Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hy-Vee 5/14-5/20

I wasn't so sure about this new Hy-Vee coming to Topeka because I knew they did not double coupons (one of my favorite aspects of Dillons)  This week however, I am impressed.  While Hy-Vee may not double coupons, they have prices on items I have never seen so low!  So here it goes:

  • Dole Broccoli Bunch 1.18/1  (these used to be .99/1 at Aldi, but I have not seen that price in a while)
  • Birds Eye Frozen Veggies .88/1  use 1$/2 coupon to make these .38/bag or a 1$/3 coupon to make these .55/bag (these were printable a few weeks back)  
  • Hyvee Chicken Breasts are 1.99/lb
  • Dannon Light and Fit plus yogurt 4 pack 2/4- use 1/1 coupon to make these 1/pack!
  • Yo Plait yo plus yogurt 4 pack 2/4- use 1/1 coupon to make these 1/pack!
  • Duncan Hines cake mix is on sale .88/1 and DH frosting is 1.38/1  Buy both and use the .75/1 cake mix and frosting coupon to get both for 1.51 
  • Hy-Vee 12 oz. cottage cheese is .98/1 (note:  24 oz of this at Aldi usually runs for over 2$)
  • Hy-Vee 80z. sour cream is 2/1 
  • Green Peppers are 2/1 (note: Great deal!)
  • Dole ice berg lettuce is .79/1  (Aldi usually runs this price too)
  • Blackberries are 1.88/5.6 oz container (I don't think I have seen them this cheap- only if they are manager special because they are getting ready to go bad)
  • Ball Park Franks are 2/3 (Best Deal I have seen)  Now combine coupons and get the best deal ever!  Go here to get 1/1 coupons make these .50/1!
  • Fast Fixin Chicken 10/10 (same deal as Dillons- check this post for the coupons that make these FREE!)
  • Health Choice meals 10/10 with in-add coupon- go here for 1/2 coupons making them .50/1!!!  There were also coupons in the paper a few weeks back with 1/2 coupons
  • Ziplock bags are 2/3- use 1/2 coupon to make them 2/2 ( good price for quality bags!)
  • Pillsbury Brownie Mixes 10/10
  • Hyvee Catsup is .97/1 (Aldi's runs .99/1)
  • Ben and Jerry's ice cream pints are 2/5- go here for 1/2 coupon making them 2/1!  (note these usually run 2.50-3.50 at most stores)
Please feel free to comment on other good deals you noticed and ones I may have missed!

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