Saturday, February 14, 2009


This month at Walgreens the Revlon Creme Lip Gloss is FAR. This week Revlon Lip colors are BOGO at Walgreens. Here is how to work this deal:
  • Buy 2 Revlon Creme Lip Gloss (FAR item)=$20
  • -Walgreesn BOGO sale=-$10
  • Use 2 2/1 Revlon color coupons=-$4
  • Total OOP=$6.00
Submit for ESR rebate #4 and get $10 back. This turns out to be a $4 MONEYMAKER!

See other Walgreens deals for the week here!

CVS 2/15

There are not a lot of deals this week, but you can score some free Suave and Herbal Essence products if you have the right coupons!

Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste 4 oz =$2.99, limit 2
Get back $2.99 in EB=FREE
Use 1/1 coupon or .75/1 coupon= $1 or .75 cent MONEYMAKER!

Suave body wash 12 oz, shampoo, conditioner 12-22.5 oz or styler 9-11 oz =$2
Get back $2 in EB when you purchase $6 worth (3 products), limit 5
  • Deal Idea
  • Buy 3=$6
  • Use FREE Suave product coupon (had to sign up for this)
  • Use 1/2 coupon
  • =$3 and you get back $2 in EB
  • =$1 for all 3 or only .33/1!!!!
Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze razor 1 ct= $7.99, limit 1
Get back $4 in EB
Use 4/1 coupon from Feb P&G=FREE!

Aussie or Herbal Essences Shampoo, conditioner 10.1-13.5 oz or styler 5-16oz= $2.99
Get back $1 in EB
  • Deal Idea:
  • Buy 2 Herbal essences products=5.98
  • Use $3/2 coupon from Feb. P&G
  • =2.98, and you get back $2 in EB
  • =.99 for both or .48/1!
My Plan:
  • 2 Colgate toothpastes=5.98
  • 3 Suave products=$6
  • 2 Herbal Essence products=5.98
  • 1 Gillette Fusion Razor=7.99
  • -2 1/1 Colgate coupons
  • - FREE suave product coupon=-$2
  • -1/2 suave couponBold
  • -3/2 Herbal Essence coupon
  • -4/1 Gillette Fusion coupon
New total=13.95 and I will get back $13.98 in EB!!! This is actually a .03 cent MONEY MAKING PLAN!

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Daytona Savings!

I did another round for the Daytona savings at Dillons (Kroger) where you get $3 off your total when you buy 3 participating items. Here is what I got:
  • 2 boxes of pizza rolls=2.50
  • 4 cans of Manwhich=4.00
  • 2 packages of Dillons brand buns=2.00
  • 1 can of Pillsbury grand's biscuits=1.49
  • 1 Totinos pizza=1.25
Total before coupons=11.24
  • -$3 off purchase for purchasing 10 items
  • - 2 .35/1 pizza rolls coupons=-1.40
  • -2 .55/1 Manwhich coupons=-$2.00
  • -1/1 Pillsbury coupon (came from their mailer)
  • -.50/1 cellfire coupon for Pillsbury grands
Total after coupons=$3.34 a savings of 70%!!!

Some other great buys for the day:

2 4 ct. Packs of cottonelle=1.98
-2 .50/1 coupons=-$2
- 2 .25/1 coupons=-.50
=OVERAGE of .52 cents!

2 Yoplait kids yogurts=$4.00
-2 .50/1 coupons=-$2
-.75/1 coupon
=1.25 for 2 or .63/1!!!

1 box of Multi grain cheerios=1.67
-.50/1 coupon=-$1
-.75/1 coupon

2 1lb. rolls of farmland sausage=$3.00
-2 1/1 coupons from Farmland mailer
=$1.00 for 2 or .50/1!!!

My total savings for the day after all other things bought was around 75%!!!

Hy-Vee: Today only deals!

Here are a few of the deals you may not want to miss out on. They are this price for TODAY ONLY!
  • Midwest county fair 4 qt. pail of ice cream=2.88
  • Hy-Vee brand cereal=.99/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • 3 lb. roll of 80% lean ground beef=4.77 or 1.59/lb.!
  • Dole Iceberg lettuce=.69/1
  • Ramen noodles=.13/1
  • 3lb. bag of Pilgram's pride chicken breast=4.99 ( beats Aldi price!)
  • Hy-Vee 4 stick ct. pack of butter=1.48 (beats Aldi price!)
There are a few others but these were the best I saw!

Also if you would like a frugal little date for lunch or dinner they are offering a nice price on their Chinese food:

2 Entree Chinese Meal
Two 7 oz. entrees, fried rice, one appetizer and fortune cookie= ONLY $3.99!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FREE Glade Update

Earlier in the week I sent you to this post here to learn about getting FREE Glade Sense and Sprays at Walgreens. The price on this blog says they are 9.99. Our Topeka Walgreens stores have them on sale for 8.99! Here is how it will work:
  • Buy 2 Glade Sense and Sprays at 8.99/1=17.98
  • - BIGI coupon=-8.99
  • -4/1 MF coupon from last weekends inserts=-4
Total OOP=4.99+ tax. You can turn these both in for ESR #28 and get back $6. This is actually a $1 MONEYMAKER!

