morning.

Happy bargain hunting!

New Coupons! has some great new coupons for print!

.50/1 Green Giant Steamers! (combined with a sale you can get these for .50 and under or FREE!)

.75/1 Ball Park Angus product (there will likely be some sales on these now that grilling season is here!)

$1/1 on Any four (4) Old Orchard frozen juice concentrates

.50/1 64 oz Old Orchard Juice Product

$1/2 Healthy Balance Reduced-Sugar Juice Cocktails

$1/2 Chiquita Smoothies

Digriono: $3 Off Coupon

Become a Digiorno Facebook fan and print a coupon for $3 off NEW Digiorno Pizza and breadsticks. Note: you can print the coupon without playing the game.

Thanks simplesavingsavvy!


Notice anything funny today? If you are from Topeka you should really check out Google's home close attention:)


Here are 2 FREEBIES to start your day!

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Thanks Mojo Savings!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apple Market 3/31-4/6

Here are the best prices I see. My goal is to find the BEST deals possible. I do that by comparing prices to the Aldi price because I believe that if you can beat the Aldi price or come close you know you are getting a GREAT DEAL!

All Prices below reflect Apple Market's double coupon policy. They double coupons that are .50 or less in value. Anything above .50 is NOT doubled!

Coupon Deals:

Wholly Guacamole=$1.99/1
Use $1/1 from 3/28 SS
Final Price=.99/1 (you would pay that just for the avocado!)

Birds Eye Frozen veggies (selected varieties)=.88/1
Use .50/2 steam fresh sides (included in sale) here
Final Price=.38/1

Folder's Coffee Big Cans=$5.88/1
Use $1/2 from 3/28 Red Plum Insert
Final Price= $5.38/1 (Aldi off brand price is $4.99/1)

Wesson Cooking Oil (48 oz.)=$2.99/1
Use .25/1 from 3/28 SS
Final Price=$2.49/1 (About the same as Aldi brand price)

Snuggle Fabric Softener=$3.99/1
Use $3/1 from 3/28 Red Plum
Final Price=.99

Non-Coupon Deals:
Super Trim Cook's whole ham=$1.28/lb.

Best Choice whipped topping=.78/1
Beats Aldi price of .99/1

Best Choice Cream Cheese (8 oz.)=.88/1
Beats Aldi price of .99/1

Best Choice Butter Quarters=$1.88/1
Beats Aldi regular price of $1.99/1 and up

Best Choice Flour (5lb. bag)=$1.48/1
Aldi price for theirs is around $1.30/5lb. bag

Best Choice Pecan Pieces of Halves (6 oz)=$2.99/1
Aldi price is this price or $2.50/1 I think

Betty Crocker Corn Muffin Mix=.33/1
About the same as Aldi brand price

Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows=.99/1
Aldi price is .78/1 I think

Mrs. Smiths Frozen pies or Cobblers=$2.98/1

Select Kraft Cheese=$1.68/1

10lb. Tube of Angus Beef=$1.98/lb.

Broccoli Crowns=.99/lb.

Sweet Potatoes=.69/lb.

Blackberries (5.6 oz)=$1.99

2lbs. Fresh Ripe Strawberries=$2.48/1... that is less than $1.50/lb.!

Fresh Pineapple=$1.88/1

Be sure to check out the BeCentsAble Grocery Store by state list here if you are looking for another store!

Hy-Vee 3/31-4/6

*Note: Hy-Vee has changed their coupon policy. You can read more on Hy-Vee's site here and Penny Pinchin Mom puts it in plain english here.

Below are the best items I see for the week. My goal here is to get you the best price possible! I compare prices to Aldi because I believe if you can beat or come close to the Aldi price you are getting a GREAT DEAL! That being said I don't post everything in the ad, just the stuff that is a good deal.

This is the LAST DAY for the March Savings Event at the Topeka Hy-Vee. See here for the Wednesday ONLY details!

Coupon Deals:
Lays Potato Chips (10-11oz selected varieties=1.77!
Use $1/1 *NEW* flavors coupon (if included in the sale) from 3/14 SS
Final Price=.77/1

Betty Crocker Cake Mix or Frosting=.89/1
Use .75/1 mix and frosting from 3/28 SS insert or .50/1 for frosting only from 2/7 GM insert
Final price=$1.03 for BOTH or only .39/1 for the frosting

Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour=$1.48/1
Use .75/1 that was available here 4 weeks ago
Note: Some bags at Hy-Vee have peelies.
Final Price=.73/1 (beats Aldi price of $1.29/bag)

Nestle Toll House Morsels=$1.69/1
Use $1/2 from 3/21 RP insert
Final Price=$1.19/1 (beats Aldi brand price of $1.49 and higher!)

