Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walgreens 5/20 coupon

Looks like the Walgreens 5/20 coupon came out today and you can only use it TODAY!  I think Walgreens likes to keep us guessing because it almost always comes out on a Friday!  You can find the link to it here! Thank you to the ladies that commented under the Walgreens post and alerted us to this!

Remember this is a great way to "make money" shopping at Walgreens.  For example if you buy your FAR (free after rebate) items it might look like this:
  • 2 bio Infusion Organics at 5.99/1=11.98
  • 1 Walgreens Pitcher Filter replacement cartridge=6.99
  • 1 Walgreens soft white light bulbs =1.99
Total =20.96 + tax
-5/20 coupon
=15.96 + tax and you will get back 20.96 in Rebates... you just made and overage of $5!!!

You could even do a 2nd transaction of FAR items since there is a total of 46.22 to be had in free rebates this month!  So you could really make $10 shopping at Walgreens today. Remember when you turn in your rebates at the end of the month to have them put it on a gift card- you make 10% when you do this.  So your 46.22 in rebate money will turn into 50.84! Once you have a gift card you just may never pay OOP (out of pocket) there again! 

Happy shopping today, and just for fun when was the last time you paid OOP at Walgreens? 


Everyday Realities said...

today I bought
1 box of hair color 5.99
1 bottle flinstones vitamins 5.99
2 bottles of One a day vit. 5.99 ea
total 23.97
-5.00 rr
-5.00 store coupon
- 4.00 off one a day
-1.00 off flinstones
-2.00 off hair color

final oop $6.97 - thank you Walgreens!

Blaire said...

CVS August Monthly:

Children's Advil infant drops .5 oz or liquid 4 oz. is free after EBs. Actually, it's the only free after EB thing this month :( The catalog says it is limit 1, but I purchased 2 this morning and got Ebs for both! These are located in the children's health aisle as well as the pain reliever aisle at the Topeka CVS.

They also have more Schick Intuition Plus razors in stock for $3.99 if you didn't get one earlier in the week. You can use the $4.00 coupon to get this free.

They also have the 5 pack of CVS tampons that were free after EB last month. I had gotten a raincheck for the limit, which was 2. They had 2 left in stock when I left this morning.

Also, the Topeka CVS now has the capability of doing the DVDs that are free after EB this week! So today and tomorrow are the last days to do this.



flemishe said...

I just read Crystal's post about organizing a cooking club. I dont know if something like that interests you at all or if you know of anyone that would be interested, but I certainly would be.