Friday, March 6, 2009

Hy-Vee 3-day Sale!

Don't forget about the Hy-Vee 3 day sale going on that started yesterday and ends Saturday. Be sure to check out the other great weekly deals here as well!

Hy-Vee 3 day sale, March 5, 6, 7
  • 3 lb. packages of 80% lean ground beef=4.98 (1.66/1lb.!)
  • Hy-Vee garden salad=.68/1 (beats Aldi price of .99/1)
  • Hy-Vee boneless chicken breasts=1.79/lb.
  • Hy-Vee canned fruit=.88/1 (beats Aldi price)
  • 64 oz of Hy-Vee orange juice=1.28/1
  • Midwest county fair bags of frozen veggies=.77/1 (beats Aldi price of .95/1)
  • Hy-vee or Midwest county fair baking mixes (muffin, pizza)=4/$1 or .25/1 (stock up!)
Also I didn't post this Wednesday because the deal seems a little shady to me. Also apart of the 3 day sale Hy-Vee is advertising a chest freezer this week on sale for $199. In one part the ad says when you purchase one you will receive up to $200 in COUPON SAVINGS. In another part of the advertisement it says this:

"Purchase chest freezer and receive up to $200 in FREE product" Then they post this
  • $199.00 Freezer
  • - up to $200 in FREE product
  • = free freezer...
So the ad is super UNCLEAR about whether or not if the coupons are for FREE product or for just $$ off products. If it is for $$ off product I would not consider this a free freezer since you don't know what the coupons are for, when they expire and if you will use them. Now if the coupons are for FREE product then sure consider it a free freezer.

Please let me know if you any more info about this deal and the legitimacy of it. Thanks!

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blaireruch said...

I was there yesterday around 5:00 pm, and they only had the floor model left. I think someone may have bought it after I inquired about it. It was a nice freezer, but the $200 coupon offer was not $200 off your bill. It was a coupon book full of free (mostly frozen) coupons for specific items. Like a free frozen pizza, etc.