Friday, March 12, 2010

Hy-Vee Red Hot Weekend sale


Hy-Vee is having a Red Hot Weekend Sale this Saturday and Sunday. These are prices are good starting at 7:00 a.m. Saturday Morning! Below are the best buys I see:

Frito Lay, Lays or Doritos=$1.77/1 (great price for name brand... off brand at Aldi is $1.29/1)

Hy-Vee 2-liters of Soda=.39/1 (limit 8)

Hy-Vee 100% natural whole chicken=.59/lb. (I don't think I have ever seen a price this low!)
I just learned how to cook split chicken breasts... I just might have to try my hand at a whole chicken with this price:)

Green Seedless Grapes=.99/lb.

12 Roll Paseo Bath Tissue=$2.99/1 (needs to be 2.99 sq ft. to be a good deal)

12 ct. Hy-Vee Popsicles=.99

8 piece Fresh Chicken Pack=$5.00

8 Roll Bounty Paper Towels=4.88/1
use .25/1 P&G 3/7 or 2/7
Final Price= 4.63

Also for our Topeka ONLY Hy-Vee Nicole commented and said some 1/2 gallons of milk were marked down to .99/1. It is close to its sell by date, so they are trying to get rid of it. The dates that she saw were March 14th and 15th.

AND...I have NEVER cooked a whole chicken! If you have a good recipe or link will you post it for me and I am sure some others who would love to try their hand at a whole chicken too? :)


HopiQ said...

Thanks for posting the super deals at Hy-Vee!!! I just love your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it. My very favorite whole chicken recipe is so yummy and so easy: There are lots of ways to cook a whole chicken, but this has got to be the easiest and most delicious way.

Marian said...

I love this whole roasted chicken is very easy to make and it's delicious! Just need to remember to season it the day before

carla said...

I had never cooked a whole chicken until the last time it was on sale super cheap a month or so ago....I found this website and thought it looked super easy! I cut the chicken off and used it in casseroles! Super tender and yummy!

Anonymous said...

I do not have a link to cook a whole chicken....I just know how I do it and even my 4 year old nephew eats it with no complaints! I rinse the chicken, cut any extra fat off, rinse the inside REALLY good, season with salt and pepper ONLY and then put the lid on the dutch oven and bake at 350-375 until the leg pulls off the chicken. I think it's about an hour and 15 minutes. Also, put 1 cup of water in the the dutch oven to keep the chicken from drying out. If you need chicken broth, you'll have some when the chicken is done cooking. I think you mentioned someone listing a good chicken and noodle recipe....if you're still interested let me know!

ThriftyPuppy said...

This could make for an interesting post with pics: beer can chicken!

Marie said...

Buy two chickens. Oven roast one and then stick the other in a slowcooker with a teeny bit of water for delicious meat to shred and stick in soups and casseroles.

Leeser said...

One of our favorite recipes is smoked chicken in the crockpot:

1 whole chicken
1/4 c. liquid smoke (sounds like a lot but it's okay)
salt to taste

Put it all in the crockpot and cook until done. I hardly ever have leftovers when I make this.