Friday, November 28, 2008

FREE Veggie Tales DVD!

Remember a few backs how I told you that if you signed up for LifeWay emails they would send you a $5/$20 purchase coupon? Well I received my coupon within 24 hours of my sign up and quickly formulated a plan to use it. You see my husband wanted a wallet for Christmas and my son LOVES Veggie Tales. This was my deal:
  • Bought 1 wallet on sale=15.99
  • Bought 1 Veggie Tale DVD=$5 (black Friday deal!!!)
-5/20 coupon
=15.99 for both items. (the original cost of the wallet)

Since the coupon was worth $5 I technically got the Veggie Tales DVD FREE! I was super excited! Be sure to see what other great deals people are sharing here!


Everyday Realities said...

My deal was similar - At LIFEWAY I bought two DVd's and two CD's each $5.00
The total was $20 then I used my $5.00 coupon!!
On my second transaction I bought some more cd's, dvds & devotionals then used the 25% from my punch card. They give you a punchcard that gives a discount (once it's full) depending on how much you purchase. I had a lot of fun at LIFEWAY!

Julie said...

That is a Great Deal! I am going to sign up too! I hope it is still going on! Julie @
Coupon Saving Family