Thursday, October 22, 2009


A HUGE THANKS to Lyndsay for pointing this out!!!!

The Nature Valley Nut Clusters are included in the $4 off deal at Dillons this week. Here is how to get them FREE:
  • Buy 4=$10
  • - $4 for buying 4
  • -4 $1/1 coupons printed here or from recent inserts (or 1.60/1 if you printed them a while back)
  • - $1/1 shortcuts coupon ( you might have more than 1 loaded)
  • -$1/1 coupon
Total= FREE!!! Possibly more than free if you have more than 1 e-coupon loaded from the 2 different sites

There is also a catalina on the Wonka bagged candies that only lasts until 10/25. Buy 2 and get $1, Buy 3 and get $2, buy 4 and get $3.

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blaireruch said...

Thank you so much for posting this!
I was just about to head out this morning, but then I read this.

I did 3 transactions and it worked great! Paid $1.20 for 4 in the 1st, made $3.20 profit in the 2nd (b/c of 3 $1 shortcuts and 1 $1 cellfire). In the 3rd transaction, I paid $2.20 for 4 (.55 each), which is still a good price I think.

I also did 3 Ziploc transactions and made a profit of $4.06 in each of the first two, where I bought the 50 ct. bags at $1.58. In my 3rd transaction I paid $1.78 total for 4 of the nicer ones regularly priced at $3.29 each. Amazing deal!

Also, got the Wonka catalina, making them .46 a bag!! Woohoo!