Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/25

My little boy turns 3 this week!!! I can't believe it has been 3 years already! So with the birthday this week isn't our typical week. Here is what I am shooting for on our $50/week budget:

Sunday: Spinach and Chicken quiche... YUM! I picked up pie crust for .25/2ct. package today so I thought I would give my 1st quiche a shot. It was great and I will post the recipe I used tomorrow:)
Monday: Red beans and rice (this didn't get made last week)
Tuesday: Skillet Lasagna, green beans
Wednesday: Pizza out for Seth's birthday!
Thursday: Dinner at Planet Sub. The company we have our life insurance through does "camp dinners" every so often and everyone gets $3 toward a meal. That meand my family gets $12 and you know i can make that go a long way:)
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Your guess is as good as mine:)

See you tomorrow for the quiche recipe... I have took a picture because I was so proud:)

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Josh and Sarah said...

Red Beans and Rice is one of my favorite meals... Would you mind posting your recipe?? :)