Monday, December 1, 2008

K-Mart: Super double coupons!

Our local K-mart stores are participating in the Super Double coupon days this week! The way this works at OUR STORE is that any coupon manufacturer coupon will be doubled up to $2!

This site here as put together some coupon match ups that might make a good deal for you!

Let us know if you score any great deals yourself!


Cara said...

Thanks for the heads up on this.


Libbi said...

If you need diapers and/or wipes:
Huggies boxes are 21.99 (76 ct size5)
Wipes 8.99 for 384 ct box

2-2.00 diaper coupons
.50 wipes coupon
5.00 off any toy with a 20.00 huggies purchase. No coupon for this, but you might have to remind the cashier to take 5.00 off your select toy!
5.00 off a 50.00 purchase coupon.

Buy 2 boxes 2 x 21.99 = 43.98
1 Box of wipes = 8.99
2 Toys 10.00-? Depends on what you select.
-5.00 off 50.00 purchase
-8.00 diaper coupons
-1.00 wipes coupon
-10.00 toys coupon

Aprox 45.00 dollars for 152 Diapers, 384 wipes, and two toys...depending on the toys that you select.

FYI you can only do one transaction per day and 75 coupons per transaction! This is what they insisted upon at the K-mart on Wanamaker!