Thursday, May 21, 2009

Save Money on Clothing

Over at today (be sure to stop by over there!) I republished my Gymboree post from earlier in the week as a way to show how you can pay very little for high quality clothing.

Another way I have found that we pay very little for quality clothing is by ordering gift cards to certain stores through the program. When you use a gift card that is less that comes out of your own pocket. This past year I have paid a total of only about $10 out of my own pocket for over $100 worth of clothing at Children's place by using gift cards and taking advantage of coupons along with 50% off clearance sales. You can do this at other stores too!

To learn more about the Mypoints program and how it has benefited me be sure to visit my post here! If already know about it and haven't joined then be to visit the link below!
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Happy Thursday!

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