C&H Cane Sugar (4lb. bag)=$1.88/1
Use .40/1 coupon from ?? or .50 that was available here
Final price=$1.38-$1.48/1 (beats Aldi brand price of $2.50 for 5lb bag)

Nabisco Snack Crackers=$1.88/1
Use $1/1 from 1/31 SS
Final Price=.88/1

Folgers Coffee (22 oz-34.5 oz varieties)=5.88/1
Use $1/2 from 3/28 RP insert
Final Price=$5.28/1 (Aldi price for their off brand is $4.99/1)

Dole Salad Blends or Ceaser Salad kits (7-12 oz)=$1.88/1
Use $1/2 from Apple Market Flyer
Final Price=$1.28/1

Oscar Mayer Bacon=$2.50/1
Use $1/2 from 3/21 SS
Final Price=$2/1 (beats ANY price!)

Life Savers Jellybeans=$1.99/1
Use $1/2 coupon here
Final Price=$1.49/1

Keebler Cookies=$1.99/1
Use $.55/1 cheesecake middles or $.55/2 other varieties from 3/7 RP insert
Final Price=$1.44-$1.72/1

Kellogg's Froot Loops 12.2 oz., Apple Jacks 12.5 oz., Corn Pops 12.5 oz. or Frosted Flakes 14 oz.=$1.88/1
Use $1/2 from 3/7 Red Plum
Final Price=$1.38/1

Oscar Mayer Fun Pack lunchables=$1.67/1
$1/1 lunch combo coupon from SS 3/21
Final Price=.67/1

Roberts Sour Cream or Dip=$1.18/1
Use .40/1 coupon (not sure which insert)
Final Price= .88/1 (beats Aldi price of .99/1)

Karo Corn Syrup, 16 oz= $2.27 (with on-line coupon)
Use .50/1 coupon 11/8 SS insert
Final Price=$1.77 (same as or beats Aldi price)

Giorgio Mushrooms (4 oz. cans)= .59/1 (with online coupon)

Coke 12 packs=4/$10 with in ad coupon

Special K Cereal, select varieties= $2.50/1
Use $1/1 or $2/2 coupons from 3/28 Red Plum
Final Price=$1.50/1

Stove Top Stuffing mix (selected varieties=.99/1
Use $1/2 coupon here
Final Price=.49/1 (beats Aldi brand price of .99/1)

Non-Coupon Deals:
Hillshire Farm Whole Bone in Ham (water added)=$1.79/lb.
Half ham=$1.89/lbBold.
Hy-Vee natural Cheese 8 oz bar=$1.67/1
( I think aldi price for their bars is $1.50/1)

Hy-Vee Whole Bone In Spiral Sliced Ham=$1.99/lb.

Hy-Vee cans of Broth (beef or chicken 14.5 oz)=.50/1
Same as Aldi brand price

Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin (3-3.9 oz)=.50/1

Hy-Vee Grade A premium Butter Basted Frozen Turkey=.79/lb.

Johnsonville Fresh Brats=$2.88/1

Roberts Orange Juice (1/2 gallon)=$1.58/1

Keebler Snack Crackers=$1.99/1
Good price or this brand

Hy-Vee canned fruit=.88/1
Same as Aldi price

Hy-Vee Thirsty Giant Paper towels (6 roll)=$2.99/1 or only .50/roll

Hy-Vee Bathroom Tissues (6 double roll)=$2.99/1
Needs to be 2.99 sq. ft. to be a good deal

Cool Whipped Topping=.88/1
Beats Aldi brand price of .99/1

Hy-Vee 1lb. butter blocks or sticks=$1.68/1 with in ad coupon
Beats Aldi brand price of 1.99/1 and higher

Hy-Vee More Fruit Cherry Pie Filling (21 oz)=$1.79/1
Beats Aldi brand price of $2.50/can

