Saturday, May 23, 2009


Here is my CVS plan for the week. Be sure to check out these posts here and here for full details! Be sure to note that some of these prices with EBs back are good SUNDAY AND MONDAY ONLY!

My Plan:
  • Buy 2 packs of band-aids at 2.99/1=5.98 (get 4 EB back)
  • Buy 1 box of Playtex tampons=3.99 (get 3 EB back)
  • Buy 1 Colgate total advanced=2.99 (get 2 EB back)
  • Buy 1 Clearasil face wash=3.99 (get 3.99 in EB back)
  • Buy 1 Revlon Nail color=3.99 (get 3 EB back)
  • Buy 2 Speed Stick pros at 3.99/1=7.98 (get 7.98 EB back)
  • 1 roll of paper towels=1.19
  • -$5/30 CVS purchase coupon (printed for me last week at coupon scanner)
  • -2 $1/1 band-aid coupons
  • -$1/1 Playtex coupon
  • -$1.50/1 Colgate coupon (from March All you)
  • -$1/1 Revlon coupon
Total OOP=$19.61 and I will get back $23.97 In EB= OVERAGE OF OVER $4!!!

Memorial Day Sales

Common Sense with Money has a great list of Memorial Day sales going on this weekend. You can read about them here!

If you are looking for the best baby buys of the weekend (like me:) then you will want to be sure to check out Baby Cheapskate's post here!

Have a great weekend and check back later for the hot CVS deals of the week!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dillons: Kraft Mac and Cheese Deal

I have been informed that there is currently a catalina for Kraft Delux Mac and Cheese or Velveeta Shells and cheese.  When you buy 2 you get a catalina back for $1 off your next purchase! Considering we have access to some great Kraft printables here is a deal you can do:
  • Buy 2 Kraft Delux Mac and Cheese or Velveeta shells and cheese currently priced at $1.65/1=$3.30
  • Use 2 $1/1 coupons found here
You will pay $1.30 OOP  and get back a catalina good for $1 off your next purchase making these boxes only .15/1!!  I don't think you can beat that!

Thanks Laura!


Did you take advantage of the Huggies diaper deal at Dillons (Kroger) this week yet? If not read about here. Below is a summary of my HUGE SAVINGS!

Transaction 1:
  • 2 Jumbo packs of Huggies size 2 diapers (48 in a pack) at 8.99/1=17.98
  • -Instant $3 off for purchasing $15 worth of Huggies
  • -2 $3/1 any jumbo pack coupons=-$6 (got these from recent mailer)
  • -$3/2 coupon (Monday was the last day to load this)
Total for 2 jumbo packs=$5.98, submit for .75 per pack rebate to Cargiver's market place for an actual total of $4.48 or only .05 cents a diaper!!!

Transaction 2:
  • 2 jumbo packs of Huggies size 5 diapers (30 in a pack) at 8.99/1=17.98
  • -Instant $3 off for purchasing $15 worth of Huggies
  • -2 $3/1 any jumbo pack coupons=-$6 (my mom got these in a recent mailer and gave them to me)
  • -$1.50/1 coupon
Total for 2 jumbo packs=$7.48, submit for .75 per pack rebate to Caregiver's Marketplace for an actual total of $5.98 or only .10 cents a diaper!!!

Transaction 3:
  • 2 packages of pull-ups (2t-3t, 29 count pack) at 8.99/1=17.98
  • -Instant $3 off or purchasing $15 worth of Huggies
  • -2 $3/1 coupons from previous coupon inserts=-$6
  • -2 $2/1 coupons
Total for 2 packs=$4.98, submit for .75 per pack rebate to Caregiver's Marketplace for an actual total of $3.48 or only .06 cents per pull-up!

That is a savings of 75%!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Save Money on Clothing

Over at today (be sure to stop by over there!) I republished my Gymboree post from earlier in the week as a way to show how you can pay very little for high quality clothing.

Another way I have found that we pay very little for quality clothing is by ordering gift cards to certain stores through the program. When you use a gift card that is less that comes out of your own pocket. This past year I have paid a total of only about $10 out of my own pocket for over $100 worth of clothing at Children's place by using gift cards and taking advantage of coupons along with 50% off clearance sales. You can do this at other stores too!

To learn more about the Mypoints program and how it has benefited me be sure to visit my post here! If already know about it and haven't joined then be to visit the link below!
Join MyPoints NOW!

Happy Thursday!

Hy-Vee: FREE Oscar Mayer Hot dogs!

A HUGE thanks to a great friend for pointing this out to me!

If you recently received your Kraft Food and Family Magazine you should have some Kraft coupons inside. One of those coupons is for $1/1 Oscar Mayer hot dogs.

This week at Hy-Vee Oscar Mayer hot dogs are only $1 so use this coupon to get them FREE!


