Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Blender Won

Maybe a lid would have helped...

I have been making my own baby food for quite some time and the blender finally won a round. I am not sure what was going on with my banana avocado mixture, but it somehow ended up on my cabinet. It was so high up there I had to fetch my handy dandy stool so I could reach to clean up the mess!

Although a bit messy, making your own baby food is a great way to cut down on baby feeding costs! I have done this for both my children and the cost savings have been totally worth the time I put into it.

If you have a baby that is eating solid food, or will be soon, I highly encourage you to consider making your own baby food. Summer is such a great time, too, because a lot of fresh fruits and veggies are a great price!

I could do a whole post about how I make my own baby food. I, however, am not going to reinvent the wheel. The absolute best site I have ever come across is wholesomebabyfood.com. Check this site out and if you have questions email me. I would be happy to assist!

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