Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dillons 12/10-12/16

There are some decent deals this week including 3 potential FREEBIES! My goal with this post is to show you the best price of an item. I am always comparing the price against the Aldi price to ensure that we are getting the most for our $! That being said I don't post everything from the flyer because not everything is a great deal. Below are this week's best deals:
  • Cook's whole Ham=.99/lb. (might be worth getting one now for Christmas dinner!)
  • Dillon's large eggs are 1.33/1
  • 8 oz. bags of Kraft shredded cheese=1.98/1 (this would be the same price per cup as the Aldi brand)
  • Selected Varieties of GM cereal are $2/1 wyb 4 this week. The sale is 4/$12 and wyb 4 boxes $4 is automatically deducted from your total. Use .55/1 coupons off of the widget and here to get select boxes for $1!)
  • Betty Crocker fruit snacks/granola/cereal bars are 1.50/1 wyb 4. The sale is 4/$10 and wyb 4 you get $4 automatically deducted from your total. (do we have coupons for any of this... I didn't see any)
  • Tennesse Pride sauasge gravey=10/10 Use .55/1 coupon to get this FREE!
  • Kroger canned veggies=2/$1 (Aldi price is .49/can)
  • Kroger big cans of coffee=5.99 (Around the same as Aldi price)
  • Pillsbury cresent rolls and sweet rolls are 1.77/1 (Use .25/1 cresent coupon to get these for 1.27/1 or .35/1 coupon from the widget on this site to get it for 1.17, or a .35/1 sweet roll coupon to get those for 1.17/1 - I am pretty sure this beats the Aldi price)
  • Avacados are 10/10
  • 4lb. bags of oragnes=3.99
  • 5lb. bags of grapefruit=2.99
  • 3 lb. bags of Cuties Clementines=4.99 (use .55/1 coupon to get this for 3.99)
  • 5lb. bag=6.99 (use 1/1 coupon to get his for 5.99)
10/1o Sale:
  • Country Club icecream or Kroger ice cream sandwhiches
  • Hagen daaz (small one) or 1 pint Private Selection ice cream
  • Kroger frozen waffles (Aldi price)
  • Daisy 8 oz. sour cream (use .50/1 coupon to get this FREE!)
  • Kroger Cream Cheese (beats Aldi price of 1.09)
  • Flieshman's 3 ct packet of yeast (use .45/1 coupon to get this for .10!!)
  • Rice Roni (do we have coupons for this?)
  • Kroger Microwave popcorn
  • Kroger canned fruit
  • Sure deoderant (use 1/1 coupon to get this free!)
Please let me know what I missed. Remember one great way to continue to support this blog is to print your coupons from the widget I have on this site. You can also be sure to spread the word to friends and family that share our same Dillons ad in these great cities: Topeka, Lawrence, Winfield, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Wellington.

***Be sure to also check out and for great E-Coupons that can be added to your Kroger card!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. Be sure to check out the Apple Market deals here!


Becca said...

I just ran into dillons to get bandaids and I saw that Kroger brand chocolate chips are on Manager's Special sale at 10/$10. Thats .29 less than aldi brand. I grabbed a couple of bags even though I wasn't there for groceries. They also had some of the evap milk for the same price. I can't remember the brand, but it was one that had coupons out recently, so if you still have them you can use them. I don't know if this is at other stores in town or the area, but I saw it in Lawrence.

Cara said...

Jimmy Dean sausage rolls are on sale $4/10, there is a $1 off blinkie coupon right by them, attatched to the reduced fat version there is a coupon for a free package of Jimmy Dean sausage patties or links wyb the roll of sausage; use another coupon for that too. You'll get one roll and one link package of sausage for .50 or .25 ea!