Monday, July 28, 2008

Round #2 for the Dillons Mega Event

I compiled some more coupons, and printed off some others and made my 2nd trip for the Dillons mega event. Here is what I got:

Transaction 1:
9 bottles of Lysol cleaners (there were various ones as apart of this deal)=18.00
1 box of Rice Krispies w/strawberries=2.00
-5/total automatic mega event coupon
-9 .50 or .55/1 Lysol coupons doubled to 1.00 each= -9.00
- 1/1 Rice Krispies coupon
=5.00 plus tax!
Note: On the box of Rice Krispies there was a coupon for a FREE rebate of this product. I will get 2.00 back on the product (that is what the sale price was) after I send in my reciept and upc. So the real total on this deal was 3.00 + tax OOP!

Transaction 2:
1 Lysol Cleaner=2.00
3 Rice Krispies cereal=6.00
1 speed stick=1.50
2 Windex products=4.00
1 Sargento cheese=2.00
2 Kellogs special K items=5.00
-5/total automatic mega event coupon
-BIGI special K coupon (2.50)
-1/1 special K coupon
-.50/1 lysol coupon doubled to 1.00
- 2 .75/1 windex coupons doulbed 1.00=-2.00
- 3 1/1 rice krispies coupons
= 6.00 + tax OOP
Note: I also got a FREE after rebate coupon on another box of Rice Krispies that I will send in also. Although the coupon says 2 per household I will send this one from mom's address here in Topeka to insure I get both rebates. I also got 1.50/my order catalina for purchasing 2 windex items! So my real total on this would be 2.50 + tax OOP!

So total for Round #2 after rebates and coupons is 5.50 + tax!!!


Kahle said...

Shannon I just got home from dillons and I am a happy camper! I spent 40.30 and saved 73.24!!! I could not believe it when the cashier told me that! I even got over charged 2.50 for a MS deal and still came in budget! I think they need to have the mega event more often! :) Hope your having a great week!

Shannon said...

Nice going Kahle! Did you make sure to point out your overcharge at customer service? Dillons has a policy that they will refund back your money for the item in full if they over charge you for something!

Kahle said...

no I didnt, as I didnt notice the overcharge until after I got home, if I am up there tomorrow I might stop in and get my $3 but we will see!