Shutterfly: 15 FREE prints!

You have from now until Feb. 16th (Monday) to get 15 FREE PRINTS from Shutterfly! Just enter the code PRINTS in your shopping cart!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hy-Vee 2/11-2/17

Here are the Hy-Vee deals for the week. Take special note of the FRIDAY the 13th ONLY DEALS! My goal in this post and the Dillons (Kroger) post is to post the BEST/CHEAPEST price of an item. I am usually looking to beat the Aldi price since that is supposed to be lowest priced grocery store.
  • Hy-Vee brand mac and cheese=.29/1 ( I think this is the Aldi price also?)
  • Green seedless grapes=.97/lb.!!
  • Hy-Vee whole chicken=.59/lb.
  • Disney Jumbo naval oranges=.69/lb. (great price!)
  • Vine ripe tomatoes=.68/lb.! (great price!)
  • Hy-Vee shredded cheese=4/$5 or 1.25/1 (Beats any price!)
  • Hy-Vee sliced bacon=1.99/1 (close to or beats Aldi price!)
  • Butter Kernal veggies=.48/can (beats Aldi price of .49/can)
  • Midwest County Fair 4 lb. bag of sugar=1.69/1
  • Hy-Vee 12 oz cottage cheese=.79/1 (Aldi price for .24 oz=2.12, so Hy-Vee is the better deal!)
  • Midwest county fair 4 ct. pail of ice cream=2.88
  • Hy-Vee brand cereal=.99/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • 3 lb. roll of 80% lean ground beef=4.77 or 1.59/lb.! (Friday the 13th ONLY!)
  • Dole Iceberg lettuce=.69/1 (Friday the 13th ONLY!)
  • Ramen noodles=.13/1 (Friday the 13th ONLY!)
In-ad coupons
  • 2 lb. bags of Midwest county fair brown or powdered sugar=.99/1
  • Hy-Vee Garden salad=.69/1
  • Hy-Vee 8 oz. sour cream=.48/1 (good price!)
Remember the best way to support this blog besides your readership is to continue using the widget found here. If you would like to see deals at other grocery stores be sure to visit the BeCentsAble Grocery Gathering here!

See the weekly Dillons (Kroger) deals here and the Apple market deals here!

Dillons 2/11-2/17

GREAT NEWS!! The Daytona Savings Event is still going on! First here are the other deals for the week:
  • Cottonelle TP is always .99/4 ct pack. Print .50/1 coupon here to get this FREE!
  • Fresh Ground beef=1.99/lb. ( I always stock up at this price!)
  • Dillons Eggs=3/$4 or 1.33/1 (Same as Aldi price)
  • Hot Pockets=1.59 (there have been 1/1 catalinas printing making these .59/1!)
  • General Mills Cereal=1.67/1 (load certain cereal coupons from or cellfire .com and combine with coupons on certain cereals here to get these for .17/1 or FREE depending on which coupons you have!)
  • 7-Up and Sunkist 12 packs=2.75/1 when you buy 4. Use 1/2 coupons found on the cases to get these for 2.25/1
  • Kroger Value white or wheat bread=.88/1 (beats the Aldi wheat price of 1.19/1!!!)
  • Kroger brand tortilla chips=.99/1 (same as Aldi)
  • Kroger instant oatmeal=1.33/1 (beats the Aldi price!)
  • Farmland hotdogs or 1 lb. rolls of breakfast sausage=2/3 or 1.50/1. Use any coupons from Farmland coupon mailer to get these for .50/1!!
  • Fresh salad or leaf lettuce=10/$10 or 1/$1 ( you don't have to buy 10 to get the $1 price!)
  • Big Bag fruit sale: 4 and 5 lb. bags of apples and oranges are on sale for 2.99!
8 hour sale, FEB 12th 4p.m.-MIDNIGHT!
  • Red seedless grapes=.88/lb.!
  • Doritos=1.88/1
  • Private selection ice cream=2.38/1
  • Motts Apple juic=1.18/1
Daytona Sale:
Buy any 10 participating items and get an automatic $3 off your total. Prices posted will be the price after your $3 has been taken off your total. (TAKE NOTE THERE ARE NEW ITEMS ADDED TO THE LIST!)

