Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dillons: 6/9-6/15

Here are the best deals I see for the week. I only post the items that I think are a good deal and I determine this by considering the Aldi price. Therefore, you will not just see couponable items in this post.

For questions regarding Dillons or if you don't understand some of the terms I use then please read the Dillons FAQ page HERE! If you still have questions please email me and I would be happy to answer!!!

All prices posted assume the coupon has doubled and I use this site here in compiling the coupon dates. All other information, such as Aldi's price, is from my memory bank:)

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2-DAY Milk Sale: Thursday and Friday ONLY!

Dillons Milk (1 gallon ) - $1.99
Must purchase at least $10 in additional product to get this price on milk

Weekly Deals:
Big K 2-liters - $.59

Kroger Cheese (16 oz. bar or shred) - $2.99
That is only $1.50 for 8 oz. Aldi price for an 8 oz. bar has gone up to $1.79 and their price for a 12 oz. shred is 2.50 or higher. (Check your Dillons specific coupons... I know I have a $$/$$ Kroger Cheese coupon in mine!)

Kroger 3 lb. Ground Beef Roll - $5.97 (or only $1.99/lb.)

USDA Choice Boneless Chuck or Arm Roast or Steak - BOGO
PSA $4.19-4.39/lb.

Coke 2-liters - $1

Minute Maid Cherry Limeade or Fruit Punch (64 oz.) - $1

Kroger Frozen Veggies (12 oz.) - $1
Aldi price for 16 oz. bag is $.95Bold
Dole Mandarin Oranges or Tropical Fruit or Pineapple - $1

Kroger 8 Ct. Fish Sticks - $1

Bumble Bee Light Water Tuna Pouch - $1

Kraft 8 oz. bars or shreds - $2.18
Use $1/2 coupon from Dillons Mailer
Final Price - $1.78

Lean Cuisine Entrees - $1.88
A variety of coupons for these. Look here!

Sun Chips - $2.88
Use .55/1 from 5/2 SS
Final Price - $1.88

Ken's Dressing - $1.67
Use $1/2 from 5/9 SS
Final Price - $1.17 (Aldi price for their brand is $1.19)

Green Giant Steamers - $1.67
Use .50/1 printable coupon
Final Price - $.67 (good price)

Nabisco Snack Crackers - $1.88
Use $1/1 Peelies found on end-cap boxes
Final Price - $.88/1

Yo-Plait Individual Yogurts - $.50/1
Use $.50/8 from 5/30 GM insert, or 4/25 SS insert
Use $.40/6 from 4/25 or 5/16 SS insert
Use $.50/6 printable coupon (BEST ONE!)
Load .40/6 here
Final Price - As low as $.27/1 after coupons

Daisy Sour Cream (16 oz.) - $1.88
Use .50/1 from 6/6 RP insert
Use .50/1 printable coupon
Final price - $.88

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese - $1.33
Use $1/2 from Dillons mailer
Final Price - $.83

Select Dannon Yogurt - $2.00
Use $1/1 (select packs) from 5/2 or 6/6 SS insert
Use $.75/1 32 oz. product from 6/6 SS insert
Final Price - $1.00

Gillette Body Wash - BOGO
USE BOGO from 6/6 P&G
Final Price - 2 FREE after sale and coupon

Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve Bacon - $2.50

Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunch Meat ( 8 oz - 16 oz.) - $3.00
Use $1/2 from 5/16 SS insert
Use $1/2 printable coupon
Final Price - $2.50/1

Peaches - $.99/lb.
best price!

Fresh Texas Sweet Corn - 3/$1

Cantaloupe - $1.88

Avocados - $.88

Mangoes - $.88

Fresh Texas Green Beans - $.88/lb.

Red Grapes - $1.88/lb.
Aldi regular price - $1.50/lb.

Driscoll's Strawberries ( 1lb.) - $1.99

Delmonte Jumbo Pineapples - $2.99

Please let me know if you catch something I missed by emailing me or leaving a comment!

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering or found here or Money Saving's Mom list here.


Anonymous said...

Just curious what you think about this! :)
I am going to go tomorrow, but I have a feeling it's not going to go like I planned.
The Gilette body wash is BOGO at Dillons, and with using the BOGO from the pg insert, you would think that you would get two free. However, when Dillons says that they are having a "BOGO sale", they actually mean a "50% off sale" because they basically just mark them down 50% off regular price, and you only have to buy one to get it for half off.
So, I bet that it's going to actually be 3.49/2 bottles of Gilette body wash (sale price 6.99, half off for BOGO makes it 3.48. If I use a BOGO coupon, then I will have to pay 3.48/2, right?)
What has been your experience with the BOGO at Dillons?!

Shannon said...

hmmm... this is a really good questions that has stumped me! I am not sure because I don't think I have used a bogo coupon there before. I see your concern though. There is also a $4/2 coupon from the May P&G you could use as well for a better deal maybe? Let me know what happens and I will let you know if I make into Dillons.

blaireruch said...

the sale price at 29th & Urish was $4.49, and it rings up as 1/2 off, or $2.24 each.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think I was "lucky" today! The cashier I had said that bogo, meant just that, and not half off. So, when she looked up the price to put on my BOGO coupon, she used the full amount ($4.49), so I did get both of them for free.
Also, I was looking at my receipt and realized I also had an ecoupon for $1.50/1 so, I actually made that amount! :)
(I received an email from Dillons saying I could load ecoupons to my card "especially for me", and this was included in that bunch.)

Anonymous said...

I shop at Dillons is southeast Kansas - some of the Glade products and clearanced. A chance to use some coupons if you have them. Mostly candles and warmers. Might be worth looking next time...