Sunday, July 27, 2008

Info about CVS this week

At our Topeka store there is no option to make a Kodak DVD. The manager this morning said she would call tomorrow to find out why their machines does not have the capability to make the DVD. So if you want the DVD you might call 1st to see if the machine is working.

Also for the Life Saver Deal you may have seen posted other places... you actually need to buy 10 packages of Life Savers and use 5 BIGI coupons to make this work. The CVS store sale of BIGI does not count the package they give you for free as apart of the $10 toward the $5 EB. If you don't have 5 Life Saver coupons just sub in other candy items. Either way you will likely make EBs on the deal if you have at least 3 Life Saver coupons. Is all this clear as mud?:)

Have a great day!

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