Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free Sample of Enfamil!

Click on the side widget to print out your coupon for a free sample of Enfamil formula! You obtain this free sample at your Dr.'s office. This is perfect if you have a well visit coming up soon! If you are a new mommy or are need of formula make sure you sign up at their website also to get more free items and formula checks! Even if you plan to nurse the whole 1 year duration, these checks might still come in handy for buying formula or selling on Ebay:)

Be sure to look for more advertising links to come!

CVS for week of Aug. 3

Looks like some good deals to be had this week!
  • Colgate toothpaste is 2.99 (get 2 EB) back- limit 2. Use 1.50/1 coupon here to get this for free plus .51 overage! limit 2
  • Children Advil is 5.79 (get 5.79 EB back=FREE) Use 1/1 coupon here to get $1 overage! This is a monthly deal and it says limit 1, but it is confirmed that the limit is actually 2-try at your own risk though!
  • Extreme Energy drinks are 4.99 (get 4.99 back=FREE) limit is 1
  • Oral B toothbrushes are 2.49 (get back 1.50 EB)- use 1/1 coupon coming out in the 8/3 P&G insert to get these for FREE! limit is 5
  • Pert Plus shampoo and conditioner is BIGI and prices starting at 3.69 (YMMV-your market may vary) Buy 2 for 3.69 and use 2 2/1 coupons to get both FREE and overage depending on your store's price!
  • Powerade Zero is 5/5- use 1/1 coupons to get these FREE!
  • It is also possible to get FREE Cover Girl products as well... more to come on that, or if you know please comment!
My deal plan
2 Children's Advil= 11.58
1 Extreme Energy Drink=4.99
1 Oral B toothbrush=2.49
1 Powerade Zero=1.00
1 colgate toothpaste=2.99
2 Pert Plus items=3.69 (after BIGI assuming this our CVS price)
-2 1/1 advil coupons
-1/1 Oral B coupon
-1/1 powerade coupon
-1.50/1 colgate coupon
-2 2/1 Pert Plus coupons
=17.24, pay in EB and get back 20.07 an overage of 2.83!

What I got at Walgreens...

I was only able to do one transaction with the 5/20 coupon received Thursday because the Walgreens I was at in Lenexa didn't have everything:( Oh well! Here is what I did

1 vacum bag=4.99 (instead of 5.99)
2 BioInfusion=11.98
1 softwhite light bulb=1.99
1/2 gallon of milk (friend bought this with me and paid for it) 2.27
-5/20 (good Thursday only)
-5 RR from diapers
-5 RR from diapers
-$2 in cash from friend
=4.23 + tax
I pad for this on my gift card and I will get back 18.96 (+ 10%bonus) on my gift card!

Earlier in the week I bought the tuff trash bags and pert plus shampoo:
2 tuff trash bags on sale for BIGI=4.99 for 2
1 Pertplus=3.97
-2/1 pert plus coupon
=6.96+ tax
I paid for this on my gift card and will get back 8.97 (+ 10% bonus on my gift card!)

So far for the Walgreens Easy Saver this month I have paid 11.19 on my gift card and will get back 27.92 (+ 10 % bonus of 2.79) for a total of 30.71! I am not done buying my FAR rebate items yet, so this total will grow but as of right now I am getting 19.52 over the amount I have spent back on my gift card. I am loving Walgreens!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walgreens 5/20 coupon

Looks like the Walgreens 5/20 coupon came out today and you can only use it TODAY!  I think Walgreens likes to keep us guessing because it almost always comes out on a Friday!  You can find the link to it here! Thank you to the ladies that commented under the Walgreens post and alerted us to this!

Remember this is a great way to "make money" shopping at Walgreens.  For example if you buy your FAR (free after rebate) items it might look like this:
  • 2 bio Infusion Organics at 5.99/1=11.98
  • 1 Walgreens Pitcher Filter replacement cartridge=6.99
  • 1 Walgreens soft white light bulbs =1.99
Total =20.96 + tax
-5/20 coupon
=15.96 + tax and you will get back 20.96 in Rebates... you just made and overage of $5!!!

