Saturday, August 30, 2008

CVS Deals for week of Aug. 31st

It is a GOOD week at CVS! See my plans below and how I plan to get 8.50 in overage!
  • Cover Girl Wetslicks (lip gloss) are 5.99 and you get 5.99 EB back=FREE! Limit 1
  • Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers face make-up is BIGI. Use BIGI FREE from Aug. P&G and get 2 for FREE!
  • Accu-Check diabetic monitor is 9.99 and you get 9.99 back=FREE! Limit 1
  • Buy $6 in Suave products get 2 EB back. Each item is listed as being priced at $2. See deal scenerio below. Limit 5
  • Hidden Deal: this means that this deal is not advertised, but it is working. BC or Goody headache powder 6pks are 1.29 and you get 1.29 EB back=FREE! Limit 5 and do at your own risk!
  • Pantene Pro-V is 3/9.99, giving 2 EB back for buying 3. Use BIGI coupon coming out in paper tomorrow combined with 1/2 coupon coming out as well to make this 3.66 after EBs... throw in something for a penny (.10 clearance item maybe) and use a 2/10 to get 3 Pantene products (shampoo, conditioner or styler) for only 1.76 (after tax and clearnced .10 item) Note: This deal excludes Expression items so coupons for those will not work.
  • Colgate toothpaste is 2.99 giving 2 EBs back. Use 1/1 coupon to get this FREE! Limit 2
  • Nutrition Bars are 10/$10 The brands included are Atkins, Balance, Clif, Detour, Kashi, Payday, Powerbar, Soyjoy, or Zone. Go here for 1/1 printables making these FREE! (scroll down a little) You could buy 10 bars, use 10 1/1 coupons and a 2/10 CVS coupon and make an overage of $2.00!
My Plan:
Transaction #1:
  • Buy 6 body washes=$12
  • use 3 BIGI body wash coupons=-6
  • use 3 .50/1 body wash coupons=-1.50
  • -2/10 CVS coupon
  • =2.5+ tax and get 4EBs back! Overage of $1.50!
Transaction #2:
  • Buy 2 wetslicks=11.98
  • -BIGI coupon=-5.99
  • -1/1 CG coupon
  • -2/10 CVS coupon
  • = 2.99 + tax and get 5.99 in EBs back! Overage of $3.00!
Transaction #3:
  • Buy 2 Colgate toothpastes=5.98
  • Buy 4 Goody's headache powders=5.16
  • =11.14
  • -2/10 CVS coupon
  • -2 1/1 Colgate coupons
  • =7.14 + tax and get 9.16 back in EBs! Overage of $2.00!
Transaction #4
  • Buy 1 Accu Check monitor=9.99
  • Buy 1 Goody's headache powser=1.29
  • =11.28
  • -2/10 CVS coupon
  • =9.28, get back 11.28 in EBs! Overage of $2.00!
So far I have made 8.50 in overage! See below for my plan to get a mega pack of diapers for only 1.99!
Transaction # 5
  • 1 playskool mega pack of diapers=10.99
  • -3/1 CVS CRT for playskool
  • -2/1 mf coupon for playskool
  • -2/10 cvs purchase coupon
  • -2/10 CVS coupon
  • =1.99 for a MEGA pack of diapers!

My Weekly Trip-Aug.30th

I didn't need much since we were sick this week. We ended up eating a lot of toast and chicken noodle soup. Thank goodness I have a big stockpile soup! I have only gone to Dillon's so far, but the outcome was favorable!

  • 4lbs. of ground beef=8.00-2/7 meat purchase coupon=6.00 for 4 lbs. of meat!
  • 6 cans of Kroger kidney beans=2.40 (stocking up to make soups and chili!)
  • 2 bags of Kroger shredded cheese=3.54-.45/1 cheese coupon=3.09 for both bags
  • 2 bags of Kroger tortilla chips= 2.00
  • 1 bag of clementines on MS for .99!
  • 1 bag of golden apples on MS for .99!
  • 1 Oscar Meyer lunch meat=3.00-1/1 =2.00
  • 1 gal. of Dillons milk=2.99
  • 1 FMV wheat bread on MS for .49
  • 1 Dillons cracked wheat bread on MS for .69
  • 2 jalapenos=.24
  • 2 lb.s of red tape bananas=.77
Total after tax and coupons was 19.16. My receipt says I saved 44%! I do plan to make an Aldi run for a few veggies and other misc items and I will go to Hy-Vee to stock up on soups... they are having an awesome sale! Make sure to check here for other great shopping trips!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Sobe coupons!

