Friday, May 23, 2008

Doubling Coupons

Dillons is the only store that I am aware of around here (Topeka) that "doubles" coupons.  They double coupons everyday!  This is their policy.  Sometimes you will see a coupon that says "not subject to doubling or tripling", Dillons still doubles them anyway.  

The policy for Dillons is that they double every coupon up to a $1.00.  So for instance a .25 coupon is doubled to .50, and a .30 coupon is doubled to .60 cents off and so forth.  For coupons that are higher than .50 cents off such as a .60/1 coupons this is "doubled" to a $1.00 meaning Dillon's will add on the other .40 cents off.   Often at the bottom of your receipt you can see how your coupons scanned.  For example I used a .55/1 coupon and at the bottom of my receipt is looks like this :

MC Scanned coupon .55-c
SC Multiplied coupon .45-c

So for a .75/1 coupon, Dillons will give you another .25 cents off to make it a 1.00.  If you have a coupon that is for a $1 or more off that is all the discount you will get.  They do not double beyond $1.00.  As for tripling coupons, I have yet to see our Dillons stores do this, so we can cross that bridge when the time comes.

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