You could even do a 2nd transaction of FAR items since there is a total of 46.22 to be had in free rebates this month!  So you could really make $10 shopping at Walgreens today. Remember when you turn in your rebates at the end of the month to have them put it on a gift card- you make 10% when you do this.  So your 46.22 in rebate money will turn into 50.84! Once you have a gift card you just may never pay OOP (out of pocket) there again! 

Happy shopping today, and just for fun when was the last time you paid OOP at Walgreens? 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hy-Vee for 7/30-8/5

Hy-Vee is having a pretty decent week!
  • Cantaloupe are 2/3 (beats Dillons price this week)
  • Hy-Vee stick butter is 1.77/lb.
  • Corn King 16 oz. pack of sliced bacon is 1.49!
  • Kraft BBQ sauce is .77/bottle
  • Pillsbury cake mixes are .88/1- use 1/2 coupon from this weekends paper to get these for .33/1!! (note: my mistake- the coupon is 1/2 brownie mix or frosting. It is reported that these are on sale 10/10, so use the coupon and get 2 brownie mixes for only 1.00!)
  • They are running a deal where you get $5/your purchase of 10 or more participating general mills products. This includes toaster strudels, cereal (coupons can be printed from widgets on this site), Betty crocker muffin mixes, warm delights etc. Check out ad page here. I know that most of these items have coupons to go with them. This may even be a great way to stock up on cereal! General Mills cereal is 5/10- buy 10 boxes=$20- 5=$15 or 1.50/box- combine with 10 coupons either from my widgets, other sites or inserts and have the potential of getting this cereal for 1/box! Make sure to share your deal if you come up with one!
  • Kellogs cereal is 6/10- if you didn't buy the Rice Krispies at Dillons make sure you to use the 1/1 coupon to get those for .67/box! Be sure to look for boxes that have the free after rebate coupon attached to them!
  • Hy-Vee margarine quarters are .59/1
  • Hy-Vee 1 dozen large eggs are .99/1!!!
  • Hy-Vee 24 oz. tub of cottage cheese is 1.38/1
  • Pillsbury cinnamon rolls or crescent rolls are 2/3- use .25/1 coupons from recent insert to get these for 1.25/1!
  • Farmland hot dogs are 10/10- 1/2 coupon to get these for .50/1! (beats the Dillons price)
  • Hy-Vee 16 oz sour cream is 10/10 (same as Aldi price)
  • red potatoes are .79/lb.
  • 2 lb. bag of Clementines is 2.99!
  • Green grapes are 1.48/lb
  • Red, green leaf, or romaine lettuce are .98 each
  • Kiwi are 3/1!
  • Dole salad mixes are 10/10- use coupons from recent inserts to get these for .50 or less!
  • Dole celery is .99/1
  • Driscoll's raspberries are 2/4
  • 2 lb. pack of strawberries is 3.99
  • Hy-Vee flour tortillas are 1.19/package!
  • Suave shampoo or conditioner is .97/1- use 1/2 coupon to get these for .47 cents!
That is what I see so far! Let me know of anything I missed. Have a great week!

Dillons for 7/30-8/5

The Dillon's Mega Event is still going on! Please visit here to see all the great deals. You can also see my mega event store trips by visiting here and here. I just might have to go back for round #3!

Other great deals I see as well:
  • Kroger 6-8oz bars or shreds of cheese-1.68/1 (beats the Aldi price- their 12 oz or 3 cup bags are 2.89- that is .96 cents per cup or 4 oz. of cheese, the kroger price this week would be .84 per cup or 4 oz of cheese)
  • Tyson fresh chicken breasts are BIGI Free... check the weight you are buying but this might be worth it if you don't like buying frozen bagged chicken. Also there were .55/1 coupons in the paper recently that will be doubled to 1/1.
  • Kroger deluxe ice cream is 1.68/carton
  • Cantaloupe are 2/4
  • Gerber graduates are 10% off this week
  • One Touch glucose monitors are 19.99- there was a 20/1 coupon in the paper this past weekend so you can get this for FREE!
  • Farmland Hot dogs are 1.15/1- buy 2 and use 1/2 coupon and get these packages for .65/1!
  • Farmland Rope sausage is 2.59/1- buy 2 and use 1/2 coupon and get these for 2.19/1
  • Fresh green beans are .99/lb.
That is all I see so far. Be sure to share your mega event deals with use if you would like!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Money Saving Mom Summer Sale!

