Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coupon Language Defined

I am realizing that I have a lot of new couponers visiting lately which I am excited about! I thought I would take some time to re-post about coupon language. Below you find a list of terms I might use and what they mean.

FAR= Free After Rebate (usually talking about Walgreens but not always)
MF= Manufacturer's Coupon
YMMV= Your Market May Vary
RR= Register Rewards (most commonly referred to when talking about Walgreens)
EB or EBC= Extra Buck or Extra Care Buck (CVS term)
OOP= Out Of Pocket
MS= Manager Special (I use this mostly in Dillons posts)
BIGI= Buy 1 Get 1 Free
WYB= When You Buy
OYNO=Off your next order
Catalina= a coupon that prints out at the register (usually at Dillons, but other stores do it as well... it is called a catalina because that is the name of the machine that prints them.)
Blinkies= coupon machines found in grocery store isles that spit out coupons... and they have a little red blinking light- hence the name blinkie
IPs= internet printable. These are coupons that can be printed from an online site. Most of the time you should be able to print 2 from any site by hitting the back button during coupon printing.
Peelies= coupons that are found on packages that you can peel off.

When I am talking about coupons I often tell you things like "use a 1/2 coupon". The 1/2 means a $1 off 2 of the item I am talking about. The 1st number I put is usually the $ amount and the second number is the number of items it is for.

What else? Please leave a comment with other abbreviations you use, ones I missed, or a question regarding one you have seen but are not sure of the meaning.

Thanks! The weekly grocery store posts will be up later!


Sarah said...

If you're going to use this as a permanent link for beginners you may want to include the short hand for coupons. "3 1.50/3" means 3 different coupons that take off $1.50 when you purchase 3 of that item. It's kind of self explainatory but I think it took me a couple days to figure it out.

Lila said...

You might also mention blinkies, peelies, IP's and how to get 2 IP's!