Thursday, June 10, 2010

CVS: Another Trip!

It feels like the what I call the "good 'ol days" of couponing again! 2 years ago it wasn't uncommon for me to go to CVS twice a week because the deals were just that good! These days I barely make it in a couple times a month.

I brushed the dust off myself this week and made my second trip to CVS yesterday. The deal was to good to pass up! I even got 2 Extra Bucks for FREE just for scanning my card at the coupon machine! Here is what I bought in my 2nd trip:

2 Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascaras @ $8/1 = $16.00 (get 5 eb back when you purchase $15 of CG products)

1 Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide razor= $9.97 (get 5 eb back when you buy 1... limit is actually 2)

3 Power Pars @ .99/1 = $2.97 (FREE after eb... limit of 3)

1 pack of gum =$1.25 ( I needed a quick filler to get my total to $30)

-$5/15 CVS coupon
-$5/$15 Covergirl products coupon (my mom got this in a mailer)
-$4/1 Gillette Proglide coupon (6/6 P&G)
- 2 $2/1 Cover Girl blast fusion mascara coupons (6/6 P&G)=-$4

Total=$12.19, and I got back $13 in EBs! I got this for FREE + a little overage!

You can see CVS deals for the week here. See my 1st trip to CVS this week here!

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Winter said...

WOW! Gotta love that!