Arby's has now started their own "Happier Hour". Starting now every day from 7 p.m. until closing time you can get half price drinks and shakes!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hy-Vee 5/20-5/26

It looks like this week at Hy-Vee is a great week to use all those Kraft printables! Be sure to check your local ad for price matches!

Weekly Deals:
  • Lays chips=BIGI with prices at 3.99 so this would make them 1.99/1 (Dillons has the better price of 1.88/1 this week)
  • Oscar Mayer hot dogs and bologna are .99/1 (use $1/2 coupons here for both items and get them for only .50/1, or use $1/2 hot dogs coupons from recent inserts)
  • 1lb. rolls of 85% lean ground beef=1.79/1 (same price for fresh ground beef at Dillons this week)
  • Van camp's pork and beans=2/.88 or .44/1 (beats Dillons price of .50/1 this week)
  • 4lb. bag of Midwest County Fair sugar=1.48/1 (5lb. bag at Aldi is 2.29/1)
  • Purex 32 load laundry detergent=2.48/1
  • 24 oz. midwest county fair cottage cheese=1.19/1 (beats Aldi price of 1.99/1)
  • Nabisco crackers=2/$4 (print $1/1 wheat thin and triscuit crackers here! to get these for 1/$1)
  • Corn King 4lb. boneless ham=4.99/1 with in ad coupon (great price for this... these are 1.99/lb. at Aldi)
  • Kraft singles=1.49/1 (use $1/2 coupon here to get each pack for only .99/1)
  • 2lb. blocks of Velveeta=4.49/1 (use $1/1 coupon here to get this for only 3.49/1 (same as Aldi off brand)
  • Kraft Miracle whip or Mayo=2.48/1 (use $1/1 coupon here or from previous inserts to get this for only 1.48/1 (same price as Dillons and Aldi off brand is 1.69/1 or higher)
  • Kraft Natural cheese shreds or bars=2/$4 (use $1/2 coupon here to get these for only $1.50/1)
  • Kraft Salad dressing=1.88/1 (use 1/1 coupons here to get these for .88/1 or $1.50 coupons from recent inserts to get these for only .38/1 (you can actually get these cheaper at Dillons this week)
  • Hy-Vee fresh bagels=10/10
  • Frozen minute made lemonade or limeade=10/10
  • Fresh bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins=10/10
  • Right Guard deodorant=$10/10 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for only .50/1!)
  • Hunts 26 oz. can of spaghetti sauce=10/$10
  • Hy-Vee brand pretzels=.99/1
  • Hy-Vee marshmallows=.88/1
  • 4lb. tub of Driscoll strawberries=4.99/1
  • Fresh green beans=.99/lb.
  • Mangos=3/$2
  • Fresh sweet corn=4/$1
  • Whole seedless watermelon=3.49/1 with in ad coupon
  • Hy-vee garden salad=10/10
As always if you see a deal or coupon match up I missed be sure to let us know in the comment section.

Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue printing your coupons here! If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

Dillons 5/20-5/26

Below are what I consider the best buys for the week at Dillons (there are even some FREEBIES!!!). Our ad says these deals are good at our Topeka store only. Be sure to compare your local ad to ours because you may have the same things on sale, just at a different price.

One great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons here! You can also now load cellfire coupons to your Dillons/Kroger card here!

**All prices with coupons assume the coupon has doubled**
Coupons mentioned are from SS, RP, GM or P&G coupon inserts from our local paper unless specified with a coupon link. To see which insert the coupon I mention came out of I recommend you visit this site here.