Hy-Vee flake coconut=.88/1
Beats Aldi brand price of .99/1

Van Camp's Pork and Beans=.50/1

Sun Maid Raisins (14 ct mini pack)=$1.68/1 with on-line coupon

Hy-Vee 11 oz. mandarin oranges=.50/1

Hy-Vee brand selected cereals=$1.68/1
About the same price as Aldi brand

Hy-Vee 16 oz. frozen sliced strawberries=$1.88/1

Hy-Vee 24 oz. Sour Cream=$1.58/1
Aldi price for only 16 oz is .99/1


Disney Clementines (5lb. box)=$5.99

Dole Celery Stalk=.59/1

Golden Cantaloupe=$1.88/1

Fresh Raspberries (6 oz)=$2.99/1

Blueberries (4.4 oz)=$2.99/1

Stemlit Pink Lady Apples=$1.18/1lb.

Pr0 Health Butter Russet or Sierra Rose potatoes (5lb. bag)=$1.78/1

Del Monte Gold Pineapple=$2.68/1

Red Radishes (1lb. bag)=.99

Golden Sweet Potatoes=.59/lb.

Tender Green Asparaguas=$1.99/lb.

Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots (1lb. bag)=.88/1
Beats Aldi price of .99/1 for their brand

Hy-Vee Cole Slaw (1lb. bag)=.99/1
Same as Aldi brand price

Hy-Vee Russet Potatoes (5lb. bag)=$1.18/1

Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue printing your coupons here! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

Dillons 3/31-4/6

Here are the best deals I see for the week. I only post the items that I think are a good deal and I determine this by considering the Aldi price.

For questions regarding Dillons or if you don't understand some of the terms I use then please read the Dillons FAQ page HERE! If you still have questions please email me and I would be happy to answer!!!

All prices posted assume the coupon has doubled and I use this site here in compiling the coupon dates. All other information, such as Aldi's price, is from my memory bank:)

**Reminder: Load your Cellfire coupons here!** You never know when you will need them!

Coupon Deals:

Gold Medal Flour (5lb. bag) - $1.88
Use .75/1 that was available here 3 weeks ago
Note: Some bags at Hy-Vee had peelies... look for peelies at Kroger too!
Final Price=$.88 (beats Aldi price of $1.29/!)

Farmland Roll or Link Sausage= B1G1 FREE with PSA starting at $3.29/1
Use any coupon from Farmland Mailer
Final Price=$1.29/1 or only .65/1

Farmland Bologna, Cotto Salami or P&P Loaf or Meat Hot Dogs - $1.00
Use any coupon from from Farmland Mailer
Final Price=FREE
Cook's Shank Half Ham - $1.29/lb.

Pillsbury Grand's Biscuits (8 ct)- $.98
Use .30/2 coupons here or from 1/3 GM insert or 3/7 SS
Get get a $2 catalina for purchasing 4, and $3 for purchasing 5 and a $4 catalina back for purchasing 6
Final Price= As low as .08 for 6 after coupons and catalina

I Can't Believe Its Not Butter 8-15 oz Select Varieties- .$98/1
Use .75/2 any product from 3/28 Red Plum
Use .60/1 sticks from 3/28 Red Plum if included
Final Price= FREE- .48/1

Lay's Potato Chips or Kettle Chips- $2.00
Use $1/1 any *NEW* variety if included from 3/14 Smart Source insert
Use $1/2 Kettle Cooked from 3/21 Smart Source insert
Final Price = $1.00- $1.50/1 (great price for this brand! Aldi price for chips starts at $1.29)\

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8oz) - $.98/1
Use .55/2 printable coupon IE or FF
Buy any 3 and receive a $.75 Catalina; Buy any 4 and receive a $1 Catalina; Buy any 5 and receive a $1.50 Catalina.
Final Price= Varies... but a great deal for sure!

Post Cereal 11-24 oz or Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 5-10 ct Select Varieties and - $2.50
Buy 4 SAVE $4.00 off your total. You can mix or match products. Limit 1 reward per transaction. See store for details.
Use $1/2 Post Cereal from 2/28 Smart Source
Use .75/2 Quaker Chew Granola Bars from 2/14 Red Plum
Final Price= $4 for 4 products after coupons and discount or only $1/per product

Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables Frozen 12-16 oz Select Varieties- $1.00
Use .50/2 steam fresh sides (included in sale) here
Final Price=.50/1

Kroger Frozen Vegetables Frozen 12-16 oz Select Varieties- $1.00
Use .60/3 coupon from Dillons recent Easter mailer
Final Price=.70/2 (beats Aldi price of .95/1)

