Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dillons Oct 14-20

Here are the best deals I see this week. Please let me know in the comment section if I missed a coupon match up or a good deal. As always be sure to price match with your local ad.

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**All prices with coupons assume the coupon has doubled**
Coupons mentioned are from SS, RP, GM or P&G coupon inserts from our local paper unless specified with a coupon link. To see which insert the coupon I mention came out of I recommend you visit this site here.
  • Fresh ground beef=1.77/lb. (I stock up at this price)
  • Campbells Chunky soups=$1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for .50/1)
  • Honey Crisp apples=1.87/lb. (beats the 2.99/lb. price they were last week)
  • 1lb. tub of Driscoll's strawberries=1.99/1 (Aldi price lately)
  • Dillon's 1 gal. Milk=2.69/1 (I guess they are done with their $2.50/1 price so Aldi is really the better deal at 2.44 and less per gallon)
  • Folder's Coffee big cans=5.99/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get these for 5.49/1.. Aldi price for their off brand is 4.99/1)
  • Avocados=.99/1
  • Cabbage=.49/lb.
  • 1lb. bags of Kroger baby carrots=.99/1 (same as Aldi price)
  • 10lb. bag of russet potatoes=2.99/1 (Aldi price)
  • Buy 3 12 packs of Coke at 3/$12 and get 2 boxes of Cheez-its FREE! They say it is a $6.34 value so if you love Coke and Cheez-its this may be a great deal for you
  • Ragu=3/$5 (use $.75/2 coupon to get these for 1.17/1... Aldi price for off brand is .99/1)
  • Pork butt roast=.99/lb. (great price!)
  • Pillsbury cake mix=.99/1
  • 32 oz. International Delight creamer=1.99/1 (same as Aldi off brand price)
  • Tony's Frozen pizzas=$2/1 (use $1/2 coupon to get them for only $1.50/1... good price)
  • 24 oz. Kroger sour cream or cottage cheese=1.98/1 (Aldi price lately for cottage cheese has been 1.88/1 24 oz. and .88/1 16 oz. sour cream)
  • Kroger 40 ct. cough drops= .79/1
10 item MEGA EVENT!
Buy any 10 participating items from the list below or other marked items in the store and receive an instant $5 off at checkout. You can do this deal 3 times in 1 transaction meaning you can purchase 30 participating items per transaction for a total discount of $15. Prices below reflect .50/per item discount.

** I know there is more marked in the store but I only saw one really good item in the add:
  • Green Giant Steamers=1.49/1 (after discount) use .40/1 coupon from recent inserts or .50/1 coupon here and here get these for as low as .49/1!!! GREAT PRICE!
If there are other items that you think are a good deal this week please let me know in the comment section or email

If you don't live in this region or are looking for an ad for another store I hope you visit The Grocery Gathering found here. See Hy-Vee deals here.


Elissa said...

I went to my Dillons in Lawrence and got some Ziplock bags. They have a sign next that says "buy 3 and get $2 off you next purchase". I got some sandwich bags for 1.89 each and used .40/1 coupons(doubled).

Total 1.89*3=5.67
Coupons 3*.80=-2.40
Total 3.27 and got coupon for $2

I thought it was a good deal, you might find better.

flemishe said...

Why not buy the Roberts milk? It is $2.99 a gallon, and the inserts frequently have 50 cents off one gallon, doubling to a dollar. The 8/9 KC inserts have one that expires 11/30. I just used it yesterday and I got my milk for $1.99. It says do not double on the Q, but it begins with a "5", so it does automatically double at Dillons.

Shannon said...

Hey Sherri-

I didn't know that Roberts had lowered their prices on milk... they used to be $3.50 a gallon last time I checked.

Great idea to start buying that and using the coupon!

Josh and Sarah Harris said...

I think the printable coupons for the Green Giant Steamers are not longer available :(