Thursday, August 7, 2008

Confessions of a Hair Snob

If you know me well you know that I have another "material passion" other than couponing: quality hair products! I confess that I am a true hair snob! By that I mean I am extremely picky about hair products and I will pay good money for the good stuff. I could give you a whole tutorial about the best and worst products and the effects they will have on your hair:) Whenever somebody asks what I would do if I had "extra" to spend I tell them I would spend it on my hair!

I confess that I don't even use the free shampoo and conditioner I get from couponing. Instead, I save up and wait every year for Beauty Brands to have their Liter Sale! 10.98 for a liter of quality shampoo and conditioner is soooo worth it to me! Unfortunately Beauty Brands doesn't sell my all time favorite line of products, Aquage, so I settle for Matrix. Beauty Brands is still having their sale, so if you are a hair snob like me make sure you get there soon before the sale ends!

Happy Thursday!


Leah said...

Haha, Shan you're too cute! Talking about hair brings me back to the days of five girls living in one house...ahh the memories.. :)

Andrea said...

I was beginning to wonder about all that free pert plus. I gave it a quick shot before bed the other night and I thought 'eww, this is not for me'.