Coffee- Mate Creamer (32 oz.) - $2.39/1
Use .75/1 coupon here
Final Price=$1.39/1 (beats Aldi off brand price of $1.99/1)

Folders Coffee (23-34.5 oz) - $5.99/1
Use $1/2 from 3/28 Red Plum Insert
Final Price= $5.49/1 (Aldi off brand price is $4.99/1)

Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom Soup - $1.00
Use $1/2 IP here
Final price= $.50/1 (beats Aldi price of .59/1 for their brand)

Coke 12pk/12oz cans, 8pk/12oz bottles or 6pk/24oz - 4/$12
When you buy 4 Coca-Cola products save $2 off your transaction. Limit 1 per card.
Final Price= 4/$10 ( good deal considering these are usually $4!)

Pepsi 12pk/12oz cans or 6pk/24oz bottles
- 4/$12
When you buy 4 Coca-Cola products save $2 off your transaction. Limit 1 per card.
Final Price= 4/$10 ( good deal considering these are usually $4!)

Non-Coupon Deals:

Cool Whip Topping- $.88/1
Beats Aldi price of .99/1 for their brand

Kroger Canned Pineapple 20 oz or Fruit 15-15.25 oz Can Select Varieties- $.88/1
Same as Aldi price

Marie Callender Pies Frozen Select Varieties 27-46 oz - $3.99

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dips (8 oz.) - $1.00
Same as Aldi regular price for sour cream or dips

Kroger Butter (1lb.) - $1.98/1
Same as Aldi brand price

Dillons Large Eggs (12 ct.) - $1.33/1
This is an okay price... Aldi is probably cheaper or about the same

Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $1.00
Aldi price is around .89/1 for their brand

Keebler Club 9-16 oz or Town House Crackers 9.9-16 oz - $1.88
Good Price for this brand

Kroger Value Sugar (4 lb.) - $1.88
Aldi price for a 5lb. bag has been around $2.50

Fresh Red Garnet Sweet Potatoes - $.49/lb.

Tri-Color Bell Peppers - $2.99
Aldi price for their packs are about $2.79

Del Monte Jumbo Gold Pineapple - $2.99

Kroger Idaho Russet Potatoes (5lb. bag) - $1.99

Fresh Tender Green Asparagus - $1.48/lb.

Please let me know if you catch something I missed by emailing me or leaving a comment!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering or found here or Money Saving's Mom list here.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FREE My Little Pony

Being a mom of boys I usually wouldn't care about this... but I do have a niece and I imagine some of you out there have little girls:)

Read HERE on how to get FREE My Little Ponies at Toys R Us tomorrow!

Cheesy Penne Bake Recipe

When I had Levi this summer my aunt made us this awesome pasta dish. She is an incredible cook and often makes things up so forgive me if this recipe isn't exact. This is what she told me she did. I have made this a few times myself and it is a hit!

Cheesy Penne Bake: Serves 6

1lb. Penne Pasta =FREE for me:) (I got this free at Dillons) or you can pay $1 at Aldi
1 8 oz bag of Mozzarella or Italian 5-cheese blend cheese=$1 or less if you coupon:)
1 4 oz tub of Gorgonzola cheese=$1.79/1 (Private selection brand price at Dillons... cheapest I have found)
1 cup of FRESH Parmesan cheese (I use the bagged kind and I have a stockpile of these in my freezer from Hy-Vee .99/1 sales!)=.50 (you can also buy a wedge from Dillons for like $4 and it will last FOREVER!)
1/4 tsp salt=pennies
2 tbsp. butter=pennies (maybe .20 cents)
2 tbsp. flour=pennies
1 c. milk=.25
Pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to pkg. directions and drain. Make a basic white sauce. See how to do that here. I then add in the Gorgonzola cheese and Italian cheese blend and let it melt into the sauce. I add in my pasta and coat evenly. I then transfer to an 11x8 baking dish (2 qt. will work also). I sprinkle the top with the Parmesan cheese. I bake at 350 for about 25 minutes or until bubbly.

Over all this costs me under $4 to make or only .67/serving.

