Saturday, March 28, 2009

CVS Plan for 3/29

CVS has some good deals this week. I am going to post my MONEY MAKING plan and then link you to another site for all the details of other deals going on!

My Plan:
  • Buy 2 PAAS Easter egg coloring kits at 1.99/1=3.98 (FREE after ECB Mon. and Tues. only!)
  • 1 Accu-check diabetic monitor=9.99 (FREE after EB)
  • 2 Soft Soap Ensembles at 3.99/1=7.98 (get $4 EB wyb 2, FREE after 2 $2/1 coupons)
  • 2 Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara at $6.47/1 on sale BOGO=$6.47 (FREE after FREE coupon from April All You magazine)
  • 1 scrubbing bubbles action scrubber=2.99 (FREE after $1 CRT and $2.75/1 coupon here!)
-$5/$30 CRT that printed for me last week
- 2 $2/1 Soft soap ensembles coupons
-1 FREE Rimmel sexy curves Mascara coupon=-$6.47
-$1/1 scrubbing bubbles CRT
-$2.75/1 scrubbing bubbles coupon

New Total=$12.19, pay OOP with EB and get back 17.97 in EB= OVERAGE OF $5.78!!!

Be sure to see the rest of the weekly CVS deals here!

Walgreens: 4 Diet Pepsi 12 packs for FREE!!!

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) at Walgreens you can earn $3 in RR when you buy 4 12 packs of Diet Pepsi. If you have to right coupons you can actually get all 4 12 packs for FREE!!! Here is how:
  • Buy 4 12 packs=$12
  • Use B2G1 printable here=-$3.00
  • Use 3 $2/1 from the Pepsi Coupon Rebate
Total=$3.00 OOP and then you get $3 RR back=FREE!!!!

Be sure to see the rest of the Walgreens deals starting tomorrow here!

Dillard's: Kid's Day

Today from 11a.m.-6 p.m. Dillards is hosting a Kid's day event. Your child can have their pic taken in their Easter outfit, register to win an Easter basket and if they try on anything in the kid's department they can enter a drawing to win some great prizes!

So since we aren't quite snowed in yet it may be a great day to check out this event AND check out their clearance racks! I found I can save A LOT of money when I buy markdowns in the off season for the next year. More on that to come later this month:)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

This week's Super Savings

Here are some of the best deals I got this week at Dillons (Kroger):

Quaker Deal:
1 box of Quaker Oatmeal squares=2.50
1 box of Quaker to go cereal bars=2.50
2 boxes of Quaker chewy granola bars=$5.00 for both
-$4 off total for purchasing 4 participating Quaker items
-.50/1 Oatmeal squares=-$1 after coupon doubled
-.50/1 to go bars=-$1 after coupon doubled
-.75/2 chewy granola bars=-$1

New Total=$3 for all 4 boxes!!
UPDATE: Use 1/1 True Delights coupons and Life Cereal coupons here to get those for only .50/box!!!

Pillsbury Deal:
4 Pizza Crusts=$5
-$1 off total for purchasing 4
-1/1 coupon from Pillsbury mailer
-3 .40/1 coupons=-$2.20 after coupons doubled
-.50/1 shortcuts coupon
Total=.30 for all 4!!!

I also found 2 bags of apples marked down to .99/1, so I got 6 lb.s of apples for only $1.98!

Along with some other things I bought this week I ended up saving 54% off my total bill! I hope you are/were able to catch some great deals too before the snow hits! To see the rest of the deals you don't want to miss out on this week see my detailed post here!

Dillons: Bags of Lays for only .48/1

I was excited to receive my Pepsi Rebate coupons in the mail the other day! I got 5 $2/1 Pepsi 12 pack coupons, a $2/2 bags of Lays/Tostitos chips and a $3/2 for Lays/Tostitos chips. If you have received these coupons you can get 2 bags of Lays chips for only. 48/1 this weekend only!

As a part of a 3 day sale Lays chips are on sale for 1.98/bag (sale ends Saturday I think). Here is the deal:
  • Buy 2 bags=3.96
  • Use your $3/2 coupon
  • Total=.96 for 2 bags
That is only .48/bag!!! I can't remember off the top of my head the other 3 day sale items... sorry!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part IV to come next week

I had planned to post part IV in our series about Getting Control of the Grocery Bill today but it will have to wait until next week... sorry!

For now be sure to head on over the to see all the great happenings around Topeka this weekend including their FREE kick off event at Gage Park. You can see all the fun details here!

Have a great Thursday!

Dillons Markdowns

The Dillons at Huntoon and Washburn is doing some rearranging in the store. Because of this they have lots of markdowns to be had. This includes all genres of items! Many items are on end caps, including the cold and freezer sections. As well you may find some things in bins over by the Pharmacy counter.

