Monday, March 29, 2010

March to Savings Round #3

I went to Dillons for the LAST time this week today! There were just a few deals to good to pass up and I noticed some new coupons in this weekend's inserts that came in handy for a few items!

After all was said and done I only spent $3.89 + tax for everything pictured after coupons and catalinas! Here is how I did it:

3 ziploc sandwich bags at 1.58/1=4.74
3 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes at 1.49/1 (cheaper than the original 1.69 posted price)=4.47
4 Grands biscuit at .88/1=3.52
2 Chex Mix at $1.50/1=$3
1 Diasy Sour cream at $1.88/1
1 Smart taste butter=2.49/1
4 Scotch Brite scrub sponges at $1/1=$4.00
1 Lady's Speed Stick=$1.50/1
1 Ken's salad dressing=1.99/1
1 loaf of bread marked down to .79/1
1 pkg. Kroger Value napkins=$1.11/1

Total before coupons and catalinas=29.49
-$4 for purchasing 8 items in March to Savings Event
-3 .40/1 Ziploc coupons
-2 .30/2 Grands coupons
-2 .40/1 BC potatoes coupons
-.25/1 BC potatoes coupon
-.50/1 Daisy coupons (from 3/28 inserts)
-$1/1 Smart taste butter coupon (hutch paper coupons that my grandma just mailed)
-$1/1 Ken's coupon (hutch paper coupons that my grandma just mailed)
2 .50/1 Chex mix coupons
2 .75/2 Scotch brite coupons
.50/1 Lady speed stick coupon (from 3/28 inserts)
- .50/1 Chex Mix from shortcuts X2
-.40/1 BC potatoes from cellfire and shortcuts
-.30/2 Grands shortcuts coupon
Received $2 Catalina for purchasing 3 ziplocks
Received $3 catalina for purchasing 3 BC potatoes
Received $2 catalina for purchasing 4 Grands biscuits

New total after coupons and catalinas=$3.89+ tax. I saved 85%!


Kate and Dennis said...

Amazing! Mom said she's ready to hand over her grocery list and tell you "go for it, sister" and do all her shopping :)

Shannon said...

:) that is funny! I run into Tiff's mom every now and then and she says she peeks at my blog:)

Anonymous said...

Do the 3 ziploc purchase count toward the $5 SC Johnson rebate off 3 items? It just says ziploc, I didn't know if they had to be a certain type or price.


Shannon said...

You can buy any ziploc and it will count.