Saturday, May 22, 2010

GAP: My 40% Savings!

This weekend Gap is having a HUGE sale. The whole store is 40% off of EVERYTHING, including clearance. I was relieved to hear this news because just the other day Ryan informed me he had 1 pair of jeans without holes in them.

You see, Ryan gets the short end of the stick when it comes to new clothing. He is the only person in this house who is not growing at a rapid rate. The children are, of course, always growing and always in need of clothes. Thankfully for me garage sales seem to keep us a float in their department. Then there is me. I am always growing too. When you have 2 kids in 3.5 years there are many new clothes to be had and lots of sizes to filter through:) For me, I am fortunate to have friends that I trade maternity clothes with, but I still need new clothes at a much faster rate because of my frequent size changes.

Ryan gets his shot at new clothes once every 2-3 years when I am not pregnant and do not have a need for any new clothing. If you know me well you know that, while I might buy new clothes, I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! I keep my eye out for deals and then scoop them up when they come. I try to pay what I might pay at a used clothing store. So far I would say I have a 75% success rate!

There is not doubt that this Gap sale came at just the right time. It was, of course, an answer to a prayer I muttered when I looked at the one "good" pair of jeans Ryan had with holes soon to come. We also realized that his "teacher" pants were starting to wear out too. Those are going on 3 years.

So here is how I was able to get him 4 pairs of pants from The Gap for a grand total of ONLY 48.48+tax.
  • Bought 2 Pairs of jeans at 34.99/1=$69.98
  • Bought 2 Paris of casual dress pants at 29.99/1=$59.98
Total before discounts =$129.96
  • -40% store wide discount =-51.98
  • -25% discount for using my Gap card (coupon came in the mail this week) = -$19.50
  • -$10 coupon I had earned for using my Gap card
New total=$48.48+ tax! That is a total savings of $81.48.

**Disclaimer: We have a tight spending plan that we follow and use our store card responsibly. We don't buy clothes unless we have the "cash" to do so with in our budget. This insures that we ALWAYS pay off our card. We feel the discounts and rewards we earn are valuable and money saving enough to have a GAP card.**

This Gap sale is good through closing time Sunday!


blaireruch said...

great deals Shannon!
i agree on the card philosophy, if you can be disciplined! and i know you are!

I have an Old Navy card, and just got a coupon for $5 off any purchase with no minimum this week. I like to buy things there that I wouldn't buy at a garage sale. Underwear and socks for my kids, for example.

I have gotten a bunch of $10 reward cards by paying for normal everyday purchases with the card.

Do you know if Old Navy is 40% off too?



Shannon said...

I don't think Old Navy is included...:(