Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CVS: Huggies rebate reminder!

Don't forget that if you buy Huggies this week at CVS (I got mine FREE!) to save your receipt! Once you buy 5 packages you can turn in your receipts for a rebate from Caregivers Marketplace! I just mailed in my receipts for 6 packages which means in a few weeks I will get $6 back in the mail ($1 per item)!

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Jennifer at The Caregivers Marketplace said...

Hi, I'm glad you find our program helpful. I also wanted to let you and your readers know we added three new brands for 2009 – Balmex, Kaopectate and Benzodent.

The new cash back form will be posted on our Web site beginning January 1st.

If you ever have any questions for us, call 800-888-0889. We like hearing from our program users!