If you haven't been to CVS yet this week and are in need of more Sobe coupons to do the Pepsi Deal no worries! I noticed my coupon widget is offering a FREE Sobe water with purchase of 1 12pack of Pepsi coupon! You can print 2 from one computer!

All You Magazine- a better deal!

If you are not familiar with All You Magazine you need to be. This magazine is known to have great coupons in it, usually ones that help you be a money maker at CVS and Walgreens. You may have read about this magazine here. If you were not quick to order All You after seeing that post you are in luck! You can actually get 12 issues for only $7.48! Click here to find out how!

Confession of a hair snob... part 2.

In the world of no budget and as much money as I want to spend on hair products I would buy Aquage humidity control hairspray. However that is not my reality and so I confess that I went to Walgreens at 6 a.m. this morning just for the Garnier deal! Like I said before, I don't use any of the free shampoo and conditioner I get because I am a hair snob and prefer the salon brands, but I do however LOVE Garnier hairspray!!! The humidity control ultra hold to be exact:)

So, I ventrued out at 6 a.m. to the 29th and Gage Walgreens this morning, which is open 24 hours. When I got to the store they had exactly 6 of the Garnier humidity control ultra hold hairsprays in stock! Just enough to do the Garnier Deal! So am I little crazy?... um yes, but I did get 6 cans of my favorite hairspray for only $2!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walgreens Deals good Fri. and Sat. ONLY!

Many of you Walgreens shoppers probably have figured out that the Easy Saver catalogs overlap with each other, making it possible to get some pretty good deals! The August ES runs through this Saturday the 30th, and the September ES starts tomorrow the 29th. This means you can use coupons from both easy savers on these 2 days only! Below are a few deals that are worth taking a look at!
  • Chemistry shampoo, conditioner, or treatment is FAR in the month of September (7.99). The August ES has a 3/1 coupon in it. Use it Fri. or Sat. and pay 4.99, but get 7.99 back when you turn in September's rebates! $3 money maker!!
  • Garnier Fructis Hair care is on sale for 3.99 this week. In the September ES you get $10 back when you spend $20.
    • So buy 6 hair care items at 3.99=23.94.
    • -$6 (August ES 1/1 coupon)
    • -6 1/1 MF coupons
    • Total=11.94 and you will get $10 back for September's ES! That is paying only $2 for 6 hair care products!!! (It has been said that Dollar General had 2/1 coupons... if you have 6 of those you will end up making money on the deal!)
  • Glade scented oil plug-ins are BIGI free this week. Use MF BIGI free coupon and get both free, plus get $2 rebate for buying 2 glade products from the August ES!!! $2 money maker!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hy-Vee for 8/27-9/2

There are some good deals to stock up on this week!
  • 1lb. ground beef rolls are 1.85/1. Although this is a better price than Dillons, it is my opinion that fresh beef rather than these rolls is better!
  • Farmland sliced bacon is 1.99/package - best price you will see for Farmland! You can register here for coupons from farmland. Although they won't arrive in time for this sale, they will come in handy for other sales!
  • Midwest country fair ketchup is .88/1 (beats the regular Aldi price of .99/1)
  • 26 oz can of Country fair spagehtti sauce is .77/1 (beats any price!)
  • Midwest Country fair hot dogs are .59/1. You can get a better deal here and here if you prefer Bar-S hot dogs.
  • Midwest Country fair cream of soups are .29/1!!! This is a GREAT DEAL! Their chicken noodle soups and tomato are also this price. I would stock up at this price!
  • Midwest Country Fair 4lb. bags of sugar are .99/1- GREAT PRICE!
  • Pringles are .88/1 (beats any price!)
  • Kraft BBQ sauce is .79/bottle (beats any price)
  • Betty Crocker Suddenly Salads are .97/1. use .40/1 coupon here to get these for .57/1!!
  • Van Camp's pork and beans are .37/1.
  • Hy-Vee brand Cheerios and Corn Flakes are 1.49/1 (beats the Aldi price)
  • Healthy Harvest or smart taste pastas are 1.19/1
  • Fresh green beans are .99/lb.
  • Grapes are 1.48/lb.
  • Hy-Vee cole slaw mix is .99/1
  • 2lb. bag of Grimway carrots is .99
  • Kandy cantaloupe are 1.88/1
  • Tombstone pizzas are 5/10
  • Ball Park Franks are 2/3- use 1/2 coupon from recent insert to get these for 1/1!
Don't forget to check here for Dillons deals and here for Apple Market deals!

