Monday, January 5, 2009

Walgreens: Bayer Special!

In this week's coupon inserts there was a rebate for up to $10 for buying qualifying Bayer items. These include Bayer, Aleve products, One a day vitamins, Neo-synephrine nose spray, Alka seltzer plus, Flintones vitamins, Citracil and Phillips.

Walgreens is also running a register reward deal where if you buy $20 in some of these products products you get $10 in RR back.

From the looks of the rebate form you need to buy seperate products in order for this to work meaning you don't want to buy 2 of the same item. You get a rebate for the 1/2 of the amount of the product less the coupon. So this is how it will play out the best from what I see:
  • Buy 1 Aleve-D product=$5
  • Buy 1 Bayer Asprin=$5
  • Buy 1 Flinstones vitamin (60ct)=$5
  • Buy 1 One a day vitamin (kids gummies 50 ct)=$5
-1/1 Aleve coupon
-1/1 Bayer coupon
-1/1 Flinstones coupon
-1/1 One a day vitamin coupon
New total=$16 and you get $10 in RR back.

For the rebate they will give you half the amount of what you paid for the product less the coupon. So after coupons our total was $16 making half of that $8. Essentially you will get back $8 from Bayer for the rebate.

So after RR and the rebate you actually make $2 buying these products!

You can still get items for free or make some money if you suppliment other products in. Just make sure you account for the price difference!

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blaireruch said...

I just got my rebate check for this! I bought 4 Flintstones vitamins for $20 - $1 in coupons, and I got a check for $9.50! I had called and the rep said I would only get credit for buying one, since you had to buy 4 different items, but I got the extra money anyways! So excited!
With the $10 RR, I paid .50 for these 4!