Saturday, July 26, 2008

CVS for the week of July 27

If you got a 5/30 coupon it will be a great week for you! Even if you didn't there are still ways to come out ahead of the game so to speak. Here are the best items I see so far:
  • Kodak DVD's are 9.99 (get 9.99 EB back= FREE!) I hear that there were possibly 3/1 coupons found by Kodak machines during the free photo book week. I also hear that you can use a 2/10 CVS coupon on these. So you could get 2-5$ overage on these! These are limit 3.
  • Revlon Limited Edition make-up items are 9.99 (get back 9.99 EB=FREE!) use a 2/1 Revlon item coupon found in recent inserts and get $2 overage! These are limit 1.
  • Bandaid brand bandaids are 2.99 (get back 2EB). Use 1/1 coupon found in recent inserts to get these FREE! I am not sure on the limit of these.
My Deal plan if I had a 5/30...
2 Kodak DVD's=19.98
1 Revlon item=9.99
1 bandaid=2.99
-2/10 CVS purchase coupon
-2/1 Revlon coupon
-1/1 bandaid coupon
=22.96+ tax and get back 31.97 in EB! That is a profit of 9EB! If you have a 3/1 Kodak coupon that is a 12EB profit!
note: The management at our Topeka CVS has said they will take CVS expired coupons. So you if you didn't get to use your 5/30 yesterday you can use it today. Even if you choose to not use this or don't have one you will still profit in EBs!

Now since I am not so lucky to have a 5/30 here is what I will be doing:
1 Kodak DVD=9.99
1 Revlon time=9.99
1 bandaid item=2.99
1 package of Charmin toilet paper=5.49 ( we are in need!)
-2/10 CVS purchase coupon
-2/1 Revlon coupon
-1/1 bandaid coupon
-.25/1 Charmin coupon
=23.21 + tax and I will get back 21.98 in EB, so I will "burn/loose" 1.5 EBs... not too shabby I say!

Don't forget to check out other great CVS deal scenario's here!

Free Admission

That's right there is FREE admission to the Shawnee county Fair that continues today. It is being held at the Expo Center. We are especially excited since we discovered last weekend that our son is a big fan of farm animals. He saw many farm animals last weekend on our trip and especially loved the goats! So we are going to take him to this free event today! Have a great Saturday and I will be sure to have my CVS post up later tonight or early tomorrow morning...looks like a good week! Below is a picture of our son with the goats last weekend, which he referred to as "ba bas" We have some work to do in the animal sound department:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Free diapers AGAIN!

I know many of you have had trouble doing the Walgreens diaper deal because of the "pharmacy coupon" Many Walgreens stopped giving them out or they would take them away from you at the register. Well I have good news: you don't need that coupon to get the diapers FREE this time! For today (25th) and tomorrow (26th) the July Easy Saver and the August Easy Saver over-lap. This means you can use coupons from both Easy Savers for today and tomorrow ONLY. The August Easy Saver has the same $5 off the purchase 2 diapers coupon as the July Easy Saver and this week they are spitting out the $5 catalina coupons when you buy 3 packages.

So here is what you do. First make sure you have a July Easy Saver. Second go here to print the coupon from the August Easy Saver, or you can find it on Many stores don't put out these booklets until Sunday even though they start today. Third, do this deal:

Buy 3 packages of Walgreens brand jumbo diapers marked at 5.99/1
-July Easy Saver coupon of 5/2 (because you are buying 3 packages it will take a total of 7.50 off- 2.50/per pack of diaper
-August Easy Saver coupon of 5/2 (this coupon works the same way as the July)
so combined this will take 15.00 off your total
=2.97+ tax.
I paid 4.31 OOP on my gift card this morning and then got back a $5/next order catalina. This means I actually made .69 cents!

If you still have the pharmacy coupon you could try using it too, however since this thing has been so controversial I just wouldn't.

Happy diaper shopping! Make sure you visit here to see what deals others were able to score this week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Dillons Deals!

Here is what I got a Dillons today. I will call this round 1 since I am sure I will go back for more!

Deal #1
3 Frank's red hot sauce at 1.50/1=4.50
2 Cattleman's BBQ sauce at 1.67/1=3.34 (these are still apart of the deal, just not the $1 items)
4 Betty crocker cookies mixes at 1.50/1=6.00
1 Welches Grape juice at 2.50/1=2.50
Total before coupons=16.34
-5/total (mega event deal)
-3.00 (3 .50/1 franks hot sauce coupons doubled to $1.00)
-2.00 (2 .50/1 cattleman's BBQ sauce coupons doubled to $1.00)
-4.00 (4 .50/1 betty crocker cookie mix coupons doubled to $1.00)
- 2.00 (1 2/1 welches coupon)
=.34 + tax!

Deal #2
4 Daisy sour creams at 1.50/1=6.00
3 Sargento 2 cup bags of cheese at 2.00/1=6.00
1 speed stick deoderant at 1.50/1=1.50
2 Betty crocker mini delights at 2.00=4.00
total before coupons=17.50
-5/total (mega event deal)
-2.80 (4 .35/1 daisy sour cream coupons doubled to .70/1)
-1.00 (1/1 speed stick coupon)
-2.00 (2 .55/1 betty crocker coupons doubled to $1.00)
-.55/1 betty crocker coupon from
=6.15 + tax!

