Friday, February 26, 2010

Possible Target Deal for Week of 2/28

If you are a member of Vocal Point then chances are you have gotten or will be getting coupons for the new Kashi heart to heart cereal or crackers! 1 of these coupons is for a FREE BOX and the others are $1.50/1. With these coupons you might be able to do an awesome deal at Target this next week:

Target will have a sale on Kashi Snack products next week (starts 2/28): Buy any 4 Kashi snacks get one free. Items will be on sale $2.59 (includes Kashi snacks 8.5oz oatmeal dark chocolate cookies, 6ct 7.4 oz trail mix bars, and selected others...hopefully the crackers so you can do this deal). The below deal will only work if the Crackers are apart of the deal!
  • Buy 5 Kashi Crackers=$12.95
  • - GET ONE FREE store offer=-$2.59
  • -GET ONE FREE coupon from Vocal Point=-$2.59
  • -3 $1.50/1 coupns=-$4.50
Total OOP=$3.27 for 5 boxes of Kashi crackers!

Let's hope the crackers are included!!!

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Wyatt said...

1.50 off cereal or crackers here: Scroll down a little to find it.