Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My CVS Trip

I posted my original plan here... I usually always come away with something I didn't plan. Here are the 2 transactions I did last night:

1 24/7 skin item= 15.99 (get back 5 EB wyb 1)
2 trident extra gum packs 1.49 (BIGI free)=1.49 for both packs (get back 1 EB wyb 2)
1 CVS baby wash item=2.00- 2/1 CVS skin care coupon=FREE
Total before coupons=19.48
-3/15 cvs coupon (our cvs takes expired CVS coupons)
-10/1 24/7 skin care crt
-2/1 cvs skin care coupon
Used 3.99 in EB and paid .53 OOP and got back 6EB! I actually could have gotten the trident free had I brought my BIGI coupon I got in Sunday's paper, but I forgot it:(

4 12 packs of Pepsi=11 (get 3 EB wyb 4) -2/1 coupon=9.00
2 Loreal V Pro shampoo/conditioner- BIGI cvs promotion= 4.99 for 2
1 CVS baby care item=2.00
-3/15 CVS coupon
-2/1 Pepsi coupon
-BIGI Loreal coupon (4.99- making them both FREE)
-2/1 CVS skin care coupon
=6.00 + tax
Used 6 EB and paid .52 OOP and got back 3 EB

So for the night I ended up only "burning" 1 EB for all that!


flemishe said...


What newspaper do you get that had the trident Q in it? I get the KC star and the TCJ and neither had it.

Also, when did you hit CVS? I was there around 4:00 on Monday and the Loreal was all gone but one. Wondering if I missed them somewhere!

Also, is there a date that you can't use the expired cvs anymore--like 2 weeks or something?

Shannon said...

I got it from the Hutch newspaper... my husbands grandma gets and since we were visiting her this past weekend I took the coupons:)

I went to CVS at about 9:00 or so Monday night. I am not sure on the expiration date... you could ask a manager- mine was only 1 day expired

flemishe said...

Did you get the Loreal yellow bottle hydra pro that the BOGO Q is for?
That was the one they only had one left of. They had lots of the other vive shampoos.

Shannon said...

you know now that I think about it I didn't even look at the coupon... I just knew it was B1G1 and I picked up the 1st shampoo and conditioner I saw. The cashier didn't even say anything either:( A good lesson for me to pay more attention to my coupons huh!?:)

flemishe said...

Oh well! :)
That at least explains why there was some shampoo left for you to grab! :)
I was thinking I must have missed them somewhere!
I'm off to Dillons next for some free stuff!