Friday, December 12, 2008

Walgreens: Another MONEY MAKING deal!

Earlier this week I posted a money making deal that is valid until tomorrow (Saturday) as apart of the buy $25 get $5 in RR back. Well I am glad to say there is another MONEY MAKING deal to be had!

You might have seen here that Walgreens is offering the Loreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium item that was FAR last month as a FAR again this month. Although it is not in the easy saver book and it might not show up when you enter your receipt it is valid that you will get a full rebate when this item is purchased and receipt entered for rebate. Here is the deal I did this morning and is only good until the end of the day Saturday!:
  • Buy 2 Arm and Hammer detergents=13.98
  • Buy 1 Loreal Age Perfect=14.99 (rebate is up to 19.99 but most stores in Topeka have these on sale for 14.99)
  • Total=28.97
  • Use 2 1/1 Arm and Hammer printables=$2
  • Use 1.99 Arm and Hammer in ad coupon=-$10
  • Total=16.97
You will get back $5 in RR and turn in for a 14.99 ES rebate for a total back of 19.99=$3 MONEY MAKER!

Note: I did this deal this morning and actually used $15 in RR to pay for it so I only spent 1.97 OOP. 1 of my RRs was the $5 RR I already got from this week and I was able to use it and still got my $5 RR back! Make sure you pay with RR first, then MF coupons and lastly the Walgreens Arm and Hammer in ad coupon!


Libbi said...

If you got the rebate for it last month?? Can you get it this month?? Some of the blogs make it sound like it was a "rain check" type of deal!?!

Shannon said...

Yes you should be able to get it this month even if you got it last month. I have always purchased all the monthly stuff and then if the product gets offered again the next month I purchase it again and have no problems. With walgreens the rebate system is unaware if you got a rain check or not. The company that hands out the rebate checks/gift cards has no way to keep track of who did/did not get the items the month before.

Libbi said...

Thanks Shannon, I will go ahead and get it again! I just got my gift card from last that will come in handy!

blaireruch said...

I did this tonight and got 1 Arm & Hammer (.99 after coupon), 2 Sure deodorants (both free) and 1 Loreal. There is a Loreal $1.00 mf.