Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I wanted to let you know I am back and will resume regular posting. It may be a little sporadic with the Christmas holiday but I will do my best to alert you to any great deals.

One thing I did want to suggest to you all is to get your coupons organized now while you might have some spare time. I say this because last year at the start of the new year the papers were overloaded with TONS of coupon inserts the 1st couple of weeks of January. Smartsource and Redplum both had many EXTRA coupons in them!

I also will not be doing Menu Plan Monday this week since there is not much to plan for on my end. I hope you all enjoy your week and don't forget the FREEBIE sale at CVS ends today! Make sure you get rain checks if they are out of items... I got 14!


LB said...

Welcome back, Shannon. :) I have 2 weeks off for the holidays and plan to do a lot of "getting ready" for 2009, including finding a way to better organize my coupons. I'm thinking about entering them in a spreadsheet so I can sort by item, expiration date, or source as needed. What do you think about that method? Too OCD? Am I reinventing the wheel? (If so, where can I find a spreadsheet that's already filled in?)

The Bellands said...

Shannon, in response to LB, I sometimes check this website (and sometimes I'll print off a list to physically have in my hands) to find out if there is a coupon out there for a certain item I want to buy. The website is Hint: Scroll down, past the downloads, to see the alphabetical list.

You probably know about it already, as well as other lists, but I thought I would mention it just in case. (Oh, but for some reason about 50% of the time, the list will include coupons that AREN'T in my coupon inserts! I don't know if it varies by location, or what. That's quite a disclaimer, hunh?!)

Shannon said...

Yes I use the forum under slick deals a lot for coupon match ups. Unfortunately they do have coupons that are not in our region and often times they don't have all of the coupons we get. So the wheel has kind of been invented but will need some tweaking for your own personal use.