Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dillons- The Mega Event is Back!!!

If you are new to couponing and don't know what this mega event is you will want to be sure to not miss it. Last time this big sale came around I was able to get $145 worth of stuff for only $22- that totally works for me!! For those of you who know what I am talking about the items in this sale are different from last time and they have unfortunately eliminated the .50 category:( The likelihood of saving as much this time is slim, but we are still saving right!? I am not going to re-invent the wheel on this one since this great blogger here already listed out the deals and prices to go along with it. She is so awesome that she even links you to printable coupons too! I will be sure to post my "deal plan" at some point, but for now have fun coming up with your own based on the coupons you have and be sure to share if you want too!

A quick re-cap of how the sale works. There are 4 categories: $1.00 items, 1.5o items, 2.00 items and 2.50 items. These are the prices IF you buy 10 items. You can mix and match items from all 4 categories but you have to make sure you buy 10 ITEMS! When you purchase 10 items you will get an automatic $5 off your total making these items the advertised price. You can do this deal 3 times in 1 transaction, meaning you can buy up to 30 of these items at a time. You must buy these in quantities of 10. If you try to do this deal 4 times or more (40 items) in 1 transaction you will not get the $5 off for 4th deal you do. So ONLY do this deal 3 times in 1 transaction! Be sure to focus on the $1 category as there are some FREE items to be had if you have enough coupons!

Here are the other deals I see:
  • Kroger cheese- 1.68/2 cup bag or 8 oz. bar
  • Sterling silver ground beef/buffalo and Honey Suckle 93% lean ground turkey is 30% off and prices start at 3.29. (probably not a great deal, but if you like these brands it will probably be worth it)
  • Cantaloupes are BIGI and prices start at 3.49- good deal!
  • USDA choice cuts of beef are 40% off
  • Sunny D is 10/10
  • Huggies 16-40 ct pack of wipes (travel size) are 10/10. If you get the Huggies mailer they do not specify a size on these .50/1 coupons, once doubled to $1 these are FREE!
These are the best deals I see this week. Be sure to alert us to any other deals you find or share your "deal plan" for the big mega event if you so desire!


Marcy said...

Thanks for the link to my post...I appreciate it! :-)

I have been out of town, and am heading back today. I am excited to hit Kroger tonight to see what I can get!

Have a great rest of the week.

Kama said...

Thanks for the post. I have been "collecting" Huggies wipes for a few weeks now because we're due in Sept. I have recently gotten a ton of coupons in the mail too! I'll have to go add to the stock pile!

Wani said...

Thanks for sharing!! C'mon by Wani's World and check out my WFMW post!

Deanna said...

My freezer is empty but it won't be for long! THANKS!

Brooke said...

i was disappointed with the choices this time. i still have my stockpile from the last great sale though! :)

Hairline Fracture said...

Thanks for this--I am trying to coupon more seriously and this will help.

Jessie said...

It's nice of you to share the sale info!

The Barker Family Blog said...

Oh my...I'm still tired from the last 10 Mega event sale, but it's worth it! I need to start digging through my coupons!