Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dillons FAQ

Here is a sum of what I know regarding Dillons and coupons. Let me know if you have questions or can think of something else you would like included. Thanks!

Dillons Plus Card:
This is their customer loyalty card. You don't have to have this card but if you want the sale price, the gas discount they offer, use e-coupons and if you want to receive the benefits of double coupons having this card is a must. You can get this card by going to the customer service counter at your store.


What kind do they take?
You are able to use manufacturers coupons at Dillons. These coupons can be found in the Sunday paper (for my region I recommend the KC star) or online at various sites. If there is a printable coupon available for a product I will provide the link. You can also use e-coupons at Dillons as well. E-coupons are manufacturer coupons also that are available from sites such as Cellfire and Shortcuts. These are coupons that can be downloaded directly to your Dillons plus card and are automatically taken off your total when you buy an item that has a corresponding coupon loaded to your card. Take note that after you down load coupons to your shoppers card it takes about 3 hours before that coupon is actually ready to be used.
Do they double coupons?
Yes, Dillons doubles ALL COUOPNS up to $1! This means that any coupon .50 or less is doubled in value. For all coupons .55 and over they are doubled to a $1. So if you have a .50 or higher coupon it is an automatic $1 off. For couons that are valued more than $1 what you see is what you get. So if it is a $1.25/1 coupon then you only get $1.25 off. They even double the coupons that say don't double/triple. Their computers do it automatically. They have no cap per transaction so you can use as many coupons per transaction as you wish.

What about expired coupons?
I do not recommend that you practice using expired coupons. It is important that we as couponers make sure the companies we are using them at are being treated fairly and ethically. When expired coupons are used we run the risk of cheating the company. In other words that company may not get reimbursed for the expired coupon used thus causing them to loose money and in return to us we don't see as many great deals! Now having said that I will tell you that many Dillons stores will gladly accept expired coupons 14 days past the expiration date. Simply check with your store before using expired coupons.

Catalinas are coupons that are printed from the machine next to the register. They are called catalina because that is the name of the company that prints them. These are also manufacturer coupons and if they are valued at less than a $1 they will double. You can read more about catalina coupons HERE!

Dillons specific coupons:
These are sent to you by Dillons. You should automatically receive these if you have a shopper's card. However many times this is not the case so you need to call the # on the back of your card and request to start receiving Dillons mailer coupons. You will get store coupons that are good only at Dillons and you will get manufacturer coupons as well.

Competitor Coupons:
Dillons does not accept other store coupons or Catalina coupons.

Remember it is a 1 to 1 ratio. You can only use 1 coupon per # of items state on the coupon. So if it is a $/1 coupon then you can use it on 1 item. If it is a $/2 coupon then you must purchase 2 items to use the coupon and you can not use another coupon on those 2 items.

Right Price Guarantee:
ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT! You should do this at every store but the great thing about Dillons is if an item you bought rang up higher than the posted price (pay attention to what you are paying) Dillons Customer Service will refund you the full amount of the product you bought. So in other words you end up getting that item FREE! If you bought more than one of a particular item and were mis-charged for all of them you will still get reimbursed the full amount for one and you will be refunded the difference on the others. I have saved so much money just by looking at my receipt!

Note: If you catch that the item was not rung up at the right price during the transaction then tell your cashier rather than waiting. It is just good ethics to do so.

Coupon Language:
If you are confused about a term I use please read my post here. If you questions isn't answered feel free to email me!


Joanna said...

The Dillons coupons that are mailed to you will not double, unfortunately.

Stephanie said...

Is there some way you can get the Kansas City Star coupons if you don't life in that area? I live in the Wichita area and always get frustrated that I don't get a lot of the coupons other get, esp the Red Plum ones.