Saturday, February 21, 2009

CVS and Walgreens 2/22

There are some okay deals at both stores this week and there are a few FREEBIES! I am going to highlight a few really good freebies and link you to another blog that can give you ideas for other great buys this week.

Aquafresh toothpaste=.88/1
Use 1/1 coupon or .75/1 coupon found here to either make .12 in overage or pay only .13 for 1!

Extreme Energy 6 hour drink=4.99
get 4.99 in EB back=FREE
(different from monthly deal!)

See other great CVS deals this week here!

Reynolds Aluminum Foil 20sq. ft =.89
Use 1/1 coupon from recent inserts or here to get these FREE! (the computer may not let you have the .11 overage)

Excedrin 20-24ct=1.99 and get 1 RR back
Use 2/1 coupon here or 1/1 from recent inserts to get this FREE or make $1 in overage!

See other Walgreens deals this week here!


Kerri said...

The coupon link you have up printed me a $2 off Excedrin migraine? I thought it was the plain Excedrin that is on the sale?

Shannon said...

Well $2 off is even better I guess! The pic shows the regular excedrin but it does not specify. The ad says "Excedrin Pain Relief 20 ct. express gel caps or 24ct. caplets, tablets or geltabs." So really it should be any of the Excedrin that fits those ct per bottle.

Hope that makes sense!

Meagan said...

They Reynolds printable coupon excludes the 20 sq. ft., which is the one on sale for $.88. Just thought you'd like to know!

Kerri said...

Just thougth you'd like to know that Excedrin Migraine q worked like a charm. It was on sale for $1.99 and with the $2 off and $1 RR...sweet deal! Great find. Except for getting checked out by the 'coupon police' who had to call over a manager to verify that I could use an internet coupon...he was like "well OF COURSE she can!" Thanks again!