Notes: I tend to make a little more sauce than called for... so I multiply the sauce recipe by .5 for a little extra. I also find that you can put bread crumbs or cracker crumbs on top with the Parmesan cheese and then put little dabs of butter just for extra flare:)

I'll post a pic after I make it tonight:)

Target: FREE 8x10 portrait

Target is offering up some new printable coupons good for Free 8×10 portraits. All expire 4/22. Perfect timing for Easter or Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

GO HERE to print and read the detail.

Thanks Mojo Savings!

Easter Freebies!

Here are some great Easter FREEBIES!

FaveCrafts - Hop into Spring: Easter Craft eBook

Two Free Easter Craft and Recipe eBooks: Hop into Spring featuring over 60 free Easter craft projects and 10 bonus Easter recipes. Get this HERE!

RecipeLion - 17 Excellent Easter Recipes Free eCookbook

Free Easter Cookbook - 17 Excellent Easter Recipes, featuring 28 pages of Easter recipes. Get this HERE!

Hy-Vee: Double Coupon Tuesday!

This is the LAST double coupon Tuesday! If you have liked this option at Hy-Vee be sure to let somebody know! Either talk to a manager or get on Hy-Vee's website and send an email. That is probably the only way we will keep it around!

Here are the best deals with coupons:
Birds Eye Frozen veggies=.88/1
Use .35/1
Final Price=.18/1

French's Mustard=$1.47/1 with on-line ad coupon
Use .50/1 from 3/21 SS or 1/24 SS
Final Price=.47/1

Dole Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges or Tropical fruit (15-20 oz.)=.99/1
Use .55/2 pineapple from 1/24 SS
Final price=.49/1

Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk=.88/1
Use .50/2 from 1/24 SS
Final price= .38/1

2lb. C&H brown or powdered sugar=$1.77/1
use .50/1 here
Final price=.77/1

The next 5 items are apart of CONAGRA promotion...see catalina details here!

Lipton Tea =$2.99
Use .75/2 from 3/28 Red Plum insert
Final Price=$1.99/1

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise = $2.99
Use .50/1 from 3/28 Red Plum
Final Price=$1.99/1

Skippy Peanut Butter=$1.48
Use .50/1 from 3/28 Red Plum
Final Price=$.48/1

Wish-Bone or Western Dressing = $1.77
Use $1.25/2 from 3/28 Red Plum insert
Use .75/1 here
Final Price= as low as .77/1

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spread or Butter= $1.99
Use .30/1 from 3/7
Final Price=$1.39/1

Don't forget about the Tuesday ONLY deals:
  • Dole Bananas=4lb./$1 (doesn't get much better than that!!!!)
  • Hy-Vee Cereals (tasteeos/Raisin Bran/Crispy Rice)=.99/1 (beats Aldi price of $1.69/1 and higher!)
See other great sales going on through Tuesday HERE and HERE!

Monday, March 29, 2010

March to Savings Round #3

I went to Dillons for the LAST time this week today! There were just a few deals to good to pass up and I noticed some new coupons in this weekend's inserts that came in handy for a few items!

After all was said and done I only spent $3.89 + tax for everything pictured after coupons and catalinas! Here is how I did it:

3 ziploc sandwich bags at 1.58/1=4.74
3 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes at 1.49/1 (cheaper than the original 1.69 posted price)=4.47
4 Grands biscuit at .88/1=3.52
2 Chex Mix at $1.50/1=$3
1 Diasy Sour cream at $1.88/1
1 Smart taste butter=2.49/1
4 Scotch Brite scrub sponges at $1/1=$4.00
1 Lady's Speed Stick=$1.50/1
1 Ken's salad dressing=1.99/1
1 loaf of bread marked down to .79/1
1 pkg. Kroger Value napkins=$1.11/1

Total before coupons and catalinas=29.49
-$4 for purchasing 8 items in March to Savings Event
-3 .40/1 Ziploc coupons
-2 .30/2 Grands coupons
-2 .40/1 BC potatoes coupons
-.25/1 BC potatoes coupon
-.50/1 Daisy coupons (from 3/28 inserts)
-$1/1 Smart taste butter coupon (hutch paper coupons that my grandma just mailed)
-$1/1 Ken's coupon (hutch paper coupons that my grandma just mailed)
2 .50/1 Chex mix coupons
2 .75/2 Scotch brite coupons
.50/1 Lady speed stick coupon (from 3/28 inserts)
- .50/1 Chex Mix from shortcuts X2
-.40/1 BC potatoes from cellfire and shortcuts
-.30/2 Grands shortcuts coupon
Received $2 Catalina for purchasing 3 ziplocks
Received $3 catalina for purchasing 3 BC potatoes
Received $2 catalina for purchasing 4 Grands biscuits

New total after coupons and catalinas=$3.89+ tax. I saved 85%!