I also bought:
10 40ct. Huggies wipes=10.00 (I used 10 .50/1 coupons doubled to 1/1 to get all these FREE!)
1 gallon of milk on MS for 1.39

The total spent on all of this was $10.41. My receipt says that between store coupons and manufacturer coupons I saved $60.93, that is 88%

Happy couponing!

Hy-Vee July 23rd-July 29

Here are the deals at Hy-Vee this week. As always please let me know if I missed anything
  • Peaches and nectarines are .99/1b. !!!
  • Pillsbury classic brownie mixes are .99/1
  • Hy-Vee ground coffee is 4.99/34 oz can
  • Pears are .99/lb.
  • Dole Classic salad mixes are .99/1
  • Mangos are 2/1
  • Hy-Vee 8 oz. cream cheese is .99/1 (same as Aldi)
  • 73% lean ground beef rolls are 1.39/lb.
  • Honey Suckle ground Turkey is 1.99/lb. (1lb. rolls of turkey are .99/1 at Aldi)
  • Delux thin sliced turkey breast from the deli is 2.99/lb.
  • Midwest county fare frozen veggies are .77/bag
  • Hy-Vee 8 oz. tub of sour cream is .48/1
  • Hy-Vee bagels are 1.18/bag
  • Hy-Vee 12 oz. cottage cheese are .88/1
  • Dannon yogurts are 10/5- use coupons from recent inserts to get these for less!
  • Zucchini or gold bar squash is .99/lb.
  • Green cabbage is .44/lb.
  • Cucumbers are 2/1 (they were .59/1 at Aldi this week)
These are the best deals I see. Looks like a great week for produce at Hy-Vee, but be sure to check out Dillons this week for their Mega Event!

Dillons- The Mega Event is Back!!!

If you are new to couponing and don't know what this mega event is you will want to be sure to not miss it. Last time this big sale came around I was able to get $145 worth of stuff for only $22- that totally works for me!! For those of you who know what I am talking about the items in this sale are different from last time and they have unfortunately eliminated the .50 category:( The likelihood of saving as much this time is slim, but we are still saving right!? I am not going to re-invent the wheel on this one since this great blogger here already listed out the deals and prices to go along with it. She is so awesome that she even links you to printable coupons too! I will be sure to post my "deal plan" at some point, but for now have fun coming up with your own based on the coupons you have and be sure to share if you want too!

A quick re-cap of how the sale works. There are 4 categories: $1.00 items, 1.5o items, 2.00 items and 2.50 items. These are the prices IF you buy 10 items. You can mix and match items from all 4 categories but you have to make sure you buy 10 ITEMS! When you purchase 10 items you will get an automatic $5 off your total making these items the advertised price. You can do this deal 3 times in 1 transaction, meaning you can buy up to 30 of these items at a time. You must buy these in quantities of 10. If you try to do this deal 4 times or more (40 items) in 1 transaction you will not get the $5 off for 4th deal you do. So ONLY do this deal 3 times in 1 transaction! Be sure to focus on the $1 category as there are some FREE items to be had if you have enough coupons!

Here are the other deals I see:
  • Kroger cheese- 1.68/2 cup bag or 8 oz. bar
  • Sterling silver ground beef/buffalo and Honey Suckle 93% lean ground turkey is 30% off and prices start at 3.29. (probably not a great deal, but if you like these brands it will probably be worth it)
  • Cantaloupes are BIGI and prices start at 3.49- good deal!
  • USDA choice cuts of beef are 40% off
  • Sunny D is 10/10
  • Huggies 16-40 ct pack of wipes (travel size) are 10/10. If you get the Huggies mailer they do not specify a size on these .50/1 coupons, once doubled to $1 these are FREE!
These are the best deals I see this week. Be sure to alert us to any other deals you find or share your "deal plan" for the big mega event if you so desire!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My CVS Trip

I posted my original plan here... I usually always come away with something I didn't plan. Here are the 2 transactions I did last night:

1 24/7 skin item= 15.99 (get back 5 EB wyb 1)
2 trident extra gum packs 1.49 (BIGI free)=1.49 for both packs (get back 1 EB wyb 2)
1 CVS baby wash item=2.00- 2/1 CVS skin care coupon=FREE
Total before coupons=19.48
-3/15 cvs coupon (our cvs takes expired CVS coupons)
-10/1 24/7 skin care crt
-2/1 cvs skin care coupon
Used 3.99 in EB and paid .53 OOP and got back 6EB! I actually could have gotten the trident free had I brought my BIGI coupon I got in Sunday's paper, but I forgot it:(

4 12 packs of Pepsi=11 (get 3 EB wyb 4) -2/1 coupon=9.00
2 Loreal V Pro shampoo/conditioner- BIGI cvs promotion= 4.99 for 2
1 CVS baby care item=2.00
-3/15 CVS coupon
-2/1 Pepsi coupon
-BIGI Loreal coupon (4.99- making them both FREE)
-2/1 CVS skin care coupon
=6.00 + tax
Used 6 EB and paid .52 OOP and got back 3 EB

So for the night I ended up only "burning" 1 EB for all that!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Only in Johnson City...

Can you see one heck of a turtle race! We visited my husband's family this past weekend and had a great time! I will be back up posting later this evening or tomorrow morning- depends on how much energy I have! I hope you all had a great weekend and scored some great deals at CVS this week!