Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get MORE Pillsbury

This coupon link here has added Pillsbury Crescent rolls coupons (.35/1), Pillsbury sweet roll coupons (.35/1) and Pillsbury Grands coupons (.50/2). Be sure to use them before the Pillsbury 10/10 promotion ends Tuesday!!!


potp said...

just wondering where everyone is finding the small crescent rolls???

Shannon said...

I have found them at all Dillons on the west side... as of Sunday 21st and Belle and 29th and Urish still had plenty... they are not in the regular section though. at 29th and Urish they are in a bin in the middle of the isle, and at 21st and Belle they are off to the right of the milk isle in a desperate location.

Hope that helps!

potp said...

THANKS!!! I finally found them thanks to you!