I hope you find some good deals!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hy-Vee for 3/25-3/31

Here are the best deals I see for the week:

Regular deals:
  • Bone in pork should roaster=.99/lb.
  • Dole classic salad blends=.99/1 (same as Aldi brand)
  • Keebler, Sunshine, famous Amos cookies or crackers are 50% off (I don't know the starting price, let us know if you find out)
  • Kellogs cereal=5/$10 or $2/1 (Use .70/1 coupon to get a box for $1.30!)
  • Barilla pasta=.99/1
  • 5lb. bag of Hy-Vee flour=1.18/bag (beats Aldi price of 1.70)
  • Canned Butter Kernel veggies=.48/can (beats Aldi price of .49/can)
  • Hy-Vee brand 2 liters of soda=.59/1
  • Zip Loc stand up plastic bags (10, 15 or 20 ct.)=2/$1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these FREE!)
  • Hy-Vee 1lb. butter (sticks or block)=1.68 (beats Aldi price of 2.12/1)
  • Green Giant steamers=.88/1
  • Country Pride 2.5 lb. bags of frozen chicken breasts=4.99 (3lb. bags at Aldi are 6.25)
  • Yo-Plait individual yogurt=10/$5. When you buy 10 you get a $1 taken off at the register making these 10/$4 or only .40/1!!! (beats Aldi brand price of .43/1) Use .40/6 coupon to get an even better deal!
  • 4 qt. tub of Hy-Vee brand icecream=2.99 with in ad coupon
  • 24 oz. Hy-Vee cottage cheese=.99/1 with in ad coupon (beats Aldi price of 2.12)
  • Ken's Salad dressing=1.99/1 (use 1/1 coupon to get this for .99)
  • Duncan Hines cake mix=.88/1
  • Jumbo disney naval oragnes=.69/lb. (any produce under .99/lb is a good price)
  • Sweet yellow onions=.59/lb.
  • Roma tomatoes=.99/lb.
  • Stemlit, Fuji, or Cameo apples=.88/lb.
  • Black seedless grapes=1.48/lb ( great price!)
Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue using the widget found here. If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

See the weekly Dillons (Kroger) deals here and the Apple market deals here!

Dillons 3/25-3/31

It looks like Dillons (Kroger) is coming out with a host of "Kroger Value" items that are certainly competing with the Aldi price! Many items this week are a better price than Aldi so check it out!

If you are new to this blog please be sure to see my section in the side bar titled "Get Started Here" If you are looking for ways to trim your grocery bill be sure to read my series here or check out this offer here.

**All Prices with coupons assume the coupon doubled**

Regular Deals:
  • Sterling Silver fresh ground beef=1.77/lb.!!! (stock up at this price and read my post here about why buying this in a bigger package is a money saver!)
  • Kroger Value Bread white or wheat=.78/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • 8-14 oz. boxes of Kroger Value cereal=.99/1 (most Aldi cereal is priced at 1.60 and above but I am not sure of the box size)
  • Dillons Milk=2/$5 or $2.50/1 (Aldi milk price is usually around $2.30/gal.)
  • Banquet pot pies=3/$1 or .33/1 (beats Aldi off brand price of .49/1!)
  • Kroger Value salad dressing=.99/1 (beats Aldi price of 1.19!)
  • Kroger Value coffee 34.5 oz cans=4.99 (same price as Aldi brand)
  • 16 oz. Kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dips=$1 (beats Aldi price)
  • Kroger tortilla chips=$1/bag (same as Aldi price)
  • Peter Pan PB=1.99/1 (if your Dillons takes expired coupons (some confirm they do up to 2 weeks) you could use the .50/1 coupon you had to clip directly from the star back in Feb. to get this for only .99/1. The coupon expired the 15th.)
  • Oscar Meyer Deli lunch meat=4/$10 or $2.50/1. Use $1/2 coupons found near product in the store to get these for $2/1. (great price for this!)
  • Green seedless grapes=.88/lb.! (great price!!)
  • 10lb. bag of Kroger Value russet potatoes=3.99 (Aldi is the better buy this week with theirs on sale for only $1.99)
  • Ripe sweet cantaloup=1.59/1
  • Kroger value bags of fruit=2.99 (3lb of apples, 4lb. of oranges and 5lb. of grapfruit)
Exceptional Deals!:
  • Quaker instant or simple harvest oatmeal=2/$4. When you buy 2 you get $1 taken off your total making these 2/$3 or $1.50/1. Use $1/2 coupons here to get these for only $1/box! (beats any price!)
  • Pillsbury rolls, biscuits or Pizza crust=4/$5 When you buy 4 you get an automatic $1 taken off your total making these 4/$4. Use .40/1 coupons pizza crust to get these for only .20! You may also have .40/1 coupons for rolls too making these .20 also!
  • Quaker Cereal, chewy granola bars, true delights, bites, cookies or oatmeal to go are 4/$10. When you buy 4 you save an automatic $4 off your total making these 4/$6 or only $1.50/1. There are several coupons to use with this deal: $1/1 true delights making these only .50/box. .75/2 chewy granola bar coupons making these only $1/box. $1/2 Life cereal making these only $1/box. .50/1 oatmeal squares cereal making these only $1/box. PRETTY GOOD DEAL!
Be sure to visit this blog here for a great inexpensive meal idea based on these regular weekly sales!

