Friday, October 23, 2009

Just a little thank you

Just a little note to all you faithful readers to say THANKS! You all are so great to keep on reading even though I may not be consistent in posting and might forget a few deals (sorry the Apple Market Ad has been up in a few weeks)! I am still working on getting my brain back after having a baby and trying to juggle blogging with 2 little ones here at home.

So I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to read and encouraging me!

Have a great weekend!


blaireruch said...

You're the best Shannon!
I love your blog, and I know so many people have been blessed by it!



House of Brungardt said...

Even though I am in the Wichita area, I always check your Dillons posts because they are fairly similar in price to ours, and the policies seem to be the same. Thanks! It helps a lot!

And hey, I have four little ones and one on the way, so I know all about the juggling! Cut yourself some slack! I think most people totally understand.


lora said...

I'm sure all moms understand exactly how hard it is to get ANYTHING done with children!! You're doing awesome, being able to keep up with this blog! I haven't posted on mine in about a month because life has been too fact, I might have to pick just one to keep up with (I have 3) because it's really hard to juggle everything!

Thank you so much for putting together the Dillon's and HyVee deals every week...I use them every week and it saves me loads of time! :)