Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 10/19

Here is my $50/week menu plan. I plan to do the rest of my grocery shopping this afternoon so tomorrow I will post what I bought for the week. I am going to do this a little differently and post from Saturday-Friday so you can see what we did over the weekend and what we plan to do this week.

Saturday: Brats and hamburgers, oven fries, apples with carmel dip, pasta salad (we had friends come in town and I actually had all of what I needed on hand with the exception of hot dog buns so I picked up a few quick things at Dillons that day)
Sunday: Dinner with my parents
Monday: Potato Soup (I love this recipe because it makes so much! I will actually be sharing it with a friend tonigth who just had a baby.) Corn bread and apple slices
Tuesday: Chicken, pepper, onion, and carrot stir fry over rice, grapes
Wednesday: Scalloped ham and potatoes in the crock pot/ steamed broccoli (green giant steamer)
Thursday: Biscuits and Gravy, apple slices and possibly some eggs.
Friday: Pizza X 2... making dinner for another friend who just had a baby:)

I will post the Scalloped Ham and Potato recipe tomorrow... see you then!

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Marie said...

I think it's so sweet of you to make dinner for a friend even though you're on such a tight grocery budget. I also think it's amazing that you don't even need extra to do that! I always have to go over a little. Good for you Shan!