Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Purpose

I have always wanted to start a blog but never knew what to write about.  Every week I tend to email some friends and tell them the best grocery buys at surrounding stores.  So this week I decided to create a blog that anybody could look at so no one would miss out.  My goal with this blog is to post mainly about current Dillon's and Hyvee deals.  The add runs from Wednesday- Tuesday every week.  My goal will be to post every Wednesday on what I think are the best buys.  I usually base what I think is a best buy on what I know to be the best price I have ever paid (usually at Aldi)  I know that Walmart does frequently have lower prices, however I make a it a goal to not have to go there.  It is a store that has business that overwhelms me to my max.

The deals I post probably run for surrounding areas as well, such as Manhattan and Lawrence. Their adds tend to be the same.

So it looks like I finally have something to blog about!  I hope you benefit from this and it becomes a blessing to your grocery budget!


Sean said...

For the newbies can you please explain how the double day coupons work at Dillons? Plus are you just referring to the coupons in the flyer that comes out every Wednesday or is there somewhere else to get coupons for Dillons? Thanks for all of this great work Shannon!

Shannon said...

I went ahead and created a side bar with a few articles explaining this stuff... hope it helps!