All Deals:
  • Sterling Silver fresh gound beef=1.79/lb. ( stock up price!!!)
  • Lay's chips=1.88/1 (great price for lays!)
  • Red Ripe seedless watermelon=3.99/1 (avg. weight is 15lbs on these!)
  • Dillons milk=2/$5 or $2.50/1 gallon (Aldi price is anywhere from $2.30-$2.40/1)
  • 64 oz. Minute Maid juice mixes=.99/1
  • 8 oz. shreds of Kroger cheese=1.48/1 (Aldi price is 2.49/12 oz so Kroger deals is better this week... stock up!)
  • Both Pepsi and Coke 12 packs are on sale 4/$12.50. WYB 4 you get 1 FREE making them 5/12.50 or $2.50/12 pack!
  • Kroger value pack chicken drumsticks or thighs=1.19/lb.
  • Kroger Value whole chicken fryers=.98/lb.
  • Oscar Meyer original, jumbo or bun length hot dogs=2/$3 or $1.50/1 (Use $1/2 coupon here or from previous inserts to get these for $1/1)
  • Bar-S hot dogs=$1/1
  • Kraft Miracle whip or Mayo=2.49/1 (use 1/1 coupon here or from recent inserts to get this for 1.49/1 (beats Aldi off brand price of 1.69/1!)
  • Hellman's mayo=2.49/1 (use .60/1 cellfire coupon to get this for 1.89/1)
  • Betty Crocker Suddenly salads=2/$3 (use .50/2 coupon from recent inserts along with .35/1 cellfire coupon to get both for $1.65/2 or .83/1)
  • Van Camp pork and beans=2/$1 (great deal for these!)
  • French's mustard=1.49/1 (use .75/1 coupons to get this for .49/1!)
  • Kraft Salad dressing=1.69/1 (use 1.50/1 coupons from recent inserts to get these for only .19/1 or use $1/1 coupons here to get this for only .69/1!!)
  • Weber grilling spices=$1/1 (use .50/1 to get this FREE!)
  • Kroger tortilla chips=10/$10 (same as Aldi price)
  • Colgate toothpaste=10/$10 (use .75/1 coupons to get this FREE!)
  • Reach toothbrush or floss=10/$10 (use $1/1 tb coupons to get this FREE and .50/1 floss coupons to get that FREE!)
  • Kroger dips, sour cream and cottage cheese=$10/10 (about the same as Aldi price)
  • Kroger frozen veggies=$10/10 (Aldi price is .95/1)
  • Kroger delux pints of ice cream or frozen novelties are 10/$10
  • Fast Fixin chicken=$10/10
Be sure to visit Amy's blog here for a great inexpensive meal idea based on these regular weekly sales!

I have no doubt that I missed something this week being as the more pregnant I get, the less high functioning my brain is :) If you see a good deal or coupon match up I missed please let me know in the comment section. If you have a question you can leave that in the comment section as well or use the e-mail me button at the top right hand corner of the page.

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. See Hy-Vee deals here.

Dillons: Huggies Diaper Deal

Right now through the 30th of this month Dillons (Kroger) has a great Huggies promotion going on! When you buy $15 worth of Huggies products you will get $3 taken of your total instantly (only once per transaction).

Huggies jumbo packs of diapers or pull-ups are priced at 8.99. Here are a few ways to maximize your savings on this deal:

Idea #1:
  • Buy 2 jumbo packs of diapers at 8.99=17.98
  • -$3 instant coupon for buying $15 worth of Huggies
  • Use loaded $3/2 coupon (Monday was your last chance to do this)
  • Use $3/2 coupon from recent mailers or 2 $1.50/1 coupons from previous inserts or take survey here to print $2/1 coupons
Total=$7.98- $8.98 for 2 packs of diapers or only $4.00-$4.50/1!!! (depending on which coupons you use) To sweeten this deal make sure you turn in your receipt to Caregiver's Marklet place to receive .75 per pack of diapers purchased. This would make these packs only $3.25- $3.75/1 after rebate!

Idea #2:
  • Buy packs of pull-ups at 8.99/1=17.98
  • -$3 off instant coupon for purchasing $15 worth of products
  • -2 $2/1 Pull-up coupons from mailers or recent coupon inserts
  • -$2/1 coupon from (I actually have 2 loaded to my card)
Total= $6.98-$8.98 for 2 packs or only $3.50-$4.50 per pack!!! (depends on how many coupons you have). You can also submit these to Caregiver's marketplace for a .75 per pack rebate making the final total after rebate $2.75-$3.75 per pack!

Note: If you are a new subscriber to Huggies you may have gotton $3/1 any pack coupons in the mail recently. Be sure to use these to sweeten you deal further!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreens: $5/25 coupon

Go here to read about using a $5/$25 purchase coupon at Walgreens Wednesday and Thursday only!

Also as a side note I have heard many reports from friends and have been told myself that we are not able to get rain checks for RR items at Walgreens. Both cashier and managers alike have been giving out this information. I called customer service today to verify that this was correct and it is NOT! The customer service person told me that Walgreens is able to issue rain checks for RR items. I am currently awaiting a call back to find out how I can resolve this issue for myself.

If you were unable to get a rain check or for an item I recommend calling customer service and finding out how you are able to get one. You can find the number on the back of your receipt.

New Cellfire Coupons

The NEW cycle of cellfire coupons will be released today! Be sure to go here to load them to your Dillons (Kroger) card. To insure that you don't miss out on any of them you can always just load them all at once. You are allowed to have 50 coupons loaded to your card at 1 time and once they expire they are automatically deleted from your card! Happy loading! Here is a list of what is available to load:

Lucky Charms Cereal Save $0.55
Save $0.55 when you buy Lucky Charms cereal

Chex Mix or Snack Save $0.60
Save $0.60 when you buy any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack

Knorr Sides Save $0.75 on 2
Save $0.75 when you purchase any (2) Two Knorr Sides product

Best Foods Save $0.60
Save $0.60 when you purchase any (1) One Best Foods product

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Save $0.75
Save $0.75 when you buy TWO any flavor Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes

Nature Valley Bars Save $0.55
Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Bars

