Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have you heard of ArtsCow? I had, but I did not get interested until this morning when this great deal came across my inbox from Buck Town Bargains :

"Another great ArtsCow deal.. Right now, you can snag five 8x10 photo prints or collage prints for $2.49 and free shipping...Use code 249PRINTS."

Jenna also told me that you can earn up to 1200 FREE prints upon sign up! Don't wait... sign up HERE today!

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Sarah said...

I've used Arts Cow before for free prints and a free photo book. They have good products. I espeically like the variety of options with their photo books - a lot more freedom for the use to format it than others.
The down side is the high cost of shipping from Hong Kong. The free shipping is a Great deal!
The 1200 photos don't have to be used at once.