Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walgreens: $5 RR plan

From now until the end of the day Saturday you have the chance to gain a $5 RR from Walgreens when you spend $25 on ANYTHING in the store. There are conflicting comments about this RR and how it works. Some say your subtotal has to be $25 after coupons and other reports deny this to be true. The ad says nothing about the use of coupons. So I have created a "safe" plan that should work regardless and you are only spending 1.99 OOP! Here it is:
  • Buy 1 Colgate total or Max Fresh toothpaste=2.99 (get $2 in RR back)
  • Buy 1 FAR bald guys item=5.99 (FAR, 5.99 back in monthly rebate)
  • Buy 2 Reach products=$6 (get $6 in RR back)
  • Buy $15 worth of coke products=$15 (get $5 in RR back) (I will be buying 3 12 packs and 4 2 liters)
-1/1 colgate coupon
- 3 1/1 Coke coupons (printed from coke rewards)
New total=25.98

I will get back $5 RR for purchasing $25 worth of stuff, $2 RR for Colgate, $6 RR for reach, $5 RR for Coke and a 5.99 rebate for the monthly product=23.99 back, which means I only spend 1.99 OOP for all that!

I like to look at this as getting 3 12 packs of Coke for only 1.99 or .66/1!


Melanie said...

Did you try it? I want to hear how it went! :)

Rupali... said...

Can you please tell us how and where did you print the coke rewards coupons.
thank you

Rupali... said...

Can you please let us know how and where did you find the coke coupon.
thank you

Shannon said...

Hey Mel- I actually did a little different scenario where I spent more OOP because I had reach RR's to roll and I couldn't buy reach or wouldn't have gotten other the RRS in return since I was using reach RRs to pay- so I bought some Christmas paper goods, but it all worked out great though!

You get a coupon from coke rewards by entering your codes form coke products and redeeming your points. It takes 35 points to redeem 1 coupon. If you hit the back button during printing you will likely get 2:)

Lisa said...

Hi Shannon -

It worked for me (in Manhattan) to use coupons and still get the $5 RR. I did the Walitin deal a couple of times today and got the RR both times.

Details are here if you're interested:

Lisa said...

Hey Shannon -

I was able to use coupons and still get my $5 RR. I did the Walitin deal a couple of times today, total was $4.25 both times and both transaction produced RR.

Details are here if you're interested:

Melanie said...

Thanks, Shannon! My store was out of Reach on Tuesday. I may try again today. We'll see! :)

blaireruch said...

10th and Gage had no limit on the Hallmark tissue paper at .19. The paper plates at .79 was also a good deal, although this store was out of stock, so I had to get a raincheck.