New Coupons has a few new coupons to print:

.75/1 Jell-O Gelatin snacks

$1/1 Eight O'Clock Coffee

$1/1 Windex Multi Surface Cleaner

$1/2 Life Saver's Jelly Beans

Don't Forget we are also in a cycle of Cellfire coupons! Be sure to load the current coupons HERE!

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a week like any normal week but I somehow did not make what I had planned. With out realizing it I had enough on hand for 2 weeks worth of meals! It is weeks like these that make me realize all my hard work clipping coupons and deal shopping pays off! First I will tell you what my menu was last week:

Last Week:
Sunday: Meat Loaf, baked potatoes and green beans
Monday: Hot dogs with chips and guacamole
Tuesday: French toast with sausage and strawberries
Wednesday: Chicken and bacon quesadillas with chips and cheese dip and raw veggies
Thursday: Tacos with chips and cheese dip
Friday: BBQ Pork sandwiches with misc. sides
Saturday: I was out of town and the others ate with my parents

This week:
Sunday: Cheeseburger Rolls with mashed potatoes and corn
Monday: Chicken Tetrazzini, steamed broccoli and bread
Tuesday: Cheesy Penne Bake with salad
Wednesday: Biscuits and gravy with potatoes and fruit
Thursday: left overs
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies
Saturday: Not sure yet

I will post my recipe for what I am calling the Cheesy Penne bake tomorrow. I have so much FREE Ronzoni Pasta to use up I might just double the recipe and freeze some:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

CVS: Huggies Deal Just Got Better!

Huggies jumbo packs are on sale this week at CVS for 2/17.98 with 5 EB back. It is being reported that many people are getting a $2/$10 baby purchase CRT. Use that along with the $3/1 coupons HERE for a GREAT DEAL!
Final Price=4.98 for 2 jumbo packs of diapers!

Hy-Vee Conagra Deal

I posted about this last week, but like I suspected coupons for these items came out in today's Red Plum insert! Here are the prices again listed with coupon. I would wait until Tuesday for double coupons in Topeka!

Conagra Food Promo:

If you purchase the participating products below you will earn a $/$$ catalina! Details below:

Purchase $15.00 worth of select products and earn $5.00 off of your next purchase catalina
Purchase $20.00 worth of select products and earn $7.00 off of your next purchase catalina
Purchase $30.00 worth of select products and earn $10.00 off of your next purchase catalina
Purchase $40.00 worth of select products and earn $15.00 off of your next purchase catalina

Lipton Tea =$2.99
Use .75/2 from 3/28 Red Plum insert

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise = $2.99
Use .50/1 from 3/28 Red Plum

Skippy Peanut Butter=$1.48
Use .50/1 from 3/28 Red Plum

Wish-Bone or Western Dressing = $1.77
Use $1.25/2 from 3/28 Red Plum insert
Use .75/1 here

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spread or Butter= $1.99
Use .30/1 from 3/7

Bertolli Dinner for Two or Oven Bake Meals=$5.99
Use $1/1 from 3/14

Lipton Specialty Tea=$2.00

Knorr Side Dishes =$1.00
Less $1.00/3 printable coupon here (will need to register)

Ben & Jerry’s or Starbucks Ice Cream=$2.99
Use 1.00/1 IE or FF

More Dillons Deals

Tired of Dillons yet? Well don't get tired yet because there is another freebie, catalina and 3 day sale item to be had!

3-DAY SALE: (Sun, Mon, and Tuesday only)
Eggs= .98/dozen (great price!)

Chex Mix=$1.50/1
Use .50/1 here
Load .50/1 coupon here
Final Price=FREE!

Ziploc Catalina Offer:
Valid 3/18/10 – 4/28/10 | Ziploc Bags: Buy any 3 and receive a $2 Catalina.

PSA start at $1.58 at our stores

Buy 3 at $1.58/1=4.74
Use 3 .40/1 coupons from 3/21 SS (double to .80)
- $2 catalina
Final Price=.34 for 3 or only .11/1!

See all other Dillons deals for this week HERE... be sure to scroll through ALL of the posts because there are A LOT!