Monday, March 8, 2010

A Quick Note...

It has come to my attention in the past few months that I am need of taking care of what I will call "bloggy business." I really don't like doing this but it needs to be done:(

First, I need to tell you that anything written on this blog whether in a personal post or a grocery post is copy written information. It is not good blogging etiquette to copy partial or whole posts with out permission (read this post here for more info!). My grocery posts are all original posts. That means I take the time every week to look at the ad and use the knowledge I have in compiling what I think are the best deals for the week. The only other site I use when compiling my grocery posts is this site here which will tell me if there is a coupon for a particular item. This site is always included in my weekly posts so I make sure I am giving credit where it is due.

Second, If you want to post grocery deals I totally welcome you to post what you think are the best 3-5 deals for the week (for any store I do) and then link back to me for the rest if my blog is where you get your information. I do ask that you email me and let me know you are doing this so I keep track of where my traffic is coming from.

I apologize if this seems abrupt but it seems that new blogs are popping up all over the place which is great, but I also need to protect my almost 2 year old blog that I started in May of 2008... it is like a 3rd child after all:)

Thanks for reading!

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