If you see a good deal or coupon match up I missed please let me know in the comment section. If you have a question you can leave that in the comment section as well or use the e-mail me button at the top right hand corner of the page.

One great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget found here. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in t
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hese great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. See Hy-Vee deals here. Also be sure to visit Cara's blog here for the scoop on Apple Market deals!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hy-Vee Photo: .10 cent prints

It is honestly news to me that you can order online prints for Hy-Vee so I thought I would share this deal with you since I know many of you shop there and this might be of great convenience!

From now until 3/31 you can get prints for only .10 cents each. Click here to see more details and the code you need to enter.

Egg Salad Sandwiches Recipe and Price Breakdown

This is a very easy and quick recipe, not to mention cheap!

Egg Salad Sandwiches: Serves 4
  • 6 eggs hard boiled and chopped (regular price these days averages around 1.20/dozen so the price for 6= .60
  • 2-3 tablespoons of mayo=.25
  • 1 tsp. of mustard= pennies
  • 1/4 tsp. paparika=pennies
  • Salt and Pepper to taste=pennies
  • 1/2 cup green onions (if you prefer) (a bunch is .79 at Dillons and you will use maybe half the bunch=.40
  • 8 slices of bread (cost depends on type of bread you buy, we buy the .88 wheat bread at Dillons)= .35 for 8 slices
Mix all ingredients together, adjust for taste and place desired amount between 2 pieces of bread. I usually serve fruit and whole wheat crackers with these sandwiches.

Total cost for this meal= $1.60 or .40 per sandwich... pretty cheap!

New Cellfire Coupons

Below you will find these new coupons on that can be loaded to your Dillons (Kroger) card.
  • Save $.50 when you buy any flavor Pillsbury® Savorings Flaky Pastry Bites Save
  • Save $.75 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot®, Fruit Gushers®, Fruit Roll-Ups® OR Fruit Roll-Ups® Fruit Stickerz ®. Fruit
  • Save $.75 when you buy any flavor/variety Fiber One® Cereals.
  • Save $.45 when you buy any flavor 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix
  • Save $.55 when you buy Cheerios® cereal
  • Save $.60 when you buy any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix® OR Chex® 100 Calorie Snack
  • Save $.50 when you buy SIX any variety Yoplait® Yogurt cups (Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips!®) OR any flavor Yoplait® Original OR Light
  • Save $.80 when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait® products listed: Yoplait® Go-GURT® Yogurt - Yoplait® Kids Cup Yogurt - Yoplait® Trix® Multipack Yogurt.
  • Save $.50 when you buy any Pillsbury® Refrigerated Holiday Cookies OR Dough Sheets (excludes Create 'n Bake® Cookie Dough)
  • Save $1 when you buy any flavor Romano's Macaroni Grill® Restaurant Favorites Dinner Kit
  • Save $.25 on any ONE (1) 4-pack or Larger COTTONELLE® Toilet Paper.
  • Save $1.00 on any package of Huggies® Diapers
  • Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) KOTEX® Product.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for March 23rd

**Remember today is the LAST day to purchase this 17 e-book series containing A LOT of information on practical ways to cut your grocery bill along with menu planning ideas and recipes. Be sure to check it out here!**

Here is my $50/week plan:

Sunday: French toast, eggs, and strawberries
Monday: Hamburger potato bake, broccoli and crescent rolls
Tuesday: Red beans and rice, fruit
Wednesday: Egg salad sandwiches, carrot sticks, apple slices and crackers
Thursday: Grilled hot dogs, oven fries and green beans
Friday: Pizza and raw veggies
Saturday: Pot Luck with friends

I will post my very inexpensive recipe for egg salad sandwiches Tuesday. See you then!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target: 2 Shick Razors for only $1!!!

Here is a great deal you can do at Target this week:
  • Buy 1 Schick Intuition razor=6.99
  • Buy 1 Schick Quattro razor for women=6.99
  • Total=13.98
  • Use $4/1 schick Intuition razor from this weekends SS insert
  • Use $4/1 schick Quattro razor from this weekend's SS insert
Total=$5.98 and you get a $5 gift card back when you purchase 2 schick razors. You only pay $1 for 2 razors or only .50/1!!!!