Banana Nut Cheerios Save $0.75
Save $0.75 when you buy Banana Nut Cheerios cereal

Yoplait Save $0.50
Save $0.50 when you buy SIX any variety Yoplait Yogurt cups (Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips!) OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Save $0.35
Save $0.35 when you buy any flavor Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mix

Hellmann's Save $0.60
Save $0.60 when you purchase any (1) One Hellmann's product

Hamburger Helper Save $0.50
Save $0.50 when you buy any flavor Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Save $0.50
Save $0.50 when you buy any Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries

Yoplait Kids Save $0.80
Save $0.80 when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait products listed: - Yoplait Go-GURT Yogurt - Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt - Yoplait Kids Yogurt Drink - Yoplait

Vaseline Lotions Save $1
Save $1 when you purchase any (1) One 200ml or larger Vaseline hand and body lotion

Big Sale!

Heritage Christian School (housed in Northland Christian Church) will be having a HUGE sale starting tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th and continuing until Friday the 22nd. The sale starts at 7 a.m. every day and ends at 6 p.m.

There will be anything available that typically is at a garage sale plus some reading books and curriculum!

I hope you find some good bargains!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Chance

Just a reminder that today is your LAST chance to save the current coupons to your card that are redeemable until June 1st! A new cycle of coupons will come out tomorrow and you will no longer be able to load the coupons from this current cycle. So if there were coupons you didn't want to miss out on click here and load them!

Also, if you are need of diapers or want to stock up at a good price it looks like in our Wed. ad for Dillons we will be able to purchase $15 worth of Huggies products and get $3 off our total (details here)! Be sure to load your Huggies coupon from here and print your $3/1 naturals coupon here in the event that these are apart of the deal!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a list of all the newest coupons!

Menu Plan Monday

Would you believe those homemade chicken nuggets still haven't gotten made!? Well if you know me well this is no surprise since I am in procrastination mode at this point being so tired! Here is my $50/week plan for the week:

Monday: Homeade chicken nuggets/mashed potatoes/veggie
Tuesday: Enchilada pie/corn chips/fruit
Wednesday: breakfast for dinner... will probably include cinnamon rolls, yum!
Thursday: My boys are on their own since I will be having dinner with some friends
Friday: Hubby gone... so I don't know yet:)
Satuday: Pizza and raw veggies

There you have it. I might post a BBQ recipe tomorrow since there is so much FREE Kraft BBQ sauce to be had:) See you then!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First Gymboree Experience!

Being the frugal shopper I am I had never once considered stepping foot into a Gymboree store knowing that I would never be able to pay their prices. After some coaxing from a few good friends I braved that store today and would you believe I saved 85%!!!!

If you remember this past week I posted about how it is Gym bucks earning time and that this weekend only you could use a 30% off coupon as well! I was so excited to see 50% off racks just for boys when I walked in and quickly began finding winter clothing items I knew I would eventually need for the little boy I am having in June.

Although the I items I found were a GREAT price I just couldn't handle the thought of spending $50 up front to get my $25 back in Gym bucks. I knew deep down the clothing I would be purchasing was quality and the prices were too good to be true, but my extreme frugality took over. I even put my stuff back and walked to my car because I just didn't think I could do it!

So I did what any woman does and I called a friend, I was in need of a serious pep talk! After this great pep talk I dragged my 36 week pregnant body back into the mall to take a "step of faith" and just purchase the clothes! Boy was I glad I did. Here is a break down of what I got:
  • 2 sweaters originally marked 32.50 on sale for 3.99 each=7.98
  • 1 sweater originally marked at 19.50 on sale for 6.99
  • 1 long sleeveld button down originally marked at 24.75 on sale for 7.99
  • 1 long sleeved collared shirt originally marked at 22.75 on sale for 3.99
  • 1 pair of overalls originally marked at 29.50 on sale for 3.99
  • 1 pair of overalls originally makred at 29.75 on sale for 6.99
  • 2 long sleeved 1 piece outfits both marked at 24.75 on sale for 7.99 each=15.98
  • 1 romper oringally marked at 29.75 on sale for 8.99
  • 2 sets of 2 pairs of socks originally marked 8.75/1 on sale for 2.99 each=5.98
  • 1 summer hat (for next summer) orginally marked 12.50 on sale for 2.50
The original total for all of this would have been $333.00. On sale all of this totaled just 71.05. It gets better...

I also used a 30% off coupon to bring my final total to ONLY $51.30 + tax and I got $25 in Gymbucks back to spend in July on a $50 purchase! The extreme frugality in me can definately handle 85% savings! The prices I paid are prices I have seen on USED Gymboree clothing at garage sales... can you tell I am proud of myself:)

In conclusion, I would say that the savings I had at Gymboree today will likely be my big savings for the week considering Walgreens and CVS don't have as much as usual.