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom is having a big sale! Today Only (Wednesday) you can get a great ebook package--over $100 worth of money-saving ebooks, homemaking helps, and encouragement for only $5.97! The best part about this package is the money saving tips you will get plus many of her frugal recipes! You can go here to check it out!

Cheerios coupons

I got this in an email today... enjoy!

"Be sure to visit us at to get your free box of Cheerios® cereal and $6 in coupons. Your heart will thank you!"

Homeade Apple crisp!

This is one of my favorite dessert recipes ( that I got here) because it is so easy, and yep you guessed it- CHEAP! I am usually able to get a bag of apples on sale for .99 at Dillons. Each bag usually contains 8-10 apples. This recipe calls for 6 apples so the substance of my dessert only costs me about .78 cents or less! The rest of the ingredients probably total around $1 or less.

6 apples, peeled and sliced
1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. oatmeal
1/2 c. flour
1/2c. butter or margarine, softened
1tsp. cinnamon and/or nutmeg
1/4 c. water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Arrange apples in well greased baking dish. Blend all remaining ingredients; but water. Spread evenly over top of apples. Pour water over the topping. Bake 45 minutes until apples are tender and top is crisp. Makes 6 servings.

I actually put this in a 9x13 pan and get more than 6 servings. I might add an apple or 2 depending on how big they are and how much they fill up my pan.

In a few weeks I hope to do a post where you can link to your favorite "frugal recipe" Be thinking about what you would want to post or link too!

Walgreens this week

This was from Blaire:
"Did y'all get all the free after rebate stuff? It's great this month! I used all my $5 RR from the diapers to pay for them.
  • The Tuf trash bags were 2/$3.99, and then you get $5/2 rebate, so you get paid $1.01 to buy them. (note from me: there are many sizes and counts on these. From my understanding they should all work- some are also 4.99 so they are still free. You can read more about this deal here)
  • Pert Plus 2in1 FAR + use the $2 man. cpn to make $2! I couldn't find the botanical extracts varities that go with the $3 coupon.
  • Olay Body ribbons and botanical fusions: Bought 6. Paid $20 - four $2/1 cpns and two $1.50/1 cpns = $9 - $7 RR = $2 (.33 each!) I hope to sell these for $1 or $2 at a garage sale and make a $4-10 profit!"
Thanks Blaire for alerting me to this and to H for the link about the trash bags! Also don't forget that about once a month Walgreens does put out a 5/20 or 5/30 coupon. I have noticed the trend to be around the 3rd Friday of the month. This is a great day to buy your FAR (free after rebate) items because you will "make money" buying them! So be on the look out for that!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Round #2 for the Dillons Mega Event

I compiled some more coupons, and printed off some others and made my 2nd trip for the Dillons mega event. Here is what I got:

Transaction 1:
9 bottles of Lysol cleaners (there were various ones as apart of this deal)=18.00
1 box of Rice Krispies w/strawberries=2.00
-5/total automatic mega event coupon
-9 .50 or .55/1 Lysol coupons doubled to 1.00 each= -9.00
- 1/1 Rice Krispies coupon
=5.00 plus tax!
Note: On the box of Rice Krispies there was a coupon for a FREE rebate of this product. I will get 2.00 back on the product (that is what the sale price was) after I send in my reciept and upc. So the real total on this deal was 3.00 + tax OOP!

