Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Was A GOOD Morning!

Here are some of the items I found this morning... a few were in use by the time I was able to snap a picture:)

I have had a list of wants and needs for children that has been waiting for garage sale season. It was as follows:

Tricycle for Seth (not a need but a want)
3T summer pjs

4t winter pjs

3t/4t casual shirts for summer (5-6 would be good)

size 8-9 sandals for Seth

size 8-9 tennis shoes for Seth

I woke up this morning at 6:30, grabbed my coffee, did a quick check of my email, and out the door I went to meet my friend. We were hitting up the Sherwood garage sales early! Before I met her, I do what I usually do, that is to pray that God would supply what I needed. He knows my needs, He can see my list, and He definitely knows that I rely heavily on garage sales to meet a lot of our clothing/toy needs and wants.

It was kind of slow going at 1st. It seemed that every sale we came to had nothing but girls' clothes. Thankfully, that is what my friend was on the hunt for! At the last few sales we came to I hit the jack pot, finally!

All for $25 dollars this is what I found:
1 Men's K-state t-shirt=$1 (my hubby can always use these!)
1 Women's Old Navy Puffy Vest for $1 ( not a need, but for a $1 you can't pass that up when you are on a tight clothing budget:)
5 pairs of summer sandals ranging in size 8-9 for only $2
1 pair of regular shoes for Levi=$1
6 casual 3t-4t t-shirts in great condition (church wearing even) =$4
1 pair of jeans for Seth (good for playing outside)=$1
2 pairs of 4t winter jammies=$2
3 pairs of 3t summer jammies=$3
1 tot spot chair=$1 (now we have 2 so there will be no fighting when Levi is old enough:)

And my best find of the day: A Roadmaster tricycle in awesome condition for ONLY $10!

I love it when God provides what I need and throws in a want like the tricycle, also! It was a GREAT MORNING and it was so fun to share with a friend!

If you made it out this morning to any garage sale, I hope you found some great stuff too!

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