Dillons for 8/27-9/2

Looks like a good week to stock up on meat and beans for those fall soups you may be planning to make soon!
  • Sterling ground beef is 1.99/lb. Combine this with any $/$$ beef purchase coupons you may have gotten in a Dillons mailer to get a great deal! I personally have $2/$7 beef purhcase coupon!
  • Kroger cheese is 1.77/8oz shred. The Aldi price has gone up to 2.99/12 oz shred which is .99/4oz (cup) of cheese. If you buy on sale at Dillons this week it is .89/4oz. (cup) of cheese. Don't forget to check your dillon's mailer for cheese coupons also! I have a .45/1 Kroger cheese coupon!
  • Boneless pork loin chops are BIGI free - regular retail per package is 5.49
  • Whole seedless watermelons are 2.99 each!
  • Kroger variety beans, pork and beans or Van Camp's pork and beans are on sale 10/$4. Aldi price for beans is .45/can, this week you can get Kroger brand for .40/can! Good time to stock up for soups!
  • Oscar Mayer Deli shaved lunch meat is on sale 2/6. Use any 1/1 coupons from recent inserts or from coupon dispensers in the store and get these for 2/1! This is a great deal considering this brand is usually 2/7 and it is good quality lunch meat!
  • Kroger tortilla chips are 10/10 (same as Aldi price)
  • Kroger canned fruit is 10/10
  • Hunt's snack packs of pudding are 10/10- use .30/2 coupon from recent insert doubled to get 2/1.40!
  • French's mustard is 10/10- use .50/1 doubled coupon here to get these FREE! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom, you will see it on the lower right hand side of the screen.
  • Kroger individual cups of yogurt are 10/$4, this makes them .40/1 (beats the Aldi price of .43/1)
  • 25% off Kroger spices or extracts.
  • Bar-S Franks are 10/10, use .25/1 doubled coupon here to get these for .50/1 or check here for a better deal!
From what I can see our Dillons (Kroger) is not advertising the Cottonelle 10/10 you may have seen posted on MSM. Don't forget to check out Cara's blog today to see what is on sale at the Apple Market!

FREE Chick-fil-A!

Did you get the email announcing how you can get FREE Chick-fil-A on Labor Day? In case you didn't be sure to visit their site here to learn more! I am excited!

Dillons and Hy-Vee

I spent most of the day yesterday not feeling well and I am still recovering this morning. When I get my brain power back I will look at the ads and post the best deal. I hoping these will be up by this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free $25 Chili's gift card!

Have you heard of This was something I was introduced to over a year ago and I love this program! I just recently earned enough points for a $25 Chilis gift card and all I did to get it was read through emails, complete surveys, and get rewarded for shopping at certain stores online. This definitely works for me!

How Mypoints works:
Once you sign up you will be sent a series of emails everyday (about 5). Note: these emails in and of themselves will not generate spam mail! You earn points for simply clicking through the email and if it is an offer you want to sign up for you earn extra points upon sign up. Regardless, you get at least 5 points for just reading the email! You can also earn points by completing the surveys they send. Another great point earning opportunity is to shop through mypoints. If you are going to be purchasing something online be sure to see if mypoints is an affiliate with the store you are shopping at. If they are you can earn points per dollar spent. Some stores offer 10 points per dollar!

So far in my 1 1/2 years of participating with mypoints I have earned 5 $25 or more gift cards! On such a tight budget this is often how my hubby and I go on a date! If you want to learn more be sure to clink on the link below!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday-Aug. 25th

I am excited that we actually ate according to plan last week! We hardly ever do that! Below is our dinner plan for this week. Make sure to visit here for more recipe ideas!

Sunday: Soft tacos/taco salad, chips and homemade guacamole.  The guacamole was so good that our toddler even ate it!
Monday: Egg salad sandwiches (this is a repeat from few weeks ago since we didn't eat it then), salad, peaches
Tuesday: Chicken and bacon quesadillas, apple slices, salad
Wednesday:  BBQ chicken sandwiches/baked beans/oven potato fries
Thursday: Sausage and egg scramble over potatoes, cinnamon rolls, orange slices
Friday:  Pepperoni Pizza with this crust recipe, raw veggies
Saturday: ??? 

You can see my weekly shopping trip where I saved 63% here!