  • Dillons hamburger or hot dog buns=.70/1 (beats Aldi price!)
  • Manwhich sloppy joe sauce=.70/1 (use .50/2 coupon to get these for .20!)
  • Big Boxes of GM cereal=2.33/1 (load certain cereal coupons from or cellfire .com and combine with coupons on certain cereals here to get these for a great deal!
  • Gatorade sports drink=.70/1
  • Betty Crocker muffin or brownie mix=2.08/1. Use .75/2 brownie mix coupon combined with .75/1 cellfire coupon to get 2 for 1.03/1!
  • Pizza rolls and Totinos pizza=.95/1. Use .35/1 Pizza rolls coupons from inserts to get these for .25/1!
  • Banquet Entrees=.58/1
  • Chef Boyardee Pasta, selected varities=.58/1. Use .35/3 coupon to get 3 for 1.04 or .35/1!
  • Coke 12 packs=3.33. Use 1/1 coupons you can print from redeeming points at to get these for 2.33
  • Breyer's icecream or Klondike frozen treats=3.19/1
  • Kroger american individual sliced cheese=1.69/1
  • Ritz crackers=2.38/1 Use 1/2 coupon found on tear pads in some stores to get these for 1.88/1
  • Ragu Pasta sauce=1.42/1. Use .75/2 coupon to get thee for .92/1
  • Kroger big cans of coffee=5.19/1 (Aldi price is 4.99 for their brand)
  • Pillsbury grand's biscuits=1.19/1 Print 1/2 coupon here and load a .50/1 coupon here to get 2 for .44/1!!!)
  • Purex laundry detergent=3.19/1
  • Kroger Salad dressing=1.19/1 (Same price as Aldi) You can load a .75/1 coupon at cellfire to get this for .44!
  • Kellog's poptarts(12ct. pack)=2.69/1 Use 1/1 coupon found on some packages to get them for 1.69/1
  • Betty Crocker fruit snacks=1.58/1 See my post here about how to make overage on these or get them for .28/box!!!
I am sure there are more qualifying products that you will see in the store not listed in the ad. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know of any other great deals!

*Don't forget our Dillons double coupons up to a $1. If you are not sure on your store's policy ask a manager. If you are not sure what "doubling coupons" means please be sure to read here!*

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walgreens: FREE GLADE!

Don't miss how to get FREE Glade sense and sprays at Walgreens! You can see all details here!

Recipe: Chili Cheese Fritos

This is my version of Chili Cheese Fritos. It is actually called Creamed Tacos.

Creamed Tacos: Serves 6 (maybe more)
  • 2 cans of Chili w/o bean=1.19 each at Aldi=2.38
  • 2 cans of Rotel (I got these on sale for .38/1 a week ago)=.76 cents
  • 2 cans of Pinto Beans (I use the BIG can at Aldi=2 cans)=.99
  • 1/2 pint of whipping cream=1.00
  • 1/2 pound of Velveeta cheese (I got a 2 pound block for 3.49 a week a go)=.87
  • 1 bag of Friots (I used off brand at Aldi=.99
Bring chili, rotel and pinto beans to a boil in a dutch oven pan or something big:) Turn down heat and add whipping cream and Velveeta and stir until Velveeta melts in.

You can either dish this up and then add the Fritos or dish it over the Fritos... whatever you like best!

Total for this meal=6.99 or 1.17/per serving!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu plan Monday for Feb. 9th

Well this week looks similar to last week b/c last week I changed my mind on a few happens with those pregnancy cravings! My budget is $50/week and this includes all food for the week.

Sunday: Husband's 30th b-day so I splurged! We had homeade lasgna/ceasar salad/and garlic bread... it was SOOOOO good!
Monday: Frito Chili Pie/apple slices
Tuesday: Potato Soup/corn bread/fruit
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Cheeseburger rolls/green beans
Friday: My hubby and I have a date out! Thank goodness for MyPoints gift cards!
Saturday: pizza/raw veggies.

I will post the recipe to my version of Frito Chili Pie tomorrow. See you then!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peter Pan PB coupon

In today's KC star on the last page of the 1st section there is a .50/1 coupon for Peter Pan peanut butter! I wanted to make sure nobody missed it... I almost did!

Walgreens Trip

I did 2 transactions at Walgreens today:

1 Fusion Gamer Razor=8.99
-4/1 couopn from today's P&G insert
Total=5.66 (after tax) and I got a $6 RR back= overage of .36 cents!

2 Scrubbing bubbles wipes=$5
2 Windex wipes=$5
1 Dawn dish soap=.99 (after in -ad coupon)
1 3 ct pack of Trident gum=1.50 (after in-ad coupon) (this was a needed filler)
-$6 RR from previous transaction (always use these FIRST!)
-3/2 Scrubbing bubbles coupon
-2 1.50/1 windex coupons=-$3
.50/1 Dawn coupon (from a mailer I got a while ago)
Total=-.01 plus tax=.92 cents!!!

I will get back $4 for ESR #30 for buying the Scrubbing bubbles and Windex and I will also get back $5.00 in MIR for the Windex. The MIR is 1 per household ($2.50 per bottle) so what I did is I asked for 2 receipts and I will send in one from my address and 1 from moms (with her permission of course).

Total for the day=overage of $3.50!!!

***Remember at Walgreens you always give coupons in this order: RR first, MF coupons second and Walgreens ES or in-ad coupons last!