Transaction 2:
1 Lysol Cleaner=2.00
3 Rice Krispies cereal=6.00
1 speed stick=1.50
2 Windex products=4.00
1 Sargento cheese=2.00
2 Kellogs special K items=5.00
-5/total automatic mega event coupon
-BIGI special K coupon (2.50)
-1/1 special K coupon
-.50/1 lysol coupon doubled to 1.00
- 2 .75/1 windex coupons doulbed 1.00=-2.00
- 3 1/1 rice krispies coupons
= 6.00 + tax OOP
Note: I also got a FREE after rebate coupon on another box of Rice Krispies that I will send in also. Although the coupon says 2 per household I will send this one from mom's address here in Topeka to insure I get both rebates. I also got 1.50/my order catalina for purchasing 2 windex items! So my real total on this would be 2.50 + tax OOP!

So total for Round #2 after rebates and coupons is 5.50 + tax!!!

Menu Plan Monday... kind of

Since we have been traveling lately our meal plans have been a little off if you will. I went to the store when we got back last Monday and just got some necessities to make it through the week. We are leaving this Wednesday to say good-bye to some friends for a few days so that throws another kink into the meal plan idea for the week, and not to mention my regularly scheduled shopping trips:) So I am going to post what our dinner plan has been since last Tuesday until this Tuesday. Here goes:

Tuesday: Chicken Patty sandwiches, oven fries, and salad with raw veggies
Wednesday: Sausage/egg/cheese scramble over potatoes, grapes and banana chocolate chip muffins
Thursday: pigs in a blanket, mac and cheese, and salad with raw veggies
Friday: Grandma's b-day at Red Robin... my parents were generous and picked up our tab- what a blessing!
Saturday: My dad and husband were working on a computer in the late afternoon at my parent's house so we just ended up staying for dinner- grilled chicken breasts with cheese and red peppers- yum! we also had some potato salad and steamed broccoli.
Sunday: Wendy's dollar menu- we were out shopping all late afternoon for new clothes for my husband and it was late when we got done
Monday: sloppy joes/baked beans/veggie of some sort (I need to go to the store for a few things)
Tuesday: Bacon and Egg sandwiches/fruit/raw veggies and crackers

It hasn't been the healthiest eating these past few weeks, but we have eaten and when we get back this weekend we will be back into the swing of things.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I acutally bought

Here is what I actually ended up buying at CVS this morning. Since the Kodak DVDs were not working and the Life Saver deal turned out to be a little different than I thought I had to re-arrange some things. Here goes:
  • 1 Charmin Ultra Bath tissue=6.49
  • 1 Revlon make-up product=9.99 (get back 9.99 so FREE!)
  • 1 Schick intuition razor=3.99-4/1 coupon=FREE
  • 1 Bandaid Ultra product (limit 1)=2.99 (get back 2 EB- 1/1 coupon=FREE!)
  • 1 CVS 15 ct face wipes=2.99 (get back 1 EB- 2/1 coupon=FREE!)
  • 1 CVS 3 pack of paper towels=1.99
  • 8 bags of Life Savers @ BIGI FREE= 8.76- 4 MF BIGI coupons=FREE!
  • 3 separate candy bars (to get me to $1o for the candy deal that gives $5 EB back)=1.50
total before coupons= 38.70
-3/15 (our CVS takes expired CVS $/$$coupons and I had 1 left)
-2/1 CVS face product coupon
-1/1 3 pack of paper towels CVS CRT
-.25/1 Charmin coupon
-2/1 Revlon coupon
-1/1 bandaid coupon
-4/1 Schick coupon
-4 BIGI Life saver coupons (8.76)
total = 16.69+ (2.88 in tax). I paid with 16.69 in EB and 2.88 OOP on a gift card and got back 17.99 in EB! So I actually ended up making 1 EB in the total deal!

Info about CVS this week

At our Topeka store there is no option to make a Kodak DVD. The manager this morning said she would call tomorrow to find out why their machines does not have the capability to make the DVD. So if you want the DVD you might call 1st to see if the machine is working.

Also for the Life Saver Deal you may have seen posted other places... you actually need to buy 10 packages of Life Savers and use 5 BIGI coupons to make this work. The CVS store sale of BIGI does not count the package they give you for free as apart of the $10 toward the $5 EB. If you don't have 5 Life Saver coupons just sub in other candy items. Either way you will likely make EBs on the deal if you have at least 3 Life Saver coupons. Is all